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  • I gave it a chance...

    By all means this isn't a bad or terrible show, but I felt that it was lacking. The characters all had something cool about them plus some good episodes but it really could've used some more development and perhaps more humor. On top of that, it didn't really end well either. It just doesn't have anything lasting or truly impressive. I for one enjoy stories of cryptids but this show isn't really anything special or spectacular despite being an action/adventure and thriller show. However, it can't hold a candle compared to the worst shows.

  • I dont really hate the show but..

    I don't really hate the show but its not really that interesting, i think it was kind of boring ever sense i first saw it.
  • best show ever please come back

    Please bring back this show it was great and how come whenever we have a great show people make it end? Love this show come back
  • this is actually before the show this is kinda a preview!

    This looks amazing! I mean it has a great idea behind it and such and it just looks fabulous!
    I have a feeling this will be a trendsetter! I just cant wait for it to premiere!!!

    It is like scooby doo meets indiana Jones meets Johnny Quest! It just looks awesome!

    Man i cant wait till it come out so i can show my real review with real feelings and knowledge! People stick around this show is gonna be so awesome that ur gonna be sad if u miss it!

    Man i just cant wait! AHH! This Will be an awesome show! Just cant wait... :D
  • The secret saturdays needs time.

    A show about the things that most people do not believe in and things that haven't been discovered yet is interesting to say the least. The way the writers envison how those creatures stay hidden and think how some people are dealing with this kind of reasearch is unimaginable. Though there are some things like the story going way to fast and much of the characters needing a bit more improving a bit wouldn't hurt. This is a great show though and is still getting me all excited when the newest episode begins to start and i would stay up all night to watch the rerun.
  • the opposite to lol

    worst thing i've ever saw it's' worse than icarly! .
    The creator name it's ridiculous jay stephens!? what the heck is that name!? I'd rather Dull Stephens, it makes more sense I'd rather watching National Geographic all day it has only one funny thing on one episode but I'm not lying I slept when I saw one episode. Even my brothers and I use this show to sleep when we can't really please change this stupid show for another one so I put all I can so I will fill it with this show is . . . . stupid.
  • Pretty good show, but I hope it doesn't end like this

    To start, I wannt to say one thing. This show is cool. I loved it. My family loved it. It was good. That said. This show, like others, had its discrepancies and things that I would have liked to see done diferently. For starters, if that giant creature that the Saturdays beat at the end of season 1 WASN'T kur, then what the HECK was it. If Zak was kur then why did the divining rod made by Fisk point to ANTARCTICA as the location of Kur. That's about it on discrepancies; on to things that I would have liked to see done differently. The Zak/Wadi thing, for one. I seriously think that the romance they had should have been stepped up, even a little. I mean, maybe put in a kiss here or there, or maybe an I love you. Idon't know. Also, the series should NOT have ended the way it did. That goes without saying. It's true that the finale was touching and nearly made me cry, but, if anything, it is the most dismal ending yet. The Nagas are still on the loose and the only one that could have stopped them (Zak) is powerless and laid up in bed. So, IMO, this story still has a heck of a lot more to go. At least another ten episodes, CN. Would it kill you? I mean, the only other things you've got to air are that stuppid CN real and Unnatural History.
  • A cartoon that is doomed to be in the category of worst cartoons ever.

    Frankly, I have seen better shows than this one. The ideas in it are good, I admit it, but unfortunately, they don't add up to create the feeling that it is supposed to deliver us, when seeing it. The animation needs a ton of work, and the characters are usually boring. I give credit to the main villain because it reminds me of some monsters that we seen in Scooby-Doo, but all in all, it's pretty much a disaster. Personally, I think that if you are one of those people who like boring shows, then this is just what the doctor ordered, but if you are the opposite, my advice is for you to find another cartoon that matches your own style.
  • A family travel all around the world solving mysteries and defeating bad guys. It may sound Cliche but the mysteries revolve around cryptids.It has a certain retro feel to it and also has a cast of great voice actors and interesting characters.

    This Show looks SOOOO Awesome!!!!!!! Its by emmy award winning cartoonist Jay Stephens and seems to have a super cast of voice actors. The Art of the show has a very retro feel and the stories and characters are very interesting. It is sorta like a hybrid between Johnny Quest and Scooby Doo which makes it even cooler! Cartoon Network definitely needs a show like this because all of their no shows with the exception of Chowder have been junk. So I highly recommend this show to anyone that likes good cartoons and mysteries. Watch the premier during Fall 2008 it will be awesome!!!!!
  • A family of cryptozooligists saves the world from Being destroyed by an ancient artifact known as the cryptid kur.

