The Secret Lives of Men

ABC (ended 1998)


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Bird
      The Bird
      Episode 13
    • A Member of the Wedding
    • T-Day
      Episode 11
    • Mafia Bossy
      Mafia Bossy
      Episode 10
      Phil is nervous about dating Michael's friend Brenda, an Italian girl, whom he believes has ties to the Mafia. The situation worsens when her father is killed and he wants to break it off because now he fears for his life. Andy becomes obsessed with artificial peaches and plans an international trip to get some. He also decideds he needs to take some pints of blood with him incase he's in an accident, but he doesn't want Phil's.moreless
    • Guessing Games
      Guessing Games
      Episode 9
    • The Elephant in the Living Room
    • Dancing in the Dark
      Andy tells the guys about when he lost his re-united love, Carrie, to Bruce Springsteen and he enlists Phil to help keep another "Jersey boy"- Michael- from stealing her away. Meanwhile, Phil is having a problem with a lawyer from ESPN that Kate is dating who treats women muc like he does. They are both also named Phil, but he doesn't see a connection. Michael has become obsessed with The Boss and goes looking for new music to listen to.moreless
    • The Lump
      The Lump
      Episode 6
      After visiting his doctor, Phil discovers a lump under his arm and fears for the worst. Phil is now on a mission to do the world a favor and "have sex with a woman of substance". Michael is throwing his first party since his divorce and is nervous about it's outcome. Andy has become obsessed with Cheese since going with Michael to get some for the party. He is also gone back to eating sugar and is pretty hyped up when attending Michael's work party.moreless
    • The Long Goodbye
      The Long Goodbye
      Episode 5
      The guys' mysterious friend Barry has stopped hanging out with them or returning their calls and they become worried about him. Michael gets a request from his ex-wife, Marcie, to have dinner. He believes she wants to get back together. What does she want? To tell him she and Barry are getting married and moving to L.A.moreless
    • Dating Is Hell
      Dating Is Hell
      Episode 4
      Michael has met a great new woman, Claire. Andy and Phil suspect she's married and convince him to spy on her and then confront her. Andy attempts to reunite with a woman he saw from a far when he reads an ad she placed in the personals. Unfortunately, she wasn't searching for him.moreless
    • Sex, Lies and Videotape
    • Phil's Problem
      Phil's Problem
      Episode 2
      Phil shares his inability to "perform" with the guys and Michael assures him that even he has had that problem before. Phil has a breakthrough when the girl he's dating, Laura, wants to skip the theatre and go back to his place. He shows his sensetive side by telling her his fears and the problem fixes itself. Andy interveins in a mugging and becomes a local hero.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1