The Sentinel

UPN (ended 1999)


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  • A wonderful cop/buddy show with engaging characters, wonderful actors and lots of action.

    This show could and should have been on for years - a different network would have worked wonders. It could have easily been like Law and Order or The Shield with more network backing. Despite the shortcuts forced by UPN and the lack of support, Garett Maggart, Richard Burgi and Bruce A Bay managed to create magic every time they appeared on screen. The fan base is still active and loyal, even now - 10 years after the original airing. Jim, Blair, Simon and the gang at major crimes still invoke love, creativity and a sense of family for all of us who love the show and it's characters.

    I'd love to have more, but at least the DVD is out April 18th. The 10 year anniversary is today (03/20/2006)'s to another 10 years of Jim and Blair and their friends.