The Secret Saturdays

Cartoon Network (ended 2010)





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  • Pretty good show, but I hope it doesn't end like this

    To start, I wannt to say one thing. This show is cool. I loved it. My family loved it. It was good. That said. This show, like others, had its discrepancies and things that I would have liked to see done diferently. For starters, if that giant creature that the Saturdays beat at the end of season 1 WASN'T kur, then what the HECK was it. If Zak was kur then why did the divining rod made by Fisk point to ANTARCTICA as the location of Kur. That's about it on discrepancies; on to things that I would have liked to see done differently. The Zak/Wadi thing, for one. I seriously think that the romance they had should have been stepped up, even a little. I mean, maybe put in a kiss here or there, or maybe an I love you. Idon't know. Also, the series should NOT have ended the way it did. That goes without saying. It's true that the finale was touching and nearly made me cry, but, if anything, it is the most dismal ending yet. The Nagas are still on the loose and the only one that could have stopped them (Zak) is powerless and laid up in bed. So, IMO, this story still has a heck of a lot more to go. At least another ten episodes, CN. Would it kill you? I mean, the only other things you've got to air are that stuppid CN real and Unnatural History.