The Shield

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 18, 2003 on FX

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  • Last Ten Minutes = Perfect

    Vic and Emma try to help a woman who's in an abusive relationship. Vic and the Strike Team begin to make plans for the money train take down, even though the greenlight still has them on their toes. When David tells Dutch that he embarrassed the department with the Bob and Marcy case and that Claudette is now lead on all their cases, he's forced to take any action necessary to prove himself in a new homicide. Danny finally makes a stand against Yassirah. The last ten minutes of this episode was really good, but the rest of the episode was pretty boring if you were to ask me. Vic and the Strike Team are setting up for the big money train bust, but things take a turn for the worse when Vic (hooking up with Emma!) finds a member of the Strike Team in his apartment with burns on the side of his face. The Armidillio storyline has been off and on since episode two, but with this event I think the hunt for him is non-stop until he is found and brought to justice.

    Loved the Vic and Emma storyline a lot. I think the two of them have a great connection and she does seem to be attracted to the bad boys. I like how they didn't try and force it into one episode, they let her carry over into another episode. I don't know if she will continnue her role or if Vic will tell her to stay away for now - either way I hope she returns. Dutch almost had the worst moment of the episode (again) when he was going to plant evidence in the guy's apartment. I thought the entire way he went about it was out of character, including asking Vic for help about it. Doesn't seem like something that he would ever do.
  • Many of the key characters have defining moments in this episode- another great entry.

    Vic's soft side is showing again, as he helps a battered woman find help. His self-serving side is also on display, as he puts the moves on the Women's Shelter director, and continue to plan for the money train heist. Dutch works to get himself out of his slump. Claudette continues to sniff at Vic's heels. Julien reveals his secret to his fiance, who reacts, but remains engaged to him. Danny stands up to Yassirah, but may be imperiling her job by going too far.

    Armadillo exacts a terrible revenge.

    This is classic Shield: pulse-pounding action, intricate ensemble interplay and engrossing plotlines. Back to the DVD...