The Secret World of Alex Mack

Nickelodeon (ended 1998)


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  • Trying to remember

    Various ep (96-99)
  • Best show ever made

    This was definitely my favorite show of all time.Why can't they show reruns of it I've been looking for were to buy or download the series since it came off air. I've always came up short.I found a site that had it but
    it looked like a fake.I wish TV-Land would start picking up their own shows cause it seems like all TV-Land shows is other stations shows not any of theirs.Which there is a few shows that I think would do good like this one and also what ever happened to Larisa Oleynick ("Alex Mack").Also sorry about rambling I needed 100 words.Also I have to correct one part of this I recently found it season 1 only though
  • Why the hell doesnt anyone ever bring the really great shows back. You know like the Jetsons, Flintstones, Scooby-Doo. The shows these days the majority are well how can i put this nicely, really aweful.

    I so love this show. I had forgotton the name but remember the opening where she is covered in chemical waste. My only clue came last year when one of my classmates asked me if i remembered the show and what it was called. She gave me my only clue the name of the character : 'Alex' thats all.

    It has taken 6 months from thenon to find it. Now i have only one show left to find. Cant really remember it except one scene where the main character is sucked/dragged into his closet and transported into another dimension. Anyone reading this that knows what it is please tell me.

    They need to Bring back or Archive these shows for future reference and viewing for fans.

    My only complaint is i only saw the 1998 episodes.
  • They don't make shows for kids like this anymore and its a shame.

    What I liked about this show, was it wasn't like all the other kids shows out there. It was completely cutting edge. It involved subject matter, content, plots, and story lines that no other kids show would think of. I mean GC161, the chemical plant, scientists, chemicals, research, product development, lying to the FDA, the dangers of weight loss products, good vs. evil, etc... I mean you just don't get that in kids shows these days.

    The stuff you get today is SpongeBob, the naked brothers band, Drake & Josh, Zach and Cody, Raven, the emperor... I mean its rediculous. None of it makes kids think, none of it works their brain, none of it makes them think outside the box or creatively. Its just the pop star who leads a double life and mindless garbage like that.

    Not this show... it really had a place on TV and you could really say that having your kids watch this show wasn't a waste of time.
  • i miss this show, it was one of the best shows on nickelodeon at the time.

    i miss this show, it was one of the best shows on nickleodeon at the time. Nickelodeon should have more shows like these or rerun the classics for the new generation because they dont know about shows like these. the cast of this show was phenomenon and i wished that this show could have last longer. This was one of my personal favorites among the nickelodeon station. it is a shame that the new generation does not have shows like these. The Secret World of Alex Mack gave viewers a sense of imagination and how people have hard times keeping secrets and the dangers and mysteries of experimentation.
  • A series that about a girl who get expose to some chemical subject that gave her some of the most amazing powers.

    I use to watch this show when I was younger and I loved it. I wished they continued it, or something. But the reason I think I really liked this show was it would touch on this we kids was going through with a twisted that made it even more interesting for kids. I'm glad that I got to see it when I could. For kids out there, I suggest that you might want to see this series if you can get it, but if you can't maybe you find it on YouTube or some other website that have it.
  • A classic nickelodeon show.

    The 90's was a golden age for TV and Nickelodeon was no exception. The Secret World of Alex Mack was one show in a line-up of good TV on Nick. I feel nostalgic looking back and enjoying this series. Larisa Oleynik is a wonderful actress and she has a certain innocent charisma about her. You even get a glimpse of budding star Jessica Alba on the series. The premise of the show is simple (kid gets super powers after being exposed to a chemical), but the simple fun was what the show was all about. What kid wouldn't want super powers? Wonderful show. I will miss it.
  • I miss shows like this, I also miss how tv had ideas, and cartoons werent all Fairy oddparents spinoffs.

