The Secret Saturdays

Season 1 Episode 3

The Vengeance of Hibagon

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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The Vengeance of Hibagon
When the Saturdays are called to Japan, they discover a Japanese Bigfoot, called a Hibagon, terrorizing the people. Eventually, they figure out that the Hibagon is really a scientist whose brain was transplanted into the Hibagon body. Now, the Hibagon seeks revenge on the person who did this to him.moreless

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  • A comedy-adventure show like no other that I've ever seen before! :D This series looks promising! :idea:

    At first, I didn't know what to make of "The Secret Saturdays." When I saw the previews, I thought it would be fashioned in the vein of "Johnny Quest" from the 1960's. And while it's definitely inspired from this show, it presents a whole new face by having something that show lacked: making funny comedy out of dangerous, tense situations! All of the characters on this show are truly unique. It's not just another good guys vs. bad guys show where the villains are evil and scheming and the good guys are bland and boring. This show brings out the personality in the protagonists! Doc Saturday is a brillant, tough, firm scientist who takes no nonsense from his son or from the villains he has to fight, but he can get obsessive-compulsive about a single subject at times. Drew Saturday is my favorite! Nicole Sullivan voices her, and she is definitely the right choice for the job, as Drew is an adventurous, kick-butt lady who's as sassy as she is strong! She can be serious one minute and then easily say something completely funny the next minute! Zac Saturday is an 11 year old kid who feels like he is ready to handle anything the world can throw at him, but he still has a lot to learn! He's skilled, streetwise, and has the skills to hold his own in a fight, but that doesn't stop him from making mistakes or messing up sometimes. But when it comes down to it, Zac comes up with a way to save his family from destrution on a regular basis! Of course, no family would be complete without pets, and the Saturday's have some good ones. Fiskerton is a mammalian type creature who's strong, athletic and has a quirky personality! He's my favorite Cryptid to watch in this show and has a strong bond with Zac Saturday. Komodo and Zon are a reptile and pterodactyl respectively, and are fighters with attitude! Together, they are interesting to watch, and I think this show will become one of Cartoon Network's favorites! :idea: Enough said! ;)moreless
  • The Saturdays encounter a creature in Japan, leading to another entertaining episode.

    With the commericals asking us, "Have you ever seen the Japanese Bigfoot?" I knew that this would be quite interesting. It starts off with Doc obsessing over the Kur Stone; Where is Argost, what could he be doing? When the Saturdays get a call about something going on in Japan, "Our kind of trouble," the fun only continues from there. The episode lives up to the adventurous status (and genre) the show has, and as well has the expected family moments. The great thing is, it's not incredibly touchy. Spoilers about, unless you would like to be minorly spoiled...or have already seen it! There is a scene where Zak is running from a train where suddenly he disappears from the shot. His parents presume he has been hit and killed, with nothing left of the boy except for his shoe. The show does a really great job of avoiding the cheesy "OH NO!!" body language or actually saying the phrase. Doc and Drew really show emotion, pretty genuine for cartoon characters. Even Fiskerton and the gang. While staying in that same scene, there was another part I liked. Zak is "hit" by a train, only to be shown clinging onto a part of the ceiling after. Drew tells him it was an incredibly dangerous stunt. We've all seen the mother get mad because of a stupid thing the kid did. Well, the thing not so typical: Drew actually taught Zak how to do that. I am very excited that this show is already beginning to deviate from common formulas when you really get into the content of each episode. It was only the third episode aired and it again proves to be a pretty special show.moreless
Jerry Tondo

Jerry Tondo

Professor Talu Mizuki / Hibagon

Guest Star

James Sie

James Sie

Shoji Fuzen

Guest Star

Corey Burton

Corey Burton

V.V. Argost

Recurring Role

Will Friedle

Will Friedle

Van Rook's Apprentice

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Cryptids Revealed:

      * Hibagon - Found in a block of ice on Mt. Hiba, Japan, its brain was swapped with Professor Talu Mizuki's, a Japanese scientist, by a local crime lord named Shoji Fuzen. After being persuaded by the Saturdays to cease his quest for revenge, he was allowed live in cave in a secluded area to continue his research. He is currently the only known cryptid with the ability to speak.

      In reality, the Hibagon (also called Hinagon) is a Japanese urban legend, reported to have been seen in the forests surrounding Mt. Hiba in the Hiroshima Prefecture.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Doc Saturday: (Spitting out Fiskerton's fur) Huh, Deja Vu.

    • Drew Saturday: (After finding Zak's Argost doll in his backpack) You saved a baby?
      Zak Saturday: He was somebody's baby once.

    • (Doc blows up Zak's Argost doll)
      Drew Saturday: Feel better now?
      Doc Saturday: No.
      Zak Saturday: I do! That was awesome! Come on, let's blow something else up!

    • Drew Saturday: We don't usually see that kind of intelligence in a cryptid. (Komodo & Fiskerton growl in protest and walk away)
      Zak Saturday: I'm sure she meant in other cryptids.
      Drew Saturday: So sensitive.

    • Zak Saturday: How much for the talking Argost figure? Now, I warn you, I've haggled with street vendors from Cairo to Kuala Lumpur, so...
      Vendor: For you, free.
      Zak Saturday: Really?!
      Vendor: Of course not. This is a business. Give me $20.
      Zak Saturday: I'll give you $10.
      Vendor: $28.
      Zak Saturday: You just said $20!
      Vendor: My time is valuable, and you are wasting it. $30.
      Zak Saturday: Stop!
      Vendor: $32.
      Zak Saturday: Okay, okay, okay! I'm paying you! Just no more haggling, please!

    • (As they walk by several signs about Argost)
      Doc Saturday: This is supposed to be us forgetting about Argost?
      Zak Saturday: What? Japan is supposed to be Weirdworld's number one fan base.

    • (Doc continues eating sandwich made from Fiskerton's fur; cell phone rings)
      Drew Saturday: Huh. Maybe that's Doc's stomach calling his brain.

    • Drew Saturday: (To the Hibagon) He may have taken your human form, but only you can decide whether you're a monster.

    • Zak Saturday: Yeah, you're an 18-foot gorilla guy now. Kinda tough to go subtle.

    • Doc Saturday: (About V.V. Argost) How can so many people fall for that lunatic's act?
      Zak Saturday: I guess because their lives are just so very empty... It's sad really. I'm gonna take a moment and be sad for all those Argost fans... (Sees a street vender seeling Weirdworld merchandise) How much for the talking Argost figure?

    • Zak Saturday: (To Fiskerton) Promise me if I ever go super obsessed about something, you'll snap me out of it before I eat a hair-ball sandwich.

    • Drew Saturday: Ok, a good scientist stays focused on all his surroundings, not just one piece of evidence. Something your father seems to have forgotten. (Scoops up Fiskerton's hair and puts it between two slices of bread) So, this should wake him up. (Hands Doc the sandwich, which he eats)
      Doc Saturday: Yum, thanks.
      Drew Saturday: Well, he's lost to us now.

    • Doc Saturday: (Pointing to a hologram of a Kur Stone piece) There, you see? When I enlarge the projection of our Kur Stone piece, there's a chip in the surface right here. What does that tell us?
      Drew Saturday: That it's a very old rock... You've been studying that thing for days, Doc. I think you're seeing things. Take a break.
      Doc Saturday: Ugh, breaks are for people without mortal enemies searching for the key to ultimate power.
      Zak Saturday: What about showers? Who are showers for? (Doc gives him a dirty look) Somebody had to say it, Dad. (Fiskerton wrinkles his nose at the smell)

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