The Secret Show

Season 2 Episode 2

Lucky Leo / Zombie Attack!

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 08, 2007 on Nicktoons Networks



  • Trivia

    • The 20 tons (if we assume it is in American short tons)of gold that Lucky Leo has would be worth roughly $525 million to $600 million, taking figures from 2008. This equivocates to £262.5 million to £300 million. These figures would be slightly higher depending on which definition of ton you think they were using. In UK long tons the gold would be worth about $70 Million (£35 Million) more, in metric tonnes it would be worth about $60 Million (£30 Million) more.

    • "Zombie Attack!" is the 8th episode to feature an exclamation point in the title.

    • The Secret Spider: In "Zombie Attack!", the spider can be seen climbing the wall when Anita gets the idea to fake that you are a zombie to get past them.

    • Changed Daily's Names: Pooky Wooky and Yummy Yummy Says My Tummy.

    • Alerts!: In "Zombie Attack", Ray issues a "code red evacuation."

    • In Zombie Attack, when Professor Professor is turned into a zombie, his skin becomes a shade of green/blue. All other characters skin turns into a shade of yellow/green when they become zombies.

    • The Secret Thing: The Secret Thing can be seen in "Zombie Attack!" on the platform above the ladder that Victor and Anita climb up.

    • We find out that the blond-haired female agent's name with the ponytail is Agent Kowalski.

    • Secret Spider: The Secret Spider can be seen in "Lucky Leo" when Victor was telling Professor Professor that he wasn't feeling lucky while he was inside the experimenting tube, and in "Zombie Attack!," the Secret Spider can be seen when Anita's telling Victor, Professor Professor and Yummy-Yummy-Says-My-Tummy to act like zombies.

    • The Fluffy Bunny Show: In "Lucky Leo," the agents run onto The Fluffy Bunny Show set and grab the bunnies, then Agent Ray attaches a hook to Granny's chair where she is lifted out of the set. In "Zombie Attack!," Granny and the bunnies are catapulted out of The Fluffy Bunny Show set.

    • Changed Daily's Names: Pooky Wooky and Yummy-Yummy-Says-My-Tummy.

    • Secret Codes: 0207, 1839.

  • Quotes

    • Changed Daily:(While Ray is escorting them out) You'd never let us down, do you, Ray?

      Ray: No sir!(He turns into a zombie)

      Victor: Stop ASKING QUESTIONS!!!

      Changed Daily: Did I do that again? Don't answer that!

    • Anita - Will you two stop & get this thing sorted out once and for all it's driving me mad

      Lucky Leo & Victor - Heh heh?

      Anita - Why you!

      Lucky Leo - Temper temper...

    • Doctor doctor: Ha ha, you said the word.

      Victor: No I.....(he turns into a zombie)

      Anita: Victor!

    • Changed Daily:(While Ray is escorting them out) You'd never let us down, would you?

      Ray: No sir!(He turns into a zombie)

      Victor: Stop ASKING QUESTIONS!!!

    • Professor Professor: The mission was a complete success!

      Anita: But he got away...!

      Prof. Prof.: But not all of him... you see, before he got away, he kissed his coin. And his kissy-kissy goo is still on it!

      Anita: You're going to stick Leo's kissy-kissy goo into... Victor?

      Prof. Prof.: Yes. Feeling lucky, Victor?

      Victor: Not really.. and why am I in a tube?

    • Professor Professor: Victor, are you still alive?
      Victor: (weary) Yes... Affirmative... I'm still alive.

  • Notes

    • "Lucky Leo / Zombie Attack!" is actually the first episode of Season 2.

    • "Lucky Leo" is actually the pilot of The Secret Show, produced in August of 2004. However, it was used as the Season 2 premiere in the U.K.

  • Allusions

    • Thriller: In "Zombie Attack!", a background zombie can be seen spinning and dancing like Michael Jackson in his Thriller music video.

    • Walk Like an Egyptian: When Anita, Professor Professor, Victor, and Changed Daily act like they are zombies, instead of holding his arms up in front of him, Changed Daily walks like an Egyptian; a dance popularized by The Bangles in the 1980s.