The Sentinel

Season 4 Episode 7

Most Wanted

Aired Unknown May 17, 1999 on UPN

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  • Ya, they beat the Feds!

    Well, this was an interesting episode. Being the first time I've finally seen a whole episode and the fact this was shot in the 90's these guys did good. I knew something was going to hapen when Blair forgot his paper at the stakeout apartment.

    I like the way Jim did "police work" and faked Lindsay being sick. I mean, it's not really cool to play on people's feelings an' all, but it got the guy out in the open. I was thinking, "OMG what happened to Lindsay?!" then when Harry went to see his daughter and finds out it was all just to get him, I like, "Oh well, thankfully she isn't hurt or anything."

    I could see how Blair would get involved, since he never knew his father and that he's gently pushing Linddsay to get to know hers, even though he stole people's money.
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