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  • tommys law change the law in knife crime

    My name is melanie hopwood i live in harlow essex i have 5 children but on the 1st september 06 my son tommy 16 years old was stabbed and killed when he was visting his couison in newham east london i cant express the pain this has been to me and our family and tommys girlfriend who is expecting his baby at the end of april i have since set up a tommys law knife crime campain and i have the backing of my local mp bill rammell we have nearly 6000 signatures so far this is how the petition reads we, the undersigned support the \'Tommys law \' campain to tackle knife crime and halt the growing culture of knife carrying in our community . We call upon those involved in the criminal justise system-the goverment, the sentencing Guidelines Council, the judiciary & the Police force- to work for; A) clearer sentences; clearer, more robust sentencing guidelines for violent crime and particularly for those who carry out premeditated acts of violence. We also suggest a principle that individuals conviced of violent crime who knowingly carried the weapon to the scence be awarded harsher sentences, to reflect the element of premeditation in carrying that weapon. B) minimum sentences for knife crime,The introduction of a mandatory minimum sentence for knife associated crime, including the carrying of a knife without good reason. C)accurate recording of knife crime, The addition of knife crime incidents to the annual national recording of crime statistics. D)knife crime targets, The development of local and national knife crime targets for police, E) activities for young people, We call upon the national & local goverment to review the current provisions for activites for youg people in the uk. To examine if the activities provided though local & national schemes are appealing to young people and more specifically to the young people most in need? F),education programs in school, We propose a nationwide education programs in school to bring home the realities of knife crime. The program should be aimed at breaking the illusion that carrying a knife is cool or should earn you respect & bring home in a very real way the risk knifes pose & the devastating effect they can have on individuals, families & communities. my sons friend chris has also made a song telling youths to put down there weapons and start talking you can here the song on i hope i will here back from you thankyou please reply
  • Not your average talk show – this is Sharon Osbourne…need we say more.

    Leery was my first reaction when I heard about The Sharon Osbourne show. Already familiar (by word of mouth) with the popular reality show based upon the entire Osbourne family, I was anything but enthused to read that Mother Hen Osbourne would in fact be getting her own show. A talk show with Sharon Osbourne at the helm in control of the subject matter – could this be real? Television would never be the same. Boy was I wrong.

    The Sharon Osbourne was in fact a rather entertaining show. I mean come on – how can you not be entertained by the on-camera Botox injections, or the constant flow of guest hosts that seemingly run in and out of the set as if the stage has a revolving door.

    And despite each show seeming like a red carpet runaway for Who’s Who in Hollywood – I do believe it was Sharon’s unmistakable down to Earth wit that made this show so remarkable. And what’s not to love about a Hollywood socialite that does not mind sharing with her viewers the latest update on a nip, a tuck, or a shot to shy away the wrinkles? In a domain populated by entertainers that seemingly try to convince us that looking young is just ‘in their genes’, it’s a refreshing change to run across personalities like the easily likable Ms. Osbourne.

    Unfortunately The Sharon Osbourne show endured a short run. Of course, unlike most talk shows – this show’s end was welcomed by its host with open arms. Undoubtedly though, I’m sure had the show had a longer life span - Sharon would have definitely gathered a dedicated pool of viewers along the way. Perhaps she might not have been the ever-so-popular Oprah or the ever-helpful Dr. Phil, but without a doubt Sharon would have definitely been the interesting filler in-between.
  • Sharon Osborne, the mother of the famous wild family, the Osbornes, does a talk show in which she basically interview singers, actors, and celebrities and talks about the recent news.

    I didn't even know anything about "the Osbornes" family until they came out with their wild show. They were definitely a crazy bunch. But not in a million years would I ever think to watch another one of their shows, but Sharon was the more sane family member out of the bunch and the most normal looking. So I gave her a chance, and I don't regret it because Sharon was a sweet person to watch on her talk show. She gave aoff a really homely kind of personality. I don't think the network gave her a chance to shine. But she was good in my book. GO HEAD SHARON! DO YO THANG!
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