    A family of cryptozooligists saves the world from Being destroyed by an ancient artifact known as the cryptid kur.

    All I can say is... WOW. That just happened. It's a bit immature for me to go off like a little kid in a candy store, but after watching that, I can't help myself. Cartoon network has found one awesome show.

    Holy crap. It's been a tough few months for cartoon fans. With terrible new shows like phineas and ferb and the downfall of once great shows like family guy. And I wasn't particularly exited when I saw the first horribly acted "cryptids are real" commercial that I knew would be tied in with some show. But I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this show. It was like a very pleasant mix of ben 10 and johnny quest, with everything bad about the shows taken out.

    For one side of the story is the characters. They are very likable and greatly voiced. No characters voice is dominant or annoying, and the one you'd expect to be the most annoying is actually pretty cool. I am of course speaking of zak. He Is a kid with pretty cool likeness about him. In fact he may be my favorite character.

    The animation is next. It isn't perfectly fluid, but the attention to detail is very nice indeed. The style, which kind of looks like ben 10, is good enough to draw the eyes of youngsters.

    Which brings me to my next point the story. Now before I go on, I thought I might cite the story of Ben 10. It was boring considering it dealt with 6 new villains a week and aliens are cool plotlines. Secret saturdays mixes things up a bit. It deals with things called crypitids. I had never heard about cryptids until I saw the commercial, see above, which kept the premiere interesting. The series seems it will stick with The dark V.V. Argost and his minions which is fine by me. Can anyone say vilgax? remember him? He was on like four episodes, killed off, brought back, and killed off again. And then Brought back only to be rekilled off. Yeah you can forget about that with SS.Jay stephens, the man in charge, has won an emmy for his previous work, so you don't have to worry about flip flopping.

    I know It's not fair to base my reviews by comparisons to other shows, so I'll say now with no regrets, Secret Saturdays can hold its own weight. Its new and original, and very entertaining. Not to mention funny. I very much Like this show, And I hope others do to. That way It'll stay on air long enough for me to be fully b satisfied. I realize It may be unpopular because of the hype surrounding the clone wars(which by the way, sucked), and I think that's a bit unfair. But luckily I have faith in this original show. I look foward to watching this for years to come.

    P.S., you really have to clean up your site. Allowing people to rate shows before they even premiere is very very very stupid. Little kids will probably come on and give a show a 1 because it LOOKS gay This premotes the whole judging a book by its cover thing.


  • Needless to say: A new Hit show for the CN.

    Okay, Cartoon Network has been pretty fickle lately, after canceling Toonami. But this show seems to make up for it.

    The characters are great, the dialogue between them is great and priceless. The designs bring back some old school Hanna Barbera style with modern animation. The villain, V.V. Argost, looks like something straight from the old Birdman or Scooby Doo shows with a personality that seems like if Vincent Price in his Prime using the mannerisms from the Joker in Dark Knight: Ruthless, insane, and just plan crazy.

    The family itself a welcome pace for me. I read comics all the time, and the Saturdays seem like a new version of the Fantastic Four, but actually being enjoyable by all without being emo like the rest of the Marvel Universe.

    I hope that this show won't be second handle like other shows, namely Xiaolin Showdown or Legion of Superheroes.
  • The sprtit of Hannaha Barbara action is still alive baby!

    After seeing a promo for this just about everyday for the past month it's a little hard not to be interested,and after seeing this I'm impressed. The story begins with a group of paranormal scientists called the Secrets, who protect the secretcy of the Supernatural and ocult, and the Saturdays specificly protect the existence of Cryptids [unknown animals],
    find a artifact called the Crytid Kur, that has the power of a anceint deity named Kur, they decide to study it until they're atacked by a Man named V.V Argost, who steals the artifact for his own gain, the Secrets try to take it back but only 11 survied, the brake it up into three pieces so he can't have the Kur at once, during that same period the Saturdays have a boy named Zak who under influance of the Kur he has a gift of controling crypids.11 years later Zak has grown up to be a adventrous young boy who like his parents has a facination with cryptids, he also wants to part of the action like his parents, but his parents forbid it untill Argosts returns and wants the Kur back destroying everything in his way to get it. They thier hardest stop but fail and now have to stop him from reeking havock upon the world and his eventuall ruling of it.
    This is maybe the most original plots I've seen in a while, but I still have a few grips with it, for one the cryptids need to be more powerful and dangerous, these are creatures that have been in mankinds folklore and stories for years, they are the reason mankind feared the dark so them being a liittle bit more of a threat isn't to much to ask. For two the action could use a bit more of a grandure to it, maybe have the characters feel more like their in a impossible situation that they have to go through, other than those gripes this is a very entertaining show that acually has the esssance of classics such as Johnny Quest and the Hurculoids. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the season.
  • The secret is out!

