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  • One of the best action-adventure shows out there.

    The Sentinel TV show (not the movie), is one of the best sci-fi, action-adventure shows out there. It combined an aspect of human abilities (heightened senses) with an already popular genre - the buddy cop show. What could be better? Not much in my mind.

    The actors who portrayed the characters of Blair Sandburg (Garrett Maggart), Detective Jim Ellison (Richard Burgi), and Captain Simon Banks (Bruce A. Young) made the show even better in that the chemistry between them was great. They were able to play off each other, joke, and make the characters just that much better.... I can't imagine any other actors in those just doesn't work.

    The stories this cast of people were put into helped to explore who they were as individuals, as well as how their own insecurities and fears affected what they said, did, and how they interacted with others. Just like the rest of us....unlike other shows, The Sentinel made the idea of having heightened senses more realistic in that it could actually happen, and we just don't know about it.

    I wish the show hadn't been canceled when they did, because I don't think they were out of stories (as proven by the thousands of fan fic), but the actors have since gone on to other projects, all the while not forgetting their fans as a result of this show. That's what makes the show great, as well as the actors who portrayed these characters.
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