    I remember watching this show in Nickelodeon's golden years. back when they had rugrats,dough,legend of the hidden temple, and more. I really miss those times. The secret world of alex mack was a really fresh, new idea in a show. I remember the countless times they tried to trap her and take her back to the lab or whatever. I cant really recall that many episodes or the stories, but i remember enjoy this show very much as a kid.Also i used to have a crush on the girl so hahaha you know i loved it.
  • This show has always been a personal favorate of mine.

    I remember getting up early in the day a saurday or two just to watch my favorate lineup of shows, this is by far one of those shows. I had followed Alex Mack since the first episode where she had gotten her strange and mystical powers all the way to where she had gotten super streangth from what i believe was chili or some other substance. I love this show so much I had actually wanted the life of alex mack, she had turned into one of the fantasy hero's that sometimes you may or may not want to be one day. From turning into a pile of liquid, to changing shape and colour, Alex Mack had it all.

    This completely deserves the 9.6 I have given it.
  • I miss this show!!

    Let see, since it's been forever since I have seen this show..I can't remember much, but I did love it..I would like to see re-runs on everyday. This was one of my favorite shows growing up and they need to bring it back for a while for fans like us to watch it. I really enjoyed seeing what Alex can do and how she use to be sneaky and sneaking up on people...very good show. Where did the actress go, does anybody know and why did they take Alex Mack off air. But anyway, this was a great and show and should come out with dvd or something..
  • Being such a good show, where's all the fans?

    This is such a good show. I mean, look at this. The fact that Alex would rather not play superhero with her powers and settle for simply living life semi-normally is a nice change of pace.

    So what I can't understand is why has this show gone ignored? There's so much potential with fanfiction and fan art, especially given the show's ambigiuous ending on whether or not Alex stays super. It's a crying shame.

    C'mon, people, don't let this show stay drowned underneath SpongeBob forever. Let's actually keep the memory of Nick's first true superheroine (though she isn't as such) alive!
  • this show is so good i love this show

    when i was little they made a 3d alex mack on tv u wear these glass and u watch the show and things pop out to u and it so cool they done that in one of her espisode and there are about some espisode i never saw i saw half of them not all them. nick channel need to bring this show because some people need to know what better to watch old school or now school this show is so cool she is like a superhero with powers. nick bring this back on tv now.
  • This everybody's dream,having superpowers and saving the world from evil.One of my favourite shows that I miss heaps!

    This so totally wicked! Alexandra Mack is a highschool student who one day when coming home from school is nearly hit by a truck which spills chemicals on her. Alex now has superpowers! These include: Shooting electricity out of her fingers, turning into a pile of slime so she can move around without being noticed and she can even turn others who are touching her into slime so they can come with her. This was a great show and I miss it a whole lot ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • I love this show!

    A children's movie with a touch of sci fi. This is one awesome show. Alex Mack really completes my week. Alex, her pals, mom and dad make a good ensemble. Even her foes at her dad's company are adorable. The cloak and dagger that goes on every week is so cute. This is an adventure that's light hearted but very engaging. This is a rare show that makes sense. I love this show, I just love it. This show is perfect family affair, you don't have to take it so seriously, you just have to enjoy watching it. Alex Mack is awesome!
  • I remember this show! Its been so so long since I saw it!

    I don't remember that much about this show, but I can say that it was a show I couldn't wait for it to come on tv. Another thing I remember about the show was how I wish I could have those powers. Back then I thought those powers were the best first to Power Rangers.
  • The Secret Word Of Alex Mack was actually written for a boy! Yes, Alex was not originally intended to be short for Alexandra. But, when the show was indevelopment, it's predecesor "Clarrisa Explains It All" was in the midst of cancellation.

    Nickelodeon was looking for a new girl to place Clarissa, and they found it in The Secret World Of Alex Mack. Alex Mack was more inline with Nickelodeon's standard sense of humor, and appealed to a younger audience with it's special effects and cheap gags. Alex constantly being on the run, was meant to add some adventure and also make the show appeal to boys, where Clarissa fell short. Unfortunatly, what the show really lacked was a strong sense of morals and dealing with life situations. In the first few episodes, Alex dealt with a young bullying Jessica Alba, making fun of everything to do with Alex, including her Troll Doll lunch box. But, after that, it seemed every pre-teen typical problem could be solved with Alex's elite powers. Too bad, most teens are not the subject of a chemical accident.
  • That was my favorite show!!! Come back!