    Unlike previous cartoons that have been airing on Cartoon Network, such as "My Gym Partner's A Monkey" and "Squirrel Boy", The Secret Saturdays is a fresh and original show that takes its inspiration from classic Hanna-Barbara cartoons (mainly Johnny Quest) and, to some extent, the Venture Bros (at least in terms of humor).

    The show revolves around the Saturdays, a family of scientists who studies crypzootology, as well as being part of an organization called the Secret Scientists. The family consists of genius Doc, Wise Drew and their energetic son Zack, as well as their pets gentle Fiskerton, ravenous Komodo and feisty Zon. Together, the Saturdays travels around the world to preserve the existence of Cryptids from the public, all the while dealing with such foes as V.V. Argost and Van Rook.

    With a great plot, good action seqeunces, humorous moments and a nice pace that keeps the show going, the Secret Saturdays is perhaps Cartoon Network's biggest hit since Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends.
  • Rip-off of many shows; none in a good way!

    Boil, boil . . . toil and trouble! Take a witch's cauldron, mix in a number of old and not so old shows - - Jonny Quest, Justice Friends (League), Johnny Test, Herculoids, The Replacements, and Inuyasha, to name just a few - - and all you get is an unfollowable, boring, mess!

    There are so many characters, that it is virtually impossible to like any single one, much less the entire motley crew of humans, human-like animals (the entire pointless point of the show), or even the seemingly single villain, who has his own TV show (go figure!). I'm not even clear on whether the three primary protagonists are a family or not, but, as you might have figured out, already, that is the least of my problems with this show.

    The plots for Secret Saturdays are trite, the scripts are predictable, the artwork is hackneyed, and the characters voices don't even seem to go with their characters. While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, this show fails, miserably in all respects.

    It's bad enough that quality shows for kids (much less adults) are few and far between, but this show takes it multiple steps in the wrong direction.
  • Definitely the best episode EVER!

    This was the best episode (so far)! The whole thing was just done so perfectly, and I can't think of a single way they could have imporved any part of this episode. I've been waiting for this to happen, and I actually had to stop myself from turning on cartoon network all week, becuase seeing the commercial for the episode I've been hoping for ever since the start of the show made me hyper. This was the best episode ever, although I definately have no doubt that the upcoming episodes will be even better. The upcoming episodes have a lot ot live up to, though!
  • It is awesome

    The Secret Saturdays is an awesome show. I could not say any thing bad about it. I do not know what to say. This is an awesome show! I have loved every episode so far. None of them are boring. It has so much action but it also has so much adventure and it also has so much humor. I used to think the cartoon network show Chop Socky Chooks was awesome and it used to be my favorite show ever. But now I think The Secret Saturdays is my most favorite show ever. Each character has something about them that makes them so awesome. I can name every almost every single one of the characters so far. I would recommend this show to any one who likes action, adventure, and humor. Actuemor. I really think this is a great show.
  • ......

    Well,I don't have much to say about this show. I liked it for a little while,but this show got boring for me after hmm,what was it,like two episodes? *sigh* I shake my head in disappointment with Cartoon Network's new shows. Flapjack and Chowder were steps in the right direction,but after Cartoon Network put this on,(along with 6teen and Chop Socky Chooks),it took 5 steps backwards. This show used to be pretty good,but now with all these new episodes being made,it's gone downhill. Now it's just boring. The earlier episodes of this were funny,but now it's just suckish. That's all I have to say. I'm sorry.
  • Totally awsome!

