The Shield

Season 4 Episode 13

Ain't That A Shame

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jun 14, 2005 on FX

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  • Great conclusion for Season 4

    So Season 4 of the shield finally ends as Rawling with the help of the Strike team try to fight the deal made with Antwon Mitchell. Season finales of the shield tend to be epic, well while this is the weakest of the 4 finale it was nonetheless great. Rawling looses her job, which is pretty predictable but we learn that she was indeed investigating on the strike team and that Lem maybe in serious trouble. Too bad Vic couldn`t make the connection between Juan and Aceveda.
    Dutch was proposed the job to replace Rawling, he refused but I think that would have led to quite some situations.
    So great ending for season 4 with Antwon Mitchell`s legacy finally ending and Rawling gone while internal affairs could mean big time trouble for Vic and his team in the future.
    Certainly, Season 4 turned out to be the weakest of the 4, it was still good tho...felt like a transitional season. Season 5 should be better.
  • The brilliant ending to the Glen Close season of The Shield.

    This was an amazing end to this season and I feel that Glen Close really kept herself in character the whole time. This season was the best yet in my opinion, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Shawn Ryan has in store for the next season. Monica Rawling was finally the answer to all the problems that they were having in finding a good captain. I'm really glad that she seized that foster home, some may say that that's what decided if she was going to be fired or not, but I really think that they had already decided to fire her in the first place. Mitchel was finally caught and I was glad to see that justice was being pretty well shoveled out in this episode, until the end when Monica was fired. Good can't always win, and you could tell the Aceveda and the assistant chief knew that what they were doing was wrong. I was really surprised when Dutch was offered the job to take over where Monica left off, and I was glad to see him turn it down, that would have been a real stab in the back for Claudette, not only that, but I think Dutch was right in saying that he was more valuable on the streets then in an office behind the desk. I'm excited to see who they pick for the next captain in the fifth season. God bless Monica Rawling.
  • Probably the weakest season finale yet, especially considering what an incredible season this has been. That's not to say it sucks- lots of good stuff happens- but the plot lines get tied up a little bit too neatly, and the "happy ending" rings false.

    Vic and Monica team up to undermine Antwon's deal with the DEA. And the tenacious Vic delivers, giving Monica the pleasure of slapping Mitchell behind bars again. Danny and Julien continue to re-bond. And Dutch and Claudette do the same, as Dutch is surprisingly offered the now-vacant Captain position, and turns it down in solidarity with Wyms.

    The Team look like their old selves again, joking around with each other and looking out for each other. But storm clouds are on the horizon, as I.A.D. investigates Lem over the unreported seizure of heroin from Pitarro. And Monica runs up against her old foe at Child Protective Services when she discovers that a kid from the troubled foster home featured in an earlier episode is selling drugs and makes a fateful decision to seize the house, even though the seizure program is supposed to be shelved. This results in her firing, and several heartbreaking scenes as she says goodbye to Vic and the Barn.

    The final scene shows the entire Barn gang in a bar, living it up. It just didn't ring true to me- it's just not The Shield's style. Still, I can't wait until Season 5.
  • The conclusion to another great season!!!!!

    OK - I truly like this series more with each eposide.

    Season 4 with Glenn and Mr. Anderson were great.

    I could hardly wait to see each new episode as I reviewed the DVD. This truly is one of the better serties on TV and I am so glad to see the quality keeping up each season. All of the people keep growing and changing and revealing more of themselves that one can see a new facet every week.
    Love the writers and their story lines.

    Will Dutch kill another cat?

    great series.

    What will be coming next season. I can't wait!
  • 5.6
    The Honeymoon's over Vic. For those of us who live to watch Vic's life decisions torment him day in and day out, arguably the worst season in Shield history ends here. Rawling was a pushover, and her hubris damned her here. This was a pretty typical episode that all started to come together at the end. Firstly, the Rawling story concludes itself with her self-righteous love of the seizure program proving to be her undoing, and the only real friend Vic ever had in power going with her. Wyms is screwed over for the Cheif's job that she so rightly deserves yet again, with Dutch doing the honorable thing and turning down the job for her sake. This episode also concludes (for now) the Antwon Mitchell story line and it seems to get some justice for Scooby and Carl, the two murdered cops. However, those of us who are able to review this in light of season 5 all see the dark clouds on the horizon. Lem is about to be completely sold out by Emolia, who shows her mercenary side in this episode. This all spells Kavanaugh on the horizon, and a character even more disgusting than Aceveda. This episode works well in light of the future, but if I was wathcing it when it aired, I wouldn't be happy with the seemingly happy go lucky ending.
  • The end scene speaks volumes in terms of the Strike Team, the department and the rough times ahead. SPOILERS

    For the most part this episode was a shining example of the genius behind The Shield. My one complaint is that there is only a mention of Juan's death. I would have liked to see it happen as it is a big part of Acevada's character. Although, it would have been seen miles away.

    The end scene with all the officers in the bar having a good time is one of the greatest scenes in the series. It shows the comradery behind the police and resolve issues. If it weren't for IAD and the heroin, the season would have ended on a complete high point. Nonetheless, it was a brilliant display of what The Shield is all about.
  • This ep has some conclusions and of course the inevitable questions.

    I wasn't sure what classification to put on this one. It certainly didn't have the OMG factor that most episodes have.
    The sacking of Monica was almost an anti-climax.
    Aceveda was a self-serving jellyfish as usual.
    It was great to see the Strike Team back together with Shane and Lem finally genuinely enjoying each others company.
    The biggest surprise for me was when Vic was saying goodbye to Monica in her home. I really thought she would tell him about the duplicity of his informant.
    And finally Dutch and Vic have buried the hatchet - and not in each other. I guess this means there'll be a united front against whomever comes in as the Captain.
    All in all, it had the feel of a mid-season ep rather then an end of seasoner.
  • Suprisingly brilliant season finale that feels almost like a mid-season episode.

