The Secret Saturdays

Season 2 Episode 10

War of the Cryptids

Aired Saturday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2010 on Cartoon Network
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War of the Cryptids
Argost unleashes a legion of cryptids on the world in order to test Zak's powers.
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  • the secret saturdays

    i love the secret saturdays!
  • An great, awesome and epic finale episode to the an great, awesome, and epic show. After 13 episodes of this season- wait, only 10 episodes?

    I have to admit, this episode was awesome, like any other great epic ending to a great action show. With heroes and villains come together to mustered their forces for the battle to end all battles. But I was surprise that all the build up in this season, with action and character development, is summed up in just 10 episodes, instead of meeting the 13-episode standard. Did the show ran out of budget? Did they thought the episodes they had was good enough? True, everything comes full circle, and they're not trying to throw an extra season, like Jackie Chan Adventures, or end on a cliff hanger, like LoSH.


    The only things that kept me from giving this episode a perfect score is Van Rook and Abbey Grey. He basically turned from a selfish mercenary to a hero who sacrifices himself for the greater good. But they didn't delved deeper into his character, or showed his transformation. He said he did it for Drew, but we don't really know what their supposedly relationship went out. I know he said in the last episode, he was disgusted how the "yeti" attack people for the fun of it, instead of food or money, but that's not enough. This really makes bothered me since the episode ended with Vanrook's burial. And what about Abbey? What happened the heck to her? They could have taken the time to make two or three episodes for these characters? But heck, maybe they're going to be on DVD, like the Ninja Tribunal Sage for TMNT. Any word about that? PM me.

    Despite the short comming, this episode is still good.moreless
  • Though I love this series I hated this final episode.It rushes trying to make everything fit in 30 minutes (when it should have been an hour long like the series opener) and facts we learn earlier in the series are forgotten to make this episode work.moreless

    Though I love this series like mad I hated the final episode. It rushes through trying to make everything fit in a 30 minute time slot (when it should have been an hour long like the series opener) and facts we learn earlier in the series are forgotten in order to make this episodes plot work. Van Rookes death was a good bit but Zak losing his powers and not dying didn't make any sense.(and now he's a normal kid no problem? Puleese!) He's had that power his whole life cause he's Kur so he can't be alive without them. The flute dosen't just take out his power it also takes his soul so he wouln't be able to be revived.Why did Zak stop Drew from getting Argost in the begining and waste time giving a morality speech? Also why go with Argost in Wierd World? Did he learn nothing from his past mistakes? The secret scientists are only in a short bit part at the beginning? LAME! This series should have been longer to make everything fit better. If the series creater wants to tell the whole story in more deatail (hopefully with a better ending) think graphic novels. There was soo much left out it's scary.moreless

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