    I'm personly a big fan of this and I dont think that people should sit around and cirtize it just because they dont believe in cyripids I got news for those people: IT'S JUST A SHOW!!!!!!!! Then those same people will sit and wath it just to make fun of it! People like that just need to grow up! If you don't like a show CHANGE THE CHANNEL! And when yu meet people that do like it don't sit there and complain to them tring to make it to where they don't like! Ithink for one this is a very funny and entirtaining show.
  • this has minor flaws but it still is an ok show

    this show is about a family there names are Zak kid,doc dad,drew mother,komodo a animal,zon bird thing,and fiskerton.Ok its about them tracking down creatures that are myth creatures its kinda like scoobydoo they have these powers try to calm down the creatures.this is for fans who like action or myth creatures.the only bad animation is (they do this in every cartoon show now a days)The cars move in 3d that is crappy animation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what i think of this show its good but the creators need to work on it tiny bit but remember it just came so thats what i think of this show
  • I love the Secret Saturdays!

    I think this is one of the best shows on cartoon network. It has humor, action, adventer, and much more. My little brother that are 2 a 3 and they love it. The ask me if they can watch it and cry if it is not on. I think this show will, well, hopfuly do good. I think it is great for all ages. If you have not seen it, then go check it out. You might be surprized. I thought it would be bad till i gave it a shot and now i watch it a least once a day. If they stop making new episodes i might die!!!!
  • And Cartoon with a Plot, GASP!

    I saw this show wasn't getting all that much support here, so I decided to throw my 2 cents in. This show is really quite good for something that isn't a cheap flash cartoon (TDI and TDI, but they're still good) or a cartoon built on an already existing franchise (like Spectacular Spiderman or Clone Wars). I hear a lot of people talk about how its not being original because it follows the old Boy Adventurer sub-genre that Hanna Barbara made famous with Johny Quest. Well this show may have that theme, but its certainly its own show. Its about a family of scientist that study cryptids (mythical Creatures) along the way they had a child Zack, who has a strange ability that allows him to persuade and understand these crytids. Their antagonist is a megalomaniac named V. V.Argost who is hunting down a special Cryptid named Curr, that he hopes will bestow him the power to conquer the world. What makes this show very odd is, the villain often wins, and there is a strong theme of winning isn't everything in the stories, showing there are more important things than one minded goals. As far as the animation, its quite good despite what other may say. The movement is very fluid, the environments very lush, the facial expression are very well done, and the Computer generated animation is very nicely used and isn't intrusive like it can be in many shows. The voice cast is also very good, with Nicole Sullivan as Drew, Phil Morris as Doc, Will Friedle as Doyle, and the always amazing Corey Burton as V.V. Argost. If you don't like the art style of the show I can understand that, but one of the nicer things about American animation as compared to anime, is that everything isn't the same exact style, and if you want perfectly realism in your animation thats just silly, perfect realism has its place in Live Action, why animate something if its going to look the same as it would in live action.
  • One of the better shows out there, but arguably not the best. Anyone should at least give it a chance. (Mostly spoiler free)

    As a fan of a lot of new and old cartoons I can happily say I really like The Secret Saturdays. I'm trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible.

    It is one of the few new shows that uses (Old style) traditional animation and CGI instead of Flash or fancy "non-moving plad". The story is compelling enough to get someone to watch for the first five or six episodes, but I will admit the show does not pick up much until episode 7 with the exception of episode 4. After that the show has a more coherent plot and makes much more sense. This is also one of the few shows where the parents are THERE. And not only that, they are happily married. And seem to know almost every single move Zak makes which makes it a bit more true to life.

    And Argost... That is one NASTY bad guy you don't want to fight against. The show may seem predictable to some and unpredictable to others and many probably won't care either way. The fact is that this is an entertaining show with a great story line, interesting characters, and unusual creatures at every turn.
  • I love this show. The characters and the story are great. If it had better press they could have extended the series up to 80 episodes or more.

    I love this show. It's not fake american anime and go's back to an older but still good drawing style. The characters and the story are great. The Saturday family is wonderful and the cryptids with them are seen as family instead of pets. The twist at the end of the first season was a good way to keep fans eagerly anticipating the second season. If it had better press they could have extended the series up to 80 episodes or more. I would have liked that cause we could have learned more about the characters and their backgrounds. Whenever this comes out in a DVD set I'll get it. (or if it ever becomes a graphic novel series they could go on a lot longer and tell us what we don't learn in the series.)
  • This show would be NOTHING without Doyle :3...