    The momentum in season 4 up to this point had all but dissipated I felt. I wasn't expecting much from it. However I was suprised to find the episode givnig lots back, certainly more than the finale for season 3; the plot twists were great and the cliff hangers extra good. That being said, I feel as though the shield has, at this point in it's history, reached a point where one season really needs more than 13 episodes to complete it's arc. The chracters need more chracterization and the rush of the series allows no rest time for single focus episodes anymore. I'm rooting for a 22 episode season next season, maybe it could be moved to fox? I know I'm dreaming but still... IN conclusion: a better episode than anticipated but still lacking hte explosion of season 1/2. All in all it feels like a very good mid-season episode. Can't wait 'till 2006 to find out what happens.
  • hat was a pretty good episode to me. It tied up the main loose ends. Of course we don't find out about Armey or Danny/Vic but the major points were taken care of. You can't expect the shield to answer all those loose ends though. It ain't their style.
    1) Oooh boy! I thought Lem was gonna catch it. But he handled those fellas though.

    2) "Why would I want to look away on this whole weird Juan-Antoine-Aceveda triangle?"

    3) Vic's little girl is all grown up. Isn't that sweet?

    4) Rawlings gave up her job to take down Antoine. Good for her. Fighting for justice...from the unemployment line.

    5) Claudette should become next in line. That would be a great dynamic having Claudette Captain the Barn.

    6) Strike Team....BUSTED!!! Poor Lem. All he did was hold on to that guy's dope for collateral. He didn't mean any harm by it. Now he's caught up in a jackpot.

    7) Rawlings crying at the end: That was actually touching. She didn't show any vulnerability the whole time she was in the job, but once she lost it, she realized she put her heart and soul into a thankless job.

    8) Good job Dutch! Turning down that job! I really wasn't expecting them to ask him.

    9) Shane and Lem getting along again.

    10) Grade B That was a pretty good episode to me. It tied up the main loose ends. Of course we don't find out about Armey or Danny/Vic but the major points were taken care of. You can't expect the shield to answer all those loose ends though. It ain't their style. It's too much like doing the right thing. I can't wait until next season.

  • Doesn't end on a high note, but delivers on all counts and makes us look forward to next season.

    I've been a big fan of The Shield since the series premiere and each season I wonder how they can top the previous one. With season 4, instead of going for more shock and awe, they went deeper with better story lines and more compelling character development. There were plenty of shocking reality thrown in for good measure, but the core of the season dealt with learning more about each of the primary characters and why they do what they do.

    With this episode, all of the character development came to fruition. Not in an explosive conclusion with guns blazing and action without consequence. If anything, that happened in the previous episode. No what this season finale gave us was a more realistic endeding where we see how actions made in previous episodes come home to roost.

    It's always sad to see a season come to an end and given the tone of this episode that sadness was heightened even more so. We're always left wondering what's going to happen to Mackie and his team at the end of the season and we can see that this year is no different - we're still left wondering if Mackie can keep it together and stay on the straight and narrow. The difference with the season finale this year is that we see that even the mighty can fall by their own hand.

    As I said already, The Shield's finale isn't all guns and explosions in a literal sense, but the ending is still VERY powerful. Storytelling took focus instead of flash and the payoff was much more intense. If the only reason you tune into The Shield is for the shock value, you will be disappointed. However, if you watch the series for a solid, gripping story that doesn't pull any punches, then this is an episode you don't want to miss.

    Hats off to the entire cast and crew of The Shield. Thank you for an incredible ride that I won't soon forget and I can't wait for 2006! Thank you.
  • A somewhat weak episode for an otherwise very good season.

    A somewhat weak episode for an otherwise very good season.
    Some overacting in this one, and nothing really exciting. I was expecting better from the final confrontation with Antwon M.
    Also, the case against Lemme is a bit far-fetched. I hope the next season will start better than were this one ends.

  • Aint That a Shame? It certainly is.

    The thing I love about season finales of The Shield is that they're cliffhangers that are incredibly subtle. It's not about who will live or die or anything so intense. No, the show already has intensity in spades. The cliffhangers at the end of each season lay the groundwork for tough times ahead. In the first season, it was Vic losing his family. In the second season it was the success of the money train job. In the third season, it was the dissolution of the strike team.

    So I was rather surprised and saddened when a season that had been a powerhouse for the first nine episodes suddenly screech back into almost total normality and procedure. Sure, Dutch finally stood up for himself and Danny took a bullet, but everything started moving back to familiar territory. Even Aceveda, whose character went to a very dark and fascinating place, simply returned to family life and quickly dispatched with his only threat. For a show that's biggest strength is shocking viewers out of complacency, perhaps the biggest shock of all is to see the show come right back to where it started.

    More than the lackluster action of the episode was the pathetic way it tried to find an ending. Glenn Close, who proved herself to be a much welcome addition to the cast, was removed under the lamest of circumstances. We're supposed to believe that after a win-win situation with the DEA, they would try to get rid of her just to spite her? If Close didn't want to come back for another season, then shoot her and lay more fertile ground for next season.

    So as Close weeps alone in her home, we then go to see a big celebration among the rest of the cast. But, oh wait! There's the shadowy figure of That Guy From Con Air! That means that a hispanic man will be trying to bring down the strike team! How achingly familiar!

    The worst place a show can be after four seasons is back where it started. With shows like 24 and Alias, it's no surprise and the characters never move an inch. But for like The Shield which forces most of its cast to grow, it's sad to see the restart button pressed like that.

    Seasons of the The Shield never go out with a bang, but before this season, they certainly never went out with a whimper.