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  • Superb

    Epically hilarious
  • This show didn't copy off anything else it's just original; originally lame!

    I really, really, really, really, really, really don't like or get this show at all. It's pretty stupid, if you ask me. I mean, secret agents and some weird organization? Please. Some people think SpongeBob is bad, it doesn't compare to this! Does it have humor: not that I can see. Does it entertain: yeah, for about 2 minutes and say "what else is on?" Does it send a message: yeah, to rot the minds of children. I'm serious; this show is a waste of a perfectly good half hour. Now, I know some of you are looking at my profile and saying: "this is all coming from someone who watches SpongeBob?" No, this is all coming from someone who tells it like it is. In short, bad idea for a show.
  • It had so much potential!

    My family thought this was one of the funniest shows on nicktoons! The beginning of the show would always be different with the "fluffy bunnies" even during the show, you could spot the bunnies some where, the boss's name was always changed with some silly name every episode. All the shows were some how linked together, the humor of the show was basically a child would love without being vulgar, it was humor that a pre teen would like and was CLEAN, compared to other kid shows these days.(they had an episode where some one passed gas, so what!) We miss this show and wish it would have been given another season.
  • The secret is out, this show is boring and stupid

    It's safe to say that TV shows nowadays that have spy cartoons tend to fail, and be really stupid. In the case of The Secret Show it proves it further. In The Secret Show, it is about 2 factions fighting each other for the world. The good guys are U.Z.Z. (don't know acronym) fighting the evil forces of T.H.E.M. (don't know that either). Two spies from U.Z.Z. named Victor Volt and Anita Knight attempt to stop T.H.E.M. with help from Professor Professor. OK it sounds like a decent enough idea, but it was no secret that this show screamed stupidity. The show begins with a pointless scene of a granny, and rabbits all ready to sing, but agents from U.Z.Z. get rid of her in the most over the top ways. Now I will admit it was funny the first couple of times, but it gets old really quick. The characters are all terrible, and very stupid. Victor acts like a kid most of the time, and if it's supposed to be funny then I fail to see it. Professor is a bumbling moron (been there done that), Name Changed Daily Guy is useless, and has an unhealthy obsession with the fireplace he leans on. I am not kidding everywhere he goes, he takes that fireplace with him. He even puts it in bed! Is this supposed to be funny at all? The only slightly good character was Anita, and that's only because she has a little common sense in her. What's with the names as well? Doctor Doctor and Professor Professor? Seriously who is naming these people? You know a show is going to be bad when they can't think of names. The plots are rather stupid, but at least they are somewhat original, but most of the time the stories are boring, or rehashed. The artwork is bizarre in this show. While the set designs look good and creative, the characters are weirdly designed. Some of the characters have huge and oddly shaped heads, and the limbs for every character starts as very thin, but the body parts get bigger. Why that is is up for debate. The animation is stiff most of the time. When an action scene occurs the animation is decent, but when there is no action everyone moves so weird, and seem as if they can't move their body parts. It is also choppy, and there are barely any movements to the characters. The action scenes are OK, but nothing spectacular, or interesting. Some of them are just anti climatic. There is also no real tension to the scenes as well. Not once do the bad guys have a big victory, and the good guys have to find a way to retaliate. The humor is just not that good at all. I will admit that the granny opening was pretty funny as she got taken away in the most over the top ways, and finding out what Name Changed Daily Guy's new name was rather funny. Most of the time though, I am sitting and watching the show, and when a "funny" moment occurs I do not find it that funny at all, and whatever funny moments there are only get a weak chuckle out of me. The Secret Show may have worked out as a spy thriller for kids, but comes up short on may level. At least the secret is out on this show, it's boring and stupid, and is best left forgotten.
  • It's not funny!

    There's hardly any enjoyment in this show.
    Man, it's about... well totaly nothing!
    It isn't really thought out, just plain stupid plots they have. This show is only still on becouse of making money. I wish it never existed.
    Every time I see this (Most of the time I turn off the tv, though) the persons are totally out of caracter.
    Really annoying... It's just ridiculous! They would never make this show and I'm glad it's cancelled.
    It just wasn't interresting, in my opinion.
    There was one thing I ever laught at in this show, but I already forgot what it was.
    I'm really sorry that such bad series like this are still on...
  • Funnies Show Ever!

    Hello. For reasons of security my name is changed daily. Today you may call me the Secret Show Reviewer. I love this Show. Dr. Dr. and Professor Professor always lead attack on each other in order to save or take over the world. Their base is the easiest Base in the entire world to destroy. Victor is always have the same stupid catch phrase after Professor Professor asks if he's still alive. "Yes I'm still alive!" Why does he always get picked on and Anita doesn't. Professor Professor is too funny for words. "Super Professor Professor away!!" Funniest line in a cartoon ever. Ha ha ha ha!!!!
  • I think this is a great nicktoon!