    The Secret World of Alex Mack is one of my favorite classic Tv shows. This is a truly fabulous show about a normal middle school girl getting special powers from sludge! I haven't seen all the episodes but all the ones i've seen were entertaining, infulintal, and funny that hade you come back for more!!! I love Alex Mack and I have all the season DVD's. This wasn't the best show on nick but it was liked by a lot of people. Some of the acting was corny and the jokes stunk but the show is awesome!
  • Secret Wolrd of Alex mack is a Classic

    Alex Mack was on Of Nickelodeon's Biggest hits. It should return to tv and be on dvd. Nick should make an Old-school channel. We have Nick Games and sports and Nicktoons networks that show classic Nick cartoons and game shows such asFigure it out, Rocko's modren life, Nick Arcade, etc 24/7. I want to see a channel that shows Alex mack, Original All That, Salute your shorts, TAO pete and pete, Clarissa EIA, SWO Alex Mack, and several other Nick Classics. That would make a great tv station
  • The secret world of alex mack was a classic show

    The Secret World of Alex Mack is about a girl named Alex Mack who was drenched in a chemical called GC-161, giving her special powers, she could levate things with her mind, shoot a bolt of energy out of her finger and turn into a puddle. the show starred the beautiful Larisa Oleynik As Alex Mack and the only people who knew about her powers where here sister and her friend Ray. Thos was a classic show and the series ended with a cliffhanger, but it was still one of nick's best.
  • I liked it! I liked it a lot!

    Alex Mack was an average girl who get cool powers. Her sister and her friends are the only ones who know about it. She can do anything with the powers, doesn't take advange of them like most people would. She had the coolest collection a hats, I know that wasn't relivent, but I still liked her hats! I can't believe that this show hasn't been on that long, it was my favorite while growing up!
  • Nickelodeon's The Secret World of Alex Mack starred Larisa Oleynik as Alex Mack who was drenched in a mysterious chemical called GC-161. Alex Mack discovered that this chemical gave her abilities that set her apart from her peers, as well as the rest of t

    The Secret World of Alex Mack had all the makings of an excellent television program. The acting was astounding, the comedic timing was right on, and there was a delicate balance between the comedy and the drama of the episodes. Unfortunately, Nickelodeon has failed to produce another show which can live up to the fame of this series.

    Since the current programming of Nickelodeon is abysmal, many fans look to this series as "The Golden Age of Nickelodeon" and are reminded of the glorious programming of the 90's. Nostalgia abounds in the hearts of fans who can recall that the show used to air weekly on Snick, or Saturday night Nickelodeon. Each new episode was the subject of peers across the nation who would look forward to the next episode that would reveal Alex Mack's current tribulations.

    The show finally ended in 1998 with a cliffhanger that has allowed fans to decide what exactly happened to her. The show's ability to relate to the fans was its greatest and best aspect.

    It is truly a series, and style of television programming, that is missed.
  • A girl is accidentally contaminated by a chemical product of a Plant.She acquires abilities that allow her to change her shape,move objects,and "zap" people with small electrical charges.The Plant seek to find which of the kids has been contaminated so t

    The Secret World of Alex Mack" was, in my opinion, one of the best shows in the twenty-year history of the Nickelodeon television network. It was well-produced, well-written, and not at all corny (like most other Nick shows of its generation such as "All That" and "Kenan and Kel"). The show portrayed two very different ways of life in the same fictional town of Paradise Valley, California. The chemical plant (along with Danielle, Vince, and Lars) portrayed the dark, evil side of town while the Mack family, along with Alex's friends, showed the bright, cheerful side. When these two sides met, it made for some great dramatic scenes and sometimes hilarious dialogue (although the show was not a comedy). Another beauty of this show was that Alex's superpowers were completely scientific, not supernatural. We have seen so many shows in which the hero has supernatural powers, but the scientific aspect hasn't really been showcased since the days of Steve Austin on "The Six Million Dollar Man". The show could not have had a better cast with any more chemistry. I found myself at times believing that the Macks were a real family somewhere. What adds to this fact was that each child in the family was attached to one parent moreso than the other. Annie could relate with her brainy, scientific dad while Alex was closer to her down-to-earth, practical mother.
  • a fantastic show that needs to be brought back new, brought back in reruns, or brought to dvd.


