The Sentinel

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Apr 03, 1996 on UPN



  • Trivia

    • Jim seems to be pretty dense when presented the duplicate DNA of the Junos. Anyone should be able to tell at that point there were twins involved.

  • Quotes

    • Jim (to Blair): We just took a brief detour to the Sandburg zone.

    • Simon: Allright, look, Sandburg, this is a crime scene. I don't want you touching anything.
      Blair: I know! I'm an anthropologist, I've been to excavations before!
      Simon: You know what? On second thought, stay out here!

    • Beverly Sanchez: Spent the last couple of days thinking about you and me.
      Ellison (nodding): And?
      Beverly: Well, maybe we should just try being friends.
      Ellison: Friends?
      Beverly: Yeah. What do you think?
      Ellison: Friends.
      Beverly (shaking hands, smiling): Friends.
      Ellison (smiling): With potential.

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