The Sentinel

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  • Made me dream of having the same gift

    I loved this series SOOOOO much!
    I don't understand why we didn't get any re-runs of this series... i would really love to see it again!

    I didn't miss a single episode since i first watched it.
    It was such a great series, very unique! Really a great idea, very well written, great actors, characters... I loved it! And it was very refreshing for me!

    The parts from the jungle, to show the senses... Awesome!

    The flashbacks, stories, the drama and humour... just GREAT!

    *possible spoiler, for those who haven't seen the series*

    The whole drama around Blair's book, based on the Sentinel... WOAW... that actually pissed me off quite a bit... i mean... that his mother had the book published without his knowledge... and then the reaction of Jim! That really made me really angry... i wasn't happy at all when Blair told the world that all he wrote was a lie... i mean... DAMNZ! It ruined him! And for who?! Jim wasn't being a nice guy at all! And he couldn't care less that Blair's career was in sake there... But okay... LOL

    I really loved the series and i would love to get it back!
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