    i loved this show. i use to watch this all time. it was unique and fresh and i think it was another one of the classic shows that gave a character that girls can relate and look up to. it dealt with some issues that i think alot of kids growing up at that age(middle school - highschool) can relate to. they just dont make shows like this anymore for growing teens. the shows on nickelodeon today dont even match up to alex mack.
  • great show i use to watch it all the time.

    This was one of the greatest show shows on tv. they should being this back i would love to see it all or they should put some dvds out. never seend the 3rd of 4th seasons of this show with i could find the eps some here. anyone who has not seen this show u should whatch it right away
  • Girl problems... WITH CREEPY POWERS!! SCORE!

    I don't remember my first experience with Alex Mack, but I do know I watched it alot. It was a really fun series, and completely original from anything else that was on Nickelodeon at the time. It was like they took a survey of kids, asking them what powers would be the COOLEST for anyone to have, and made it happen. After ruling out flying (you know that's the first choice always), they ended up with Puddle Morph, Lightning bolt fingers, and Jedi-esque Mind Powers. Hello?! This is unbelievably cool! It's too far gone for me to give my adult minded opinion of the show, but as a kid? I knew this was where it was at. And I've changed very little since then, so i'm still going to lean in that direction. Everytime she morphed into a puddle, I was gone. There was nothing on TV like this for kids, and they'd never pull it off so perfectly again. Sure Alex had her teenage girl problems, which is never a good reason for a pre-pubesant boy to watch a show. But unlike Clarissa, or the ladies of Full House, this lady has powers! Perfect show for boys and girls alike. I'd like to see this one on DVD. Chemical spills and teenage girls will never go this well together again.
  • The best Nick show from when Nick was at its best

    The Secret World of Alex Mack was one of my favorite shows growing up. I wished that I got covered in a strange chemical and could turn into a puddle and see everything without anyone knowing. I don't remember too much about individual episodes but I remember how much I liked them and how sad I was to see it go. Nick should bring Alex Mack and the other great "old" Nick shows back. I'm sure kids now days, and some adults, would like them even now.
  • The way kids' shows should be.

    Why don't they play reruns of this show anymore? Or of any of the shows that used to be on and kids of that generation watched? If they do, it's on a channel I don't know; it's on at a weird time; or it is played once a month while in a weird time.

    Now about the show. This was one of the many very popular and great shows on Nickelodeon during the 90's (mostly early to mid 90's). If you haven't seen it, download it (yes, illegally) or buy it or find out when it's on T.V. and watch it.
  • A classic show when nick was in its prime.

    This is what Nickelodeon should be a network full of shows that are for kids but smart enough for someone of any age. This show was great and unlike most live action shows on Nick today had a great story line as well as a great ending. It involved a Girl who had some chemicals spilt on her and then gained some powers such as floating objects and turning into water as well as some side affects such as blushing yellow. As time went on Alex delt with her power and eventually left to choose whether or not to keep it. It was a show with an intresting plot that also delt with teenage life.
  • Alex Mack was a great show! My friends still remember it, I think Nick should play re-runs. Like other Nick old shows: My Brother and Me, Clarissa Explains it all, Allen Strange and even more...I think that they were great and they didn't get the credit t

    It was one of the best shows on Nickolodeon, I enjoyed it, me and my friends still talk about, I wish it were still on. Alex had Powers, and she could turn into Goop, and like go under doors, it was awesome and very funny! We miss it,Bring it Back!!!!