The Secret Life of Us

Network Ten (ended 2005)


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  • Good Aussie show that mixed drama, comedy and a terrific soundtrack by australian bands. It has been somewhat unfairly described as a mixture of "This Life" and "Sex and the city", but it existed in a space very much of its own making.

    The Secret Life of Us is about a group of friends (and their lovers and hanger-ons and stalkers and relatives) in their 20s to early 30s living a hedonistic kind of life in Melbourne's beach suburb of St. Kilda.

    The script had some serious points to make, especially in the first season - but it allowed the character's to do it with clever dialogue, almost always tongue-in cheek and getting away with entertaining us but getting the serious issues dealt with across.

    The soundtrack (all-Australian and virtually unknown elsewhere) was a plus. Broadly it fell into the indie/alternative labels but comprising a variety of sub-genres.

    The acting was very good, even more so considering that some of the players had little previous experience of dramatic work.

    As was perhaps inevitable the show deteriorated after successive members of the original cast left. The second season was still good, but the final ones are a very different kettle of fish.

    Still I was completely taken by the first episode and stayed in that state of rapture for long - hence my score.
    Later on I admit I may have skipped a couple of episodes but I wanted to keep the best memories possible - and I did.