The Sentinel

Season 1 Episode 6

Night Train

Aired Unknown May 01, 1996 on UPN



  • Trivia

    • Watch closely at Blair's wrist. In the scene where he and Jim talk in the hallway, he's wearing two bracelets. These were missing before and are missing again later in the episode.

  • Quotes

    • Blair: You know, you could take some more of that cold stuff, in a controlled environment, of course.
      Jim (Pretends to think about it): Okay.
      Blair: Alright!
      Jim: Under one condition: You hang underneath a speeding train while I spend the night handcuffed to Isabel.

    • (They watch the big man leave)
      Blair: Whoa, what was that all about?
      Jim: I dunno, I felt like I knew him from someplace.
      Blair: Yeah, me too, Cascade Zoo, Primate House.

    • Blair: It's because I'm not a real cop, right? Not part of your great, fraternal brotherhood?
      Jim: Okay, you're right, that's it.
      Blair: Aw, man.
      Jim: We're a cult. Every cop in the state of Washington is required to join this cult. Actually, we have our secret headquarters under the Masonic Temple on 8th street. (Mike chuckles)
      Blair: Get out, what are you yanking my leg?
      Jim: O-Of course, you realize now that we've told our secret we will be obliged to kill you.

    • Blair: Don't you think we should have a secret password or something?
      Jim: Why don't you say 'who is it?' and I'll say 'Ellison'. And then you open the door.

  • Notes

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