The Secret World of Alex Mack

Nickelodeon (ended 1998)


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The Secret World of Alex Mack

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On her first day of junior high, Alexandra Mack was accidentally doused with a mysterious chemical called GC-161 and it changed her life forever. Now Alex can zap electricity from her fingertips, morph into an oozing blob of goo and even make other people morph just by touching them, but having superpowers isn't all just fun and games; the company bigwigs that made GC-161 know that some kid was sprayed with the chemical and they'll stop at nothing to find out who it is. So Alex has to keep the powers secret and her powers aren't easy to hide, especially when they make her glow when she is nervous or gets a wave of electricity through her. With the help of her best friend, Ray and her genius sister, Annie, Alex manages to avoid being discovered and keep away from that truck that keeps following her around.
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  • Trying to remember

    Various ep (96-99)
  • Best show ever made

    This was definitely my favorite show of all time.Why can't they show reruns of it I've been looking for were to buy or download the series since it came off air. I've always came up short.I found a site that had it but

    it looked like a fake.I wish TV-Land would start picking up their own shows cause it seems like all TV-Land shows is other stations shows not any of theirs.Which there is a few shows that I think would do good like this one and also what ever happened to Larisa Oleynick ("Alex Mack").Also sorry about rambling I needed 100 words.Also I have to correct one part of this I recently found it season 1 only thoughmoreless
  • Why the hell doesnt anyone ever bring the really great shows back. You know like the Jetsons, Flintstones, Scooby-Doo. The shows these days the majority are well how can i put this nicely, really aweful.moreless

    I so love this show. I had forgotton the name but remember the opening where she is covered in chemical waste. My only clue came last year when one of my classmates asked me if i remembered the show and what it was called. She gave me my only clue the name of the character : 'Alex' thats all.

    It has taken 6 months from thenon to find it. Now i have only one show left to find. Cant really remember it except one scene where the main character is sucked/dragged into his closet and transported into another dimension. Anyone reading this that knows what it is please tell me.

    They need to Bring back or Archive these shows for future reference and viewing for fans.

    My only complaint is i only saw the 1998 episodes.moreless
  • They don't make shows for kids like this anymore and its a shame.

    What I liked about this show, was it wasn't like all the other kids shows out there. It was completely cutting edge. It involved subject matter, content, plots, and story lines that no other kids show would think of. I mean GC161, the chemical plant, scientists, chemicals, research, product development, lying to the FDA, the dangers of weight loss products, good vs. evil, etc... I mean you just don't get that in kids shows these days.

    The stuff you get today is SpongeBob, the naked brothers band, Drake & Josh, Zach and Cody, Raven, the emperor... I mean its rediculous. None of it makes kids think, none of it works their brain, none of it makes them think outside the box or creatively. Its just the pop star who leads a double life and mindless garbage like that.

    Not this show... it really had a place on TV and you could really say that having your kids watch this show wasn't a waste of time.moreless
  • i miss this show, it was one of the best shows on nickelodeon at the time.

    i miss this show, it was one of the best shows on nickleodeon at the time. Nickelodeon should have more shows like these or rerun the classics for the new generation because they dont know about shows like these. the cast of this show was phenomenon and i wished that this show could have last longer. This was one of my personal favorites among the nickelodeon station. it is a shame that the new generation does not have shows like these. The Secret World of Alex Mack gave viewers a sense of imagination and how people have hard times keeping secrets and the dangers and mysteries of experimentation.moreless

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