The Secret Life of Us

Network Ten (ended 2005)


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  • Season 4
    • Best of (Part 2)
      Best of (Part 2)
      Episode 22
      Narrated By Deborah Mailman.Part 2 of the two part special of The Best of The Secret Life of Us,explores the last piece of trifecta,the worklife.Join in as we remicisce with The Secret Life of Us characters as we track their career goals or lack thereof and most of all how they let off steam at the end of the day.moreless
    • Best of (Part 1)
      Best of (Part 1)
      Episode 21
      Narrated by Deborah Mailman this is part 1 of a two part special that explores The Best of The Secret Life of Us. Life is like a trifecta -there is your homelife,lovelife and worklife and if allis in order your life is set. This episode explores the homelife and lovelives of the characters from The Secret Life of Us-from finding new flatmates,to the tough times,falling out of love and most of all friendship.moreless
    • Glimpses of Perfection
      After weeks of romantic subterfuge with Stu,Lucy cancels her wedding. Piers flies over immediately from the UK to win her back.. Corey arrives back in town throwing a spanner into the works of Kelly and Justin's blossoming relationship. Adam finally gets the opportunity to meet his son and to see Nikki in a new light. Bree and Jeff fight it out at the Hair show.moreless
    • Rare Birds
      Rare Birds
      Episode 19
      The gang goes Coastal for a weekend in lieu of a hen party for Lucy. The weekend brings Stu and Lucy closer than ever. Rob's indiffrence to Nikki's attempts at toughing it out make her question the relationship.
    • Ill Communication
      Ill Communication
      Episode 18
      Nikki is frustrated with Rob. Their relationship is starting to feel like a timeshare arrangement and she spends more time leaving messages on his voicemail than actually hanging out with him.Meanwhile, Stu tells Lucy something she wishes she hadn't heard and Adam gets closer to meeting his son than ever before.moreless
    • Dead Man Walking
      Dead Man Walking
      Episode 17
      When Stu and Zelko host a P-party their guests get promiscuous.Meanwhile,Stu learns that Anna, his paraplegic client, is hoarding pills and may be suicidal. But when he confronts her they end up in a clinch.
    • The Character Question
      Justin uses Kelly in an argument against his father. Nikki is jealous when Lucy connects with Rob.
    • The Treadmill
      The Treadmill
      Episode 15
      When Adam loses a big client at work, the last person he expects to be on his side is Marcus who proves to be smart, subversive and funny.
    • Spitting the Dummy
      Spitting the Dummy
      Episode 14
      Jeff invites Simon to meet his parents, but what should be a sweet night ends in a fight. Jeff thinks Simon is acting like his father, Simon thinks he is acting like a child. Is this the end of the rainbow? Or will they work it out together? Meanwhile,Bree is disturbed when Justin makes a play for her mum.moreless
    • The Big Leap
      The Big Leap
      Episode 13
      Nikki's one-night-stand with the mysterious and sexy Rob quickly develops into something more.Meanwhile Kelly is concerned about the safety of her footy player boyfriend, Corey.
    • The Heart Of Friday Night
      When Adam is confronted by an angry client at the brokerage firm, he is forced to question the nature of his work. He did everything that was reasonably expected of him. But did he do enough?
    • Insecurity Blanket
      Insecurity Blanket
      Episode 11
      Kelly enters Corey's football world and learns a whole new set of rules. It's one thing to get her head around the game but the social aspect of the game gets her insecurities mounting, especially when she meets Corey's ex, a glamorous model. Simon realises that dating a younger man has its drawbacks. He's feeling old before his time now that he's seeing the younger Jeff.moreless
    • When the Bell Rings
      Nikki is devastated to learn that Adam and Lucy have been keeping a huge secret from her.Meanwhile, Lucy's fiancé pays her a surprise visit. But her happiness is short-lived after she finds out the real reason behind his trip.Also, Justin tells Bree something he's never told anyone.
    • Facing It
      Facing It
      Episode 9
      Stu and Christian's mateship is tested when Christian reveals a damning secret.Lucy discovers the real nature of Adam and Nikki's relationship.Kelly, meanwhile, has doubts about her lecturer and lover, Frank.
    • Gathering of Tribes
      Old wounds come to life when Lucy and Nikki attend a school dinner.
    • Rocks and Chameleons
      Adam is rattled when Nikki lands a job at his work. Kelly faces a tough decision over who should move in.
    • The Crisis of Questions
      Evan makes a life-changing decision. Kelly puts Bree's romantic advice to the test
    • Kicking the Habit
      An old flame returns to tempt Evan. Lucy is disturbed by some x-rated dreams.Meanwhile, Kelly wonders if she's addicted to Frank, and Bree confesses to Simon that she has a crush on Jeff.
    • The Mysteries Of Attractions
      Evan and Jemima's relationship is going from strength to strength, spurring Evan into making an unprecedented proposal. Kellie's got sex on the brain and it's affecting her studies. A dud anniversary gift prompts Lucy to call off her wedding. Christian decides it's time for Stu to purge his ex-girlfriend from his system.moreless
    • Stretching The Friendship
      Back at Uni, Kelly is nervous about seeing her psychology lecturer, Frank. But when they do meet up, new truths overshadow old wounds. Adam's position of golden boy at the broking firm is threatened by the arrival of Marcus, a cocky ‘geezer' from the London Office. Nikki's week starts off promisingly with a potential new job offer, but her inability to draw the line between work and play lands her in hot water.moreless
    • The Truth About Cats And Dogs (2)
      The accidental ‘catslaughter' of Orlando is weighing heavily on Kelly's mind. Lucy tries to prepare Piers' case for Immigration, but things are looking shaky. Stu is incensed that his ex, Karen has ‘stolen' Buddha and enlists Christian on a retrieval mission. Conflict between the flats rises but Kelly is determined to restore harmony between them.moreless
    • The Truth About Cats And Dogs (1)
      Kelly and Evan have had it with the tenants upstairs (Adam, Lucy and Nikki). If they're not hogging the communal washing machine, then they're monopolising the hot water system. And Lucy's cat Orlando keeps making unsolicited visits to their flat. But every time Kelly tries to talk to them she gets the door slammed in her face. Just what is their problem? High proximity equals high tension, with communication breakdowns happening in all corners. When the tenants discover they are sharing Orlando's fleas, Kelly declares war!moreless
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