The Secret Show - Season 2

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Episode Guide

  • Super Vic Martian Dub Episode
    The Secret Show episode, "Super Vic" is overdubbed into Martian by Vic, Anita, Professor Professor, and Changed Daily in this special episode.
  • The Villain Nobody Took Seriously / Secret Double Agent
    The Villain Nobody Took Seriously A clown takes over the world because no-body takes him seriously enough to stop him. U.Z.Z. are too busy saving the world from serious villains, The Chef, Floaty Head Aliens, Impostors, Reptogators and Doctor Doctor, to deal with a foolish timewaster. But when the clown wins the world election, it looks like he'll get last laugh! Or will he? Secret Double Agent A new, impenetrable hiding place is found for The Secret Thing inside Changed Daily's mantelpiece. Agent Kent B. Trusted, working for U.Z.Z. and T.H.E.M. as a double agent, finds out and steals them both. Will Victor and Anita uncover the spy within their organisation or will Doctor Doctor finally get her evil hands on The Secret Thing?moreless
  • The Secret Man / Planet Professor Professor
    The Secret Man: The Secret Man has gone missing on a top-secret Impostor mission. Can Victor and Anita find him before the giant Impostor cocoon hatches into a terrifying flying thing? Will the One Breath Lady have enough puff to help them? And who exactly is The Secret Man anyway?

    Planet Professor Professor: Professor Professor experiences 'brain seepage' and loses some very important memories - including the unlock code to free Changed Daily from a waspy-alien prison helmet. Remarkably, his missing memories form a tiny planet, circling his head. Victor and Anita must travel to Planet Professor Professor and find the unlock code, before Changed Daily mutates into a giant orchid!moreless
  • World Savers / The Hand
    World Savers U.Z.Z.'s reputation as the world's 'number one' protector is under threat by a rival organisation called World Savers Inc. But are World Savers really good guys? Or is it yet another plot to take over the world. The Hand Simon Sez blames U.Z.Z. and the makers of a revolutionary 'Nano-goo' technology computer game, The Hand, for putting his toy company out of business. Luring Victor and Anita to The Hand's factory, Simon Sez falls into a vat of 'Nano-goo' and finds himself able to control the actions of others. Time for all of U.Z.Z. to do exactly as Simon says!moreless
  • The Fluffy Bunnython of Doom / Stuff Stealers
    The Fluffy Bunnython of Doom Doctor Doctor uses Sweet Little Granny's Fluffy Bunny Telethon for burrow-less bunnies, as a front her own 'Bunnython of Doom'. Victor and Anita must stop the population donating their homes to this bogus bunny cause and prevent Doctor Doctor becoming the world's biggest property tycoon. But first they must rescue Victor's mom from a giant animatronic bunny! Stuff Stealers The world's spoons and then the world's combs go missing. First the World Leader is blamed, then Victor and Anita! Can U.Z.Z. find the real 'stuff stealers' before anything else disappears?moreless
  • The Trousers of Doom / What's in the Box?
    The Trousers of Doom Every thirty million years a strange constellation aligns over the Northern Star, activating 'The Trousers of Doom', an ancient pair of clown's trousers capable of absorbing physical matter. Thought to be responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs and the disappearance of Atlantis they are extremely powerful pants. Can Victor and Anita find the trousers with the help of the 'Vest of Enlightenment', or will Doctor Doctor beat them to it? What's in the Box? Victor and Anita's mission is to deliver a box to a secret location without opening it. Victor wants to look inside the box but Anita won't let him; and they both have to fight off a growing band of Chinese Assassin Waiters, T.H.E.M. Agents and mechanical wasps who also want to get their hands on it. What is in the box, and why is it so important?moreless
  • The Wobblemen From Dimension 10 / The Abyss
    The Wobblemen From Dimension 10
    Victor discovers that his father, Lionel Volt, is an under-cover U.Z.Z. agent, working behind wobbly lines with the Wobble Men in Dimension 10. When Victor's Teddy is activated by a secret message from Lionel and the portal between the two worlds opens up, it's up to father and son to stop the Wobble Men invading.

    The Abyss
    U.Z.Z. and T.H.E.M. race to recover The Secret Thing from the Abyss. Changed Daily commands the U.Z.Z. submarine. Professor Professor launches 'totally untested und highly dangerous' fish-food torpedoes at Doctor Doctor. And a giant squid eats Victor and The Secret Thing! It's up to Anita to save them, with the help of her own 'secret thing'.moreless
  • World Anthem / It's A Hamster World
    World Anthem: Victor and Anita must enter the World Anthem Competition against Doctor Doctor and several T.H.E.M. agents who've formed a band. But Doctor Doctor plans to play a song that will hypnotize the world. Who will win the Battle of the Bands?
    It's A Hamster World:Changed Daily reveals that his former Secret Agent partner, Lucy Woo betrayed U.Z.Z. on their final mission together, siding with Hamster Man to become his 'Furry Queen'. Or has Changed Daily got it all horribly wrong? Was the photo Lucy sent him a cry for help, now 20 years out of date? It's time to face Hamster Man again for one final showdown and find out.moreless
  • Secret Santa / Rise of the Floaty-Heads
    Secret Santa: Santa Claus' amazing gift for un-forced entry into any building helps Victor and Anita enter an impenetrable Floaty Head base and rescue Changed Daily from an alien zoo!

