The Shapies

Saturday 8:00 AM on The Nine Network Premiered Jul 01, 2002 In Season


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  • Now THIS should be coming on Saturday mornings! A music-filled 3D cartoon with some fun plotlines and educational value.

    A lot of tv shows for the young ones these days seem to forget that they're supposed to be entertainment - especially the ones that try to promote some amount of education. The Shapies is one of those shows that manages to do both.

    The Shapies are a musical band of 10 toys that are modeled after, what else, shapes. Every episode encompasses them going on some kind of crazy adventure in the bedroom of their owner, Zack. The first season starts off with the Shapies arriving in Zack's bedroom for the first time, when they realize that therei s only 5 of them. Sarah Circle, Bob Oblong, Sally Cylinder, Paul the Ball, and Rex the Rectangular dog spend the rest of the season exploring Zack's bedroom and discovering their 5 missing Shapies friends: Tammy Triangle, Sammy Square, Starry Star, Connie Cone, and Perry Pyramid. In the middle of each episode, 3 musical scenes about each of the Shapies, mostly performed by themself, is played.

    Each of the Shapies have their own personality, for example, Tammy Triangle is tough, competetive and independant, while Paul the Ball is an annoying clown. Of course, with 10 characters, some of them are going to get the shaft, and hardly get any spotlight at all. While each episode may send the Shapies on a new adventure, they usually learn a life lesson at the end.

    The show sports a 3D flare. While the characters aren't overly detailed, it makes sense - they are modeled on shapes after all. The 3D effects aren't the best I've ver seen, but they can be pretty impressive for certain episodes, including the "Water World" episode from the second season.

    Since music is a big theme of the show, with the Shapies being a band and all, alot of the show is dedicated to it. Like I mentioned before, each Shapie has a song of their own to sing in the midle of the episodes. Half of the songs I don't care for, but the other half I find quite catchy, my favorite being Sarah Circle's own song. The Shapies also perform their opening/ending theme.

    Overall, if you're open to these kinds of shows, you should enjoy the Shapies. While it is from Australia, it does air on some PBS affliates here in the US, and a 3rd and 4th seasons are in the works. It's worth the trouble to find, as it's better than most cartoons on weekend mornings.