The Shield

Season 7 Episode 6

Animal Control

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 07, 2008 on FX

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  • Top notch episode that really stands out *Spoilers*

    Vic conducts a plan that will solve the Armenian problem and will never lead back to himself and Ronny and at the same time the plan will serve justice for Lem once and for all. The plan was to set up a meeting with the Armenians and Mexicans to exchange for the blackmail box.

    Meanwhile Claudette and Dutch interogate a man who was found naked and covered in blood in an alleyway. The man states he has a sleepwalking problem and doesn't remember the night. They find out he has seperated from his wife a little over 6 months ago and suggest her as the victim. They find the body in a dumpster that was a few miles away from where the man was found. The man then asks for a lawyer when confronted with the evidence.

    Vic's plan is underway with the meeting about to go ahead. He distracts Shane for a moment while Ronny deactivates his gun. The Armenians await in a junkyard with Shane. Vic has doubts about the whole plan, he doesn't want Shane's blood on his hands and tries to ring him but his phone was taken off him for security purposes. Shane steps out for a moment only to witness the Mexicans showing up and murdering the Armenians.

    Vic and Ronny arrive to the murder scene expecting to see Shane's body, but to they're shock he shows up at the crime scene unscaved. Shane takes the $100,000 that the Mexicans were suppose to take. Meanwhile Claudette tries to open the door to further interogate the man. She finds him dead in a puddle of blood. He committed suicide from the 7up can that he was drinking previously

    Definately a pivotal episode which is one of the best in season 7 and in the whole series.
  • What Goes Around...Comes Around??

    This first couple of episodes of this final season of the shield were OK...good but nothing that stands out. But if this episode has a message, it`s "this is the beginning of the end". Finally things are picking up and something tells me it`s gonna be some ride.
    I love it. It was great to see that Lem`s death is not forgotten. I`ve been dying to see Vic`s revenge since he discovered that Shane killed Lem. The fact that Vic`s decided not to kill Shane after all was kinda annoying but not surprising...Vic don`t really have the guts to kill one of his men (so far). I really liked how Ronnie sticked to the Shane hate club. However, the damage is done...they tried to kill Shane and the latter knows about drama. This is awesome and Vic will have to fight Shane now..bring it on.
    Great to see Tavon too.
    Side plots were OK, nothing special. I wanted to see the potential teenage serial killer...I hope he comes back.