The Shield

Season 3 Episode 14

All In

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jun 08, 2004 on FX



  • Trivia

    • When Lem opens the last trunk, the camera gets in the way of the lid and is moved away.

    • When Vic goes to hug Ayla to console her on Sosi's death outside the hospital, there is already blood on the back of the girl's shirt (on the right shoulder blade) before he even touches her. Vic does have blood on his hands, which you see after he's already holding her in his arms.

    • Anyone else notice that the money train money was a mixture of $10 bills up to $100 bills? Up until now, it's been said that the money train was pretty much all $20 bills.

    • After Vic finishes dunking the Armenian in the barrel of oil, he pulls him out quickly and dumps him on the ground. You can see droplets of oil on the camera lense.

    • The same uni-cop passes by Dutch and Aceveda three times when they're talking about Vic.

    • The barrel of oil slightly moves to a different position so that the camera can get shots where the other barrels should be.

    • O'Brien was burned in the fire only a week ago. However, we see no trace of the rug or even anything being burned except the money.

  • Quotes

    • Shane: Show and tell, kids!
      Vic: Show us what you're doing, and we'll tell you why it's a crime!

    • (The Strike Team run down the stairs to see Lemonhead burning the money)
      Vic: What are you doing!?!
      Lem: Keeping us safe!
      Shane: Put the goddamn money down Lem!
      Vic: This won't help us.
      Lem: Look, if there's no money to find, Aceveda and the Feds can't touch us!
      Shane: Lem, back off. (draws his gun) Back goodamn off right now! (Everyone holds still) Back off man, I mean it.
      Ronnie: Shane...
      Lem: Shane...put down the gun.
      Vic: SHANE!
      (Shane & Lem stare st each other, Shane slowly puts the gun down)
      Shane: Please man, don't do this man. Please.
      Vic: It's gonna be alright. I promise.
      Ronnie: Come on man, I mean COMEON MAN!
      Lem: You guys, you guys are the only family I got, alright. I'm not gonna let any of us go to prison.
      Vic: That's a decision for the four of us to make, not just you.
      Lem: I've always gone along with everything you ever wanted, and all it's done is get us deeper and deeper into shit.
      Vic: STOP IT!
      Lem: Just let me finish this please.
      (Vic takes down Lem and a fight breaks out)

    • (Rolls open a carpet to find a bunch of heroin)
      Ronnie: Oh, I want the rest of the day off!

    • Dutch: Vic knew the name of the bar that O'Brien says he found the marked money in. You and I were the only ones who saw the case file.
      David: You think Vic is involved?
      Dutch: Here's a guy who can overturn the Armenian mob in a week, but hasn't been able to find anything on the money train in three months? If he's that good, how does a multi-million dollar laundering ring get ripped off in his backyard without him knowing anything about it?

    • Dutch: (about Public Defenders) Having a thankless job is bad enough, getting shot for it is just insulting.

    • (Vic takes down an Armenian)
      Petrosh: Ahh, shit.
      Vic: That's Armenian for "Oh Shit!"

  • Notes

    • Deleted scenes for this episode on the Season 3 DVD include an alternative opening with Vic and Lauren, Vic beating Aceveda to the punch, a discussion on guns and lawyers and money, a fight involving Randal and a schoolmate that leads to a bigger fight, and Aceveda making a political friend.

    • This episode was shot in only 3 days.

    • In this episode we see Writer and Producer Kurt Sutter revise his one time role as "Marcos Darzerian" from episode 5, Blowback.

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