The Secret Service

ITV (ended 1969)




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The Secret Service

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The Secret Service was Gerry Anderson's last puppet series made under the Supermarionation name. The series consisted of 13 episodes and featured actors such as Gary Files, Jeremy Wilkin and David Healy among others who all agreed to continue on from past puppet series such as Captain Scarlet and The Mysterions and Joe 90. The story is about Reverend Stanley Unwin, who was bequeathed an invention created by his scientist friend Professor Humbolt.  Called the Minimiser, it fits inside of a book and is able to shrink a person down to two feet tall.  An agency named B.I.S.H.O.P (British Intelligence Service Headquarters - Operation Priest) is formed and the Reverend and a fellow agent named Matthew Harding pair up to thwart the evil-doers. The Minimiser is mainly used on Matthew who is shrunk down and transported in a specially designed suitcase which then is left behind at a location where he can do some spying and report to Reverend Unwin.