    Rise of the Floaty-Heads: Aliens have stolen the earth and its solar system and shrunk it down for use as a mobile, hung above a young aliens's bed. Victor & Anita must infiltrate the aliens' base and steal back the earth.moreless
  • A Hairy Scary World / Mission To Monkey Nut Island
    A Hairy Scary World: Professor Professor's experiment to grow hair goes wrong and his hair grows at a fast rate that it will cover the world within 24 hours. Anita and Victor must find his brother, Maestro to get his DNA for the "baldy gene" that will stop the hair growth.

    Mission To Monkey Nut Island:
    Anita and Victor go undercover as T.H.E.M. agents to find out what Doctor Doctor is planning. Victor accidentally tells T.H.E.M. a plan that would destroy U.Z.Z. He and Anita must find a way to save U.Z.Z.moreless

  • The Z-Ray Goggles of Power / Catch the Birdman
    The Z-Ray Goggles of Power:
    When U.Z.Z. and T.H.E.M. are threatened by Neville Thunderbottom, a jealous ex-ate from the School for the Chronically Gifted, Professor Professor and Doctor Doctor must work together to prevent both organizations from being plunged into a "Purple Hole."
    Catch the Birdman:
    U.Z.Z. assigns a mediocre actor named Birdman to star in a special, secret training film, but when Birdman realizes it's supposed to be secretive, he decides to make himself more famous by leaking U.Z.Z.'s information to the press. However, instead of Victor and Anita saving the day, it's up to Professor Professor and Changed Daily to stop Birdman, since they've been demoted to Trainee Agents due to a failed recruitment exam.
  • Victor of the Future / Monument Racers
    Victor of the Future: Victor from the future travels back in time to worn U.Z.Z. of impending danger, but is knocked-out before he can tell them anything. Now Victor and Anita must figure out what the message is while simultaneously stopping the Floaty Heads from dragging the U.Z.Z. Base into deep space!

    Monument Racers: U.Z.Z. learns of illegal Monument Races breaking out all over the world. Contacted by Professor Professor's old teacher, Dr. Zoomottle, from the School for the Chronically Gifted, U.Z.Z. learns of two of Zoomottle's top students, whom are behind the crime. Victor and Anita's mission is to stop the troublesome twins and return the world's monuments to their original places, but things don't get easier when Doctor Doctor finds out about everything.moreless
  • Imposting the Impostors / Ammonities Rule!
    Imposting the Impostors: Given direct orders from Professor Professor, Victor and Anita travel 90 miles underground into the lair of the Impostors. However, when they arrive, they find Professor Professor himself down there. Realizing they fell into an Impostor trap, Victor and Anita must find out who's who and what the Impostors are up to.

    Ammonities Rule!: When Earth's rent is due, Victor and Anita must deliver a rare Slipper Orchid to the Ammonities of Ammo-Niah as payment to continue their tenancy. However, the real Slipper Orchid's extinct, and all U.Z.Z. has is a plastic model. Can Victor and Anita fool the Ammonities? And why are the Impostors chasing them?moreless
  • You're History / A Purrfect Villain
    You're History: Doctor Doctor uses her newest invention, her "Un-Inventing Machine," to un-invent all the world's gadgets, leaving her with all the technology she needs to control the world. With U.Z.Z. reduced to caveman tools and rubble, will sticks and stones be enough to hurt T.H.E.M.?

    A Purrfect Villain: Due to a teleportation accident, Victor's DNA gets mixed up with a cat's. However, the cat turns out to be evil, and now it's up to Victor to stop the cat with his new nine lives as the cat tries to enter the code needed to turn the human race into jelly!moreless
  • Flick the Switch / Giant Brain of Terror!
    Flick the Switch: Victor has always been curious of what the switch to the right of his chair in the Briefing Room does, so he decides to give it a flick. After sending the Base 60 miles underground into the lair of the Reptogators, Victor flicks the switch again, but only to send the Base even further into the ground. Can Victor and Anita save themselves and the entire U.Z.Z. Base while avoiding their greatest enemies?

    Giant Brain of Terror!: Due to Victor's clumsiness, a giant brain of terror is unleashed. After doing several tests and experiments, Professor Professor reveals that the Giant Brain of Terror feeds off of people's fears. Can the agents of U.Z.Z. learn to laugh in the face of fear?moreless
  • Lucky Leo / Zombie Attack!
    Lucky Leo: Victor is given a special synthetic "lucky gene" for one day, to help him catch Lucky Leo, the luckiest man in the world. Does Victor have what it takes to catch Lucky Leo, or will his luck run out before he can?

    Zombie Attack!: Doctor Doctor's newest meniacal scheme is very disasterous. If anyone says "yes" or "no," they turn into a zombie. Can Victor and Anita stop Doctor Doctor without saying "yes" or "no"?moreless
  • Impostor Attack! / Secret Spider
    Impostor Attack!: After the world's plumbers disappear, U.Z.Z. reveals a sinister plot by the Impostors, involving a giant pipe system connected from the Atlantic Ocean to the center of the Earth. Now it's up to Victor and Anita to stop the Impostors from destroying the Earth's core, causing a new Ice Age and taking control over the world.

    Secret Spider: The Impostors attempt another Ice Age plot, this time by setting up ice explosion devices across the globe. They seem undefeatable, until a small, mysterious spider comes to assist U.Z.Z. and helps save the world.moreless