    It's exciting and a bit better than The X's. Okay so I've seen better, but this is pretty good, I just don't know why it's so hated. It's funny, cool, and great! Most of the new nicktoons are going down the toilet, even something as great as this. So what if it's similar to The X's? It doesn't mean it stinks. This nicktoons is one of the coolest, even the animation is great and the plot to go with it. A lot of people don't like sgows that lack originality, but this spoof of The X's is quite nice and I don't care if it lacks originality, it's still great!
  • Not a Rip-Off Show

    It seems to me that The X's are closer to The Incredibles in format than to The Secret Show. (A family business with in-fighting.) The Secret Show is closer to Man From U.N.C.L.E. The spy show from the 60's with two agents heading off to fight the bad guys with an old man telling them what to do. Having said that, it has a style and sense of humour of its own – like it or hate it – fine – but, in my opinion, it's not riding on anyone's creative coat tails. Martians stealing the earths gravity - a guy with a "lucky gene" getting away with everything through sheer luck - the earth being rented by humans from the planet's former occupants, the ammonties - these are all new ideas.
  • A humorous show about spies who have to save the world from an evil organization as well as other threats.

    The Secret Show is an animated British comedy program about an organization, U.Z.Z. who must protect the world from various hazards including an evil group, T.H.E.M., run by Doctor Doctor. I found this show to be pleasantly silly and funny. The opening sequences with "Sweet Little Granny" is fun to watch to see how the agents get rid of her. It's also interesting to note that there are "secret things" in most episodes including bunnies, spiders, the Secret Thing and four-digit numbers. I've never really been one for spy-based programs, but I really like this one.

    And just as a last note: This is NOT a rip off of The X's. Just because they're both animated shows about spies doesn't mean they're the same. There are dozens of spy programs out there.
  • A show about the goings ons of the U.Z.Z. Revolving primarely on two secret agents, Victor and Anita, Professor Professor, and Changed Daily. Twice a week they get into wacky situations fighting evil.

    This British cartoon, that is targeted at 7-12 year olds, is actually a delight for any age group. The show takes "Monty Pythons" edict "and now for something completely different" to heart. Each show starts out with a "Fluffy Bunny Show" segment where Sweet Little Granny is dispensed with in various ways. This running gag is comparable to "The Simpsons" chalkboard and sofa gags. Other gags include Changed Daily's name, The Secret Spider, The Secret Thing, and the Secret Code. The later three allow for a sort of interactive ability for the viewer, as they can try to find each one in each episode, which makes the episodes a great view the second and third times around. There are also bunnies floating around in every episode. The show is not just gags though, the gags are only the side dish. They are cleaverly woven into the storylines of Victor Volt and Anita Knight, two U.Z.Z agents who fight evil, usually twice a week. These stories usually provide a good parody of the secret agent genre, yet build in their own story. Including recurring villains such as Doctor Doctor, The Imposters and the Floaty-Heads. Overall this show will please lovers of secret agent genre and off the wall silliness, it may just take a few episodes to really appreciate it for what it is.
  • stupid just bascically stupid

    the entire plotline of this show is just... ....
    how can i put this tactfully.. .... ... .. oh yeah, bad
    i really don't enjoy clueless secret agent name-cahanging dork goofy scientist and bunny-crazy shows. It's a british show that's quite popular there but unfortunately, they could be considered immigrants here in the united states. this show is very childish and uses 80's jokes which have been outdated. bottom line the show needs to go to the vet to get fixed
    PUPPY CHOW coming from my room i give the secretly bad show, a 3.3 bad rating. ... ... ... ..
  • Dis show isnt nearly as bad as da abomination known as Squirrel Boy but its still da worst show on nicktoons network.

    Da Secret Show relies solely on childish humor and sucky jokes. And most of da characters are annoying. Professor Professor, Changed Daily, and Ray are da only characters I can stand. Victor is a child living in a grown man's body. Anita is just basiclly a talking background character as she never really does anything important to da plot. Da Sweet Little Granny jokes at da beginning are mostly just filler material. And it's obsessed with boogers. In a preview I saw, one of da characters said 'I gotta pick my nose and fling it at da door!' A different preview had a character saying 'For you, I would blow up 1,000 of my boogers.' BOO!!!!!

  • two agents help fight the forces of evil

    The Secret Show centres on two agents for the UZZ organisation, Victor Volt and Anita Knight, who help fight the evil menaces of the world such as the THEM organisation led by the evil archvillain Doctor Doctor. UZZ is secretly run by a boy but run at the base by Changed Daily who changes his codename daily for reasons of security- often leading to an amused chuckle from the agents and Professor Professor for the electrically calculated names are always a riot though Changed Daily dreams of having a respectable, cool, name. Other characters include agent Ray and various villains, agents, and Doctor Doctors expendables. This is an action adventure show and is quite fast paced and entertaining. The animation style is clean and smooth like all cgi and has its own unique style too in the way backgrounds and characters are drawn. The uniqueness of locations such as the base is interesting and the music is quite nice. Overall quite an entertaining show.
  • It is about two secret agencies, UZZ and THEM. THEM, led by Doctor Doctor, is always trying to take over the world. Uzz, with agents Victor Volt, Anita Night, Changed Daily, and Professor Professor, try to stop them. THEM agents are expendables.