    Title: Neutral. It took me a week to figure out that "saturdays" are a family and not a day...

    Theme song: wow, this is probably the shortest theme song/intro ever(about 33 seconds).

    Voices: really great. Van Rook has an accent and Zak is voiced by a seventeen year old...

    Plot: a family trying to...erm... Well it's a long story... 6/10

    Characters: Doc(WTF!), his SEXY wife Drew(stupid name!). And seriously she is HOT. It's a bit strange to see a 33 year old woman with such a nice @$$!!!!
    Zak(what's with his hair I will never know...). Fisk, Komodo and Zon(she's my fav cryptid). And there is our beloved punk boy Doyle(God damn I love 'im!!!!). There is Van Rook who, I think, is a russian. And Argost with his beloved friend - Munia. Blah blah blah my thingers hurt...

    Art: Well, it's difficult to say. The humans are drawed pretty good (especially Doyle *nosebleed*). yet some of the cryptids are drawed pretty lame. Zon's head is always tilted a bit. Fisk looks like a hairy wig with LONG limbs. Komodo always looks angry. And etc. etc. etc...

    Humour: Yay! Egzamples include:
    "Oh great, it flies!" Doyle.
    "I never agreed to throw it out!" Doc.
    "What? I was in the zone." Drew
    "Does your brain always think in cheesy one-liners?" Zak.

    Yet, the funnyiest gag which made me laugh for the whole day was this:
    Zak:"Hey! Every spider I know shoots it's webs from it's butt. What does that say about your face?"
    Maunya turns around : ">:("

    XD Lol.

    1) The most annoying thing about Komodo is that when he turns invisible his white liners are seen (To help us, the wievers to see him). Yet, this is really annoying. Can't they make him invisible for us too? Or does everyone in the show sees him?
    2) This show concentrates about cryptids (duh), yet they don't even try to find Nessie...
    3) How can they find all sorts off cryptids so easily while our simple scientists can't find them all century?

    In conclusion: God damn, I love doyle...
  • its a pretty good show......

    i always try 2 see the new episodes, its not high on my favorite list but i like it.Dole hands down is my favorite, then Zack, and Drew. though i havent been with this show from the beginning(i have only seen about 6 episodes) i have 2 say its a good show, nice action, nice humor, and even though i really dont understand what a crypted is- i think they're cool! so give this show a chance! *77 words* um blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah watch this show blah blah blah blah blah 100 words !
  • A show about three scientists looking for cryptids (mythical creatures)and the Kur stone to save the world from the main villian--Argost. Interesting, but could improve on the story in general.

    Like I said in my summary, The Secret Saturdays is an interesting show, but it could use a few improvements, mainly from the story.

    First, I like the concept of it. Though it has been used before, the way the writer and creator (if he's not a writer) executed it is superb. Scientists have been used before too, but, again, by thinking ahead and giving the scientists cool powers and weapons like the fire sword and Zak's power to control cryptids, the show's originality comes into play. Also, with Zak's power, it does have limitations, like on the Jellyfish episode he couldn't control a group of jellyfish, but when he's face with a big jellyfish, he could control it. Putting limitations on his powers gives him a flaw, which does nice for character development.

    Characters have personalities. Dog has a somewhat obsession with catching Argost. Drew, instead of having the stereotypical personality of a preppy girl, is cool and calm. Zak, while one of my favorite characters on the show, is a bit cliché; he has the personality of a brash naïve boy that you see in every one of these adventure stories. He makes it up though by being smart when it comes to getting out of trouble. Fiskerton, or Sasquatch, is an interesting character. He grumbles, but his character design is what intrigues me the most. I would never expect for the artists to draw him with lanky arms and legs, which doesn't make him look like a King Kong or the yeti form that Sci-Fi Original Movie. Also, Fiskerton's personality would be brash, but also at the same time he's brave and humorous. Overall, Fiskerton stands out when it comes to character design and personality.

    The artwork, however, could use a bit of work. Everyone thinks that cartoons these days have to be blocky or else it'll look like a show from the late 80's to early 90's. I don't know about you, but that just makes the cartoon dull and uninteresting. It's like the process of cars during the 20th century: Car companies first made the cars round, and after the 1940's the companies started to make them straight and blocky. It was only after the companies saw that the straight cars looked akward did they combine round and blocky shapes to make an interesting car. Straight and blocky is alright, but the artists need to find a balance between round and blocky shapes. Zak's, Drew's, Fiskerton's, and Dog's bodies are blocky with little, if any, roundness to their physique. I'm not an artist, but I at least know you need a balance with different types of color to make an artwork interesting too. Colors are either too bright or too dark, and in combination with the blocky shapes, it makes the artwork more dull. In summary, it just feels, well, akward.

