The Shield

Season 4 Episode 13

Ain't That A Shame

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jun 14, 2005 on FX

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  • 5.6
    The Honeymoon's over Vic. For those of us who live to watch Vic's life decisions torment him day in and day out, arguably the worst season in Shield history ends here. Rawling was a pushover, and her hubris damned her here. This was a pretty typical episode that all started to come together at the end. Firstly, the Rawling story concludes itself with her self-righteous love of the seizure program proving to be her undoing, and the only real friend Vic ever had in power going with her. Wyms is screwed over for the Cheif's job that she so rightly deserves yet again, with Dutch doing the honorable thing and turning down the job for her sake. This episode also concludes (for now) the Antwon Mitchell story line and it seems to get some justice for Scooby and Carl, the two murdered cops. However, those of us who are able to review this in light of season 5 all see the dark clouds on the horizon. Lem is about to be completely sold out by Emolia, who shows her mercenary side in this episode. This all spells Kavanaugh on the horizon, and a character even more disgusting than Aceveda. This episode works well in light of the future, but if I was wathcing it when it aired, I wouldn't be happy with the seemingly happy go lucky ending.