The Secret Saturdays

Season 1 Episode 4

The Ice Caverns of Ellef Ringnes

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2008 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Cryptids Revealed:

      * White Areke - A wild cryptid, living in the swamps deep in the rain forest.
      * Amarok - Found in the piercement domes on Ellef Ringnes, an island above the Arctic Circle, and accidentally set loose by the Secret Scientists in the area. They are wolf-like cryptids guarding the ancient artifacts hidden in the domes and are capable of producing heavy snowstorms.

  • Quotes

    • Zak Saturday: Mystic hotspot, I feel like I just drank six cans of soda at once!

    • (After trapping Zak with the Amaroks)
      Doyle: That was cold.
      Van Rook: That's business.

    • Doyle: (About Zak's cryptid influencing powers) Pretty good trick. Where'd you learn it?
      Zak Saturday: Born with it. My dad thinks I'm maybe supposed to save the world one day.
      Doyle: Man, I thought sports dads were pushy.

    • Zak Saturday: What are you doing?
      Van Rook: Earning a profit. Anything else is your problem.

    • Zak Saturday: I'm serious. Did that geology assistant you bribed tell you the whole story? How they messed up one burial mound and now we've got a ticked off wolf creature down here and a nasty supernatural storm out there? Do you really want to see what happens if you loot this whole place?
      Van Rook: ... Sure! (Uses a laser and starts blasting the burial mound)

    • Doyle: (After carrying the heavy bags) We couldn't have spent the ten bucks on a dog sled?
      Van Rook: I don't pay for any more dumb animals than I need.
      Doyle: Man, you have gotta work on your motivational technique.
      Van Rook: I already spent plenty bribing that geologist's assistant for the dirt on this place. So motivate yourself to do your job, apprentice.

    • Zak Saturday: (To Fiskerton after Zak loses the Claw) It's your turn to take the blame for something, right?

    • Dr. Cheechoo: (After the Saturdays arrive) You know what they say about Saturdays- they never get here soon enough.

    • Doc Saturday: Those winds must be over 50 miles per hour.
      Zak Saturday: It's not even storm season, is it?
      Doc Saturday: There's never a season for a storm this bad.

    • Dr. Cheechoo: (To the Saturdays, about the Amarok) I didn't get a good look, but if this thing's as dangerous as the fishermen say... (Frantically, after the Amarok breaks the lab) How soon can you get here?!

    • (Van Rook, Doyle & the Saturdays are surrounded by Amaroks)
      Drew Saturday: What did you do, Van Rook?!
      Van Rook: Hey, maybe they were cranky before I got here!

    • Doc Saturday: Where are they?!
      Doyle: What, your manhood and self-respect? I think you lost them the last time we fought, when your wife had to save your sorry can.

    • (Drew pins Van Rook against the wall)
      Van Rook: What, no kiss hello? I thought we used to have something, Drew.

    • Dr. Cheechoo: Uh, you're leaving me with the Pteranodon?
      Drew Saturday: Yeah... just don't try and pet her. And don't make, um, eye contact.

    • Drew Saturday: Can you tell me what this is?
      Zak Saturday: The claw.
      Drew Saturday: "The Hand of Sul-Kalu," "powerful ancient artifact," "scientifically honed adaptive weapon," "amplifier for your cryptid influencing power" - any of these would be correct answers!
      Zak Saturday: So, it was multiple choice, or, uh...
      Drew Saturday: "Drumstick," "baton," "air guitar," "samurai sword" - these are all things it most definitely is not!

    • Zak Saturday: The call of the White Areke - sweet sounds of nature's beautifuliss majesty. (Fiskerton mumbles) It's a word... in British.

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