    Dialogue is good. The voices do fit there characters, although at first I thought Dog's didn't. This element makes up for the artwork. While I don't look for humor like the rest of the reviewers, what they say navigates the plot and brings us to the next scene without any transitions. The voices actually sound right according to the personality.

    The plot needs work. I like the idea of a group of scientists fighting one villain, but when you put it with 30-minute episode stories with no continuation, it feels like Ben 10 Alien Force: rushed. I mean, it feels like a frame story (a story within a story) but doesn't make sense. If you read the Canterbury Tales, you know what I'm talking about. When you have too many main characters to count, put them in one situation (but each character have a different story to tell), and use more than one character's viewpoint, then you have a frame story. Star Wars: The Clone Wars is like this. Instead, they should've made it like an anime or novel like Avatar. That's why Avatar is so successful: it didn't feel like a frame story; they put continuations and stuck with the plot, which is another point I have to make about The Secret Saturdays. The main point is to find the cryptid Kur and stop Argost-right? In the story, however, the main characters are fighting Argost, but at the same time they fight some secondary antagonists with no goals relative to Argost's or the scientists other than to eat a cryptid, control a group of jellyfish, or getting revenge on some Japanese guy who switched you body with a King Kong-like ape. This is while they're searching for the Cryptid Kur and fighting Argost. I know that the secondary antagonists are there in the side stories, but please, that just make the show look even more stupid. If you want to put in secondary antagonists, great, but make sure they have the same goal and character relationship as the other characters. And no, "I'm your dad's friend" doesn't cut it. Make them be in competition for the Kur, or make some characters become allies with the two sides Like in One Piece. Make the characters have real relationships with other characters so they can have a real motivation as to why they want to do something. Or better yet, take out the secondary antagonist and get on with the story. I have one life, so don't waste my time looking at filler and side-stories like Naruto does. When you put a character in a story just to be an obstacle or ally just to enhance the plot without giving the characters any common goal or real motivation to do something, it distracts the viewer, you're wasting episodes, and more likely, you will diverge from your story. And it's hard to get back to your story after you deviate from it.

    The Secret Saturdays is an interesting show to an extent. This is something you will watch if this is your first time experience shows like these, but if you want to watch a show like this but better, try watching Jackie Chan Adventures. It might be off the air, but at least to my opinion it's better and more interesting than The Secret Saturdays. Overall, I'm giving this show a 6.
  • unoriginal but i still like it

    i dunno why everyone hates this show. i mean sure its a rip off of johnny quest but its still a good show. if u just look past the whole, this is just another johnny quest show u actually start to like it a little. the secret saturdays is a show about a boy named zak and his family who travel the world protecting all those unknown creatures like sasquatch and what not and preventing argost from finding pieces of the kur stone which he can use to control th world. argost is there archenemy and the kur stone is a stone that has a mystical force that allows anyone who has it to control cryptids which are basically mystical animals
  • This show is okay, but to me not original.

    I just watched this show not too long ago. This show is okay, but to me not original. In my mind this show is a rip-off of The X's and Jonny Quest. This show has the same concept of The X's, a secret family saving the world from a villan. This show has a somewhat identical action, and dialogue as Jonny Quest, finding rare treasures and fighting monsters. The dialogue in this show is fine. Some moments though do tend to get annoying. The characters are all right. Some of them look like classic Hanna-Barbara characters. The music in this show is....well, all right I guess. I did not have any interest in the music. Overall, okay show, good characters, all right dialogue, in my mind completely unoriginal, and somewhat forgettable music.
  • A show about this family of spy agents who discover cryptids.

    This show I suppose is quit good not the best action show though. What I like about it is that it shows these animals people think exist but haven't been proven to exist plus I like the animation a bit but what I don't like about is that it's not very well action packed like I first thought this show would be and plus it doesn't really seem original that much but I also like the voice acting and the music I suppose is okay. I suppose for now this show may not one of my things to watch but I'll watch it to see if this show could improve better so I suppose this show gets a 7.5 out 10.