The Shield

Season 3 Episode 14

All In

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jun 08, 2004 on FX

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  • The strike team realizes that Margos is eyeing them and they must find him first before he finds them. Dutch brings his suspicions to Aceveda about Vic's involvement. Lem decides to take matters into his own hands regarding the money.

    Lem really stepped up and his role and character devoloped more in this episode. Plus Dutch suspicions lead to Aceveda which lead Aceveda to get his suspicions clear about the strike team.

    First off, Margos is a big problem for the strike team. The scene when Vic and the others interrogate one of Margo's men on the rugs and the heroin, we see that Margos is clearly watching Vic and the strike team before he kills that poor woman. It was like a scene from a sniper/surveillence movie. A guy is looking for another guy only to realize he's the one being watched. All the hype about how evil Margos is was justified in this episode because of that scene.

    Dutch goes to Aceveda and Aceveda goes to Shane regarding Shane's storage area. Shane actually played it smart and used his marriage with Maura as a motive to rent the storage and fortunetly, they had the money removed from the place. I don't know if Aceveda searched it but it caused his suspicions about the strike team to die down which is good for them.

    The last scene was one of the best scenes I've ever witnessed on television. (Spoilers) Lem decides to get rid of the money due to his paranoia about going to prison. The rest of the team shows and a huge confrontation ensues. This is some of the best dramatic acting witnessed. That scene had me on the edge of my seat for I didn't know how the others would react to Lem. You could see the pain and regret in Lem's face; it summed up the fact that he hated doing these things (drugs, robbing, taking the money) but he did it because he loves the guys from the strike team as he claims they are the only family that he has. While they think there's a different solution to their problem, Lem believes that getting rid of the money is the best way to do it.

    I knew that Lem was getting rid of the money the moment he left Ronnie at the storage. I'm sure that had every viewer on the edge of their seat glued to the tv set too see how everyone would react. The dramatic tension was a perfect way to set up the season finale. Kudos to Shawn Ryan for somehow finding a way to build up a season finale with a strong pre season finale!
  • I know I said it before, but these guys REALLY know how to end a season! This is another classic, and a perfect setup for what's certain to be a memorable Season 3 finale.

    Margos is back, and boy is he pis*ed. The Team now must find him before he takes them out. Tavon (now conscious and with his memory intact) is coerced into changing his story, in a gut-wrenching scene featuring some of the finest acting I've ever seen on this or any show. Aceveda (tipped off by Dutch)is closer than ever to tying the Team to the money train robbery. And Claudette's moral compass threatens to cause big trouble as she uncovers information that could jeopardize hundreds of convictions, but refuses to sit on it as suggested by Aceveda- and Dutch.

    This episode is one for the ages, with a jaw-dropping ending that changes everything forever. A must-see.
  • Big set up for the Season Finale

    Nothing is going right for the strike team. They just can`t stop getting into trouble. Dutch is suspicious about The strike team`s involvement in the money train stuff. Hearing that, Aceveda starts his own investigation. Sick of this situation Lem takes things in hand and decides to destroy the money. Also, Tavon regains conscious but Vic and Co. makes him believe another version of his fight with Shane.

    The episode was nerve wracking,. with some great plot advancers, twists and cliffhangers. The shield never misses a Season Finale and I don`t think it will be the case here. The strike team is in deep deep trouble and will probably never be the same I cannot wait to see how this turns out.