    It's it the most comical, funny thing I ever watched. I give a big compliment to whoever thought of it. I don't know why they don't show it more on Nicktoons network, it is one of the best shows they have. If you haven't watched it yet, watch it now. I guarantee you funniness. If you have seen the website, you know I'm right. It's one of the greatest shows I've ever watched. If you have seen a funny show, try an even funnier one, the Secret Show. One of my friends saw a tine bit of one episode and loved it. Can you get better than that. If you feel like you are not having enough funny in your life, watch out for The Secret Show, because anybody who likes being always serious is a mortal enemy of The Secret Show because it they will burst out laughing. I give the show a very good grade, I don't know how it could get less than a ten. Pay attention to agent Changes Daily: fuuuuunnnnny!
  • My favorite show on nicktoons network!

    Like I said, this is my favorite show on nicktoons network! This show is SO funny, I have never seen an episode that has not made me laugh! I know that some episodes are weird and gross, but it's still really funny! My favorite character on this show would have to be between Anita, Professor professor, and Doctor doctor. they are all my favorite characters because of one reason: They are all so funny! (especially professor professor) I also like how they have the person that run U.Z.Z change him name daily into something ridiculous! those are all the reasons why I love the secret show!
  • Cool

    I like this show. I noticed this shwo came from the UK. Even though i do not live in the UK i still watch it because there showing it on Nicktoons Netowrk.

    The only thing i do not like is the drawings. Its poorly done. Other then that i realy like this show. It dosent have a dvd yet (I think it does have it in the UK but not in the states)The jokes are preety good and the story line is perfect. The animation is not that bad (Kappa mikey is worst) Theres some episodes i dont like that much but theres alot i do like. Good shows
  • Why the heck would Nicktoons Network make this show?

    This show is very terrible.Even it's theme is terrible.I don't even like it even it's a comedy show.It's still terrible.I mean,it's pretty much not better than Spongebob Squarepants or The Fairy Oddparents or The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron or Rugrats or All Grown Up or any other Nickelodoen show that has been on Nickelodeon.This show is very terrible than Skyland.I mean,it's not much good and it's not even funny on Nick.Well,it's better than Martin Mystery or that X Men show on Nickelodeon or The Mighty B or Any other stupid Nickelodeon terrible show.I grade this show a E because it was not funny.
  • I'm not a big fan of the show.

    The Secret Show is a show that I never really got interested In. It's okay, but, there are better shows on Nicktoons Network. It was boring to me, I was not really interested when I watched it.

    The other thing, the bunnies. The Show always begins with the granny and bunnies. It's not that I don't like the Bunny Intro, But pretty much every episode begins with That Intro. It would be nice to see a new intro that didn't begin with the granny and bunnies.

    Still, The Secret Show is a show that you should Watch.
    Why? There are many fans of the show, so that means if you havent seen it yet, you should give it a chance because you might end up liking the show too. - a n d e r s o n 5 8 7
  • OK, this show is really, weird and alot of it is so random it doesn't make sence. But it makes me laugh, so there you are.

    "this technology is compleatly un tested und Highly Dangerous." -Professor Proffesor. This is the wierdest show i've seen for a loooong time. It's orrigionally from the UK, so it's deffinatly different than what you may be used to. the begining part is really funny. (you know, the part where they use some crazy contraption to get rid of 'sweet little granny') and the part where they change (insert name of the day, ie. bungie bummpers, sweaty ears, ect.) makes me laugh. ("i put it to a rap track, look") it makes little or no sence, like Monty Python made into a cartoon. My favorite Character is either Victor or Ray. It's one of my favorites. You'll love it if you don't mind laughing at something you don't get.
  • This British take on James Bond and Austin Powers surely packs a punch!

    The Secret Show came to debut in the U.S. not long ago, just about 4 weeks to be exact. Witty, sharp, and cleverly plotted, The Secret Show doesn't get the attention it should as if it premiered on another animated network. Sure, there have been several spy shows, like "Totally Spies" or "The X's," but they seriously need adjustments. While "The X's" focuses on a family of spies, and "Totally Spies" focuses on teenage girls, The Secret Show represents how bad it could be if there was even the slightest leak of information, reflected to the C.I.A. or F.B.I. in this case. Although it still is a British cartoon, and could of done much better if American, The Secret Show stands out in my opinion of how a secretive series should be. It balances action with comedy, in proper proportions, and doesn't become boring as anything can happen. Hopefully, the show will do much better.
  • No,I'm not saying this is a rip off of The X's,I'm well aware that it's not the same as The X's.But if you are offended by this review,I am terribl sorry I am just exchanging my opinion.

