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UPN (ended 1999)


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  • I don't think I have enjoyed a show this much since "Quantum Leap".

    Jim Ellison, a policeman in the city of Cascade, has super senses. He can hear, see, touch, smell to such a high degree that he can help solve seemingly unsolvable crimes. Blair Sandburg, a college student majoring in anthropology, is the guide who helps Jim Ellison control his super senses. Together, these two men help fight crime in Cascade.

    This is a really fun action show! The actors are all very good and the writers for this show really know how to hook a viewer's attention in the first five minutes of the show. All the episodes are very well plotted and very exciting. What is a real shame is that one can see that this show had the potential to be even more. I wish there was more mysticism and more magic in this show. But other than that, it's a great hour of TV.