    Ok,what is with all these spy shows? We've had this ype of show before,The X's,Totally Spies,Martin Mystery and Atomic Betty anyone?Those shows have all been on the air and almost all of them ended within one or two years.I saw a trailier for this and went something like

    "This is The Secret Show,we can't tell you what it is though because it's a secr5et,so seret that we won't tell you what it's about because it's a secret" or something like that.It's not the same as The X's,but I don't nee to see a full episode of a show to tell me how long it would last.The commercials tell me whether I should watch the first episode or not.This was a dud.Very sorry to Secret Sow fans.I'd rather watch those stupid bunnies that keep appearing at the beggining that have nothing to do with the show at all.I mean Nicktoons Network has gotten rid of or moved shows to uneconomical time slots like Rocko's Modern Life,The Angry Beavers,or Invader Zim(Thankfully it'll return to FOX and hopefully air new episodes) for this?
  • A spin-off of The Xs.

    Okay I don't mind(some)spin-offs but this is a little too much like The Xs. First of all the plot they are spies just like The Xs only The Xs has more spies. Second the comedy is way LAMER than The Xs. Third of all U.R.R is like SUPERIOR! Finally, the animation is the same! I mean if you're gonna make a spin-off, atleast make it diffrent from the original or it will just look foolish. This sucks WAY more than The Xs! If you're going to make something just The Xs, you might as well make new episodes for them!
  • Dance with the Bunnies! Lil Old Grannys and bunnies? What does a show about secret spies have to do with ole granny's and bunnies? Click here to not find out!

    The Secret Show, were to begin. This British cartoon came with many people claiming it to be another low rate crummy rip off of many other spies shows, but its not. Not at all. It's fast paced, random British humor, makes it stand out. It is far different from the much hated cartoon series, "The X's" The Secret Show is worth trying, but its not my favorite by any means. It's worth a try and might grow on you though. Animation is like flash animation, slightly upped, and the plots are maybe dumbed down, but unique at best. Voices are fine, but kind of cliche in terms of the character development. The official website of this show rocks though, no doubt. This show could use a bunch of work to recieve higher reviews, and it could be capable of that. It's got a real funny course and storyline. Just look at the names of the organizations on the show, and how the commissioner guy, played by Keith Wickham (Known for being Corneil on Corneil and Bernie) nam always changes each episode. It's got real original and funny things. :) Give it a try.
  • Sure is

    This one of the only good showson Nicktoons along with Mr. Meaty. I have no idea why there crappy I mean there not that bad they still got Rocko, but I'll try to deal w/ them be e-mail to make sure Martin Mystery & the others are gone. I hope they'll be gone realy soon
  • its not the same thing as the x's.

    ok i saw the previews for this show on nicktoons network and it looked retarded. finally i watched one episode and my opinion changed. this show is actully pretty funny. it is deffinately not the best show in the world but for being what nicktoons network calls one of their original series WHICH ITS NOT. its not that bad. it does have a few jokes that actully make you laugh. some shows will have jokes and you wont laugh you will be like "hmm thats funny" but when this show makes some jokes you will actully laugh. people need to give this show a chance its not that bad. and its not the same thing as the x's which isnt that bad itself. give this show a chance. im glad i did.
  • Two spies work for U.R.R[or something like that].They fight T.H.E.M.The same exact thing with The X's working for SUPIROIR and fighting S.N.A.F.U

    They canceled all the good shows for this?This show is everything like the X's only it is worse then that show.I was bored so I watched it.The minute the show started,I began losing intrest.What kind of stupid show is this?Rocko's Modern Life is better than this show.What can be more stupid than the beginning where they show bunnies that have nothing to do with this show.This basically is just making fun of The X's.Nicktoons should have known better than to accept a show that is laughing at other shows.I mean this show's advirtisments even stunk.I am counting the day's until the creators of the X's reports this show for copyright and it is off of T.V for good
  • This is the exact same thing as The X's!

    When I first saw the commercial for this, I figured "Wait, isnt this show called "The X's"? The X's is a fairly good show, but this is a complete RIP-OFF! It's 2 spies on adventures using gadgets and weapons to save the world from T.H.E.M. Lets look at The X's. It's 4 spies on adventures using gadgets and weapons to save the world from SNAFU. It's pretty much the same thing, but with stupider things. Attacking the queen's husband with a wedgie? Booger ball? Who thought of this?! I'm ashamed to say I even WATCHED the show. It's lame missions, a complete rip-off. I feel bad for the creator of "The X's", watching his show being spoofed in a stupid show.