The Shield

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 21, 2002 on FX

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  • This was an acceptable ep, but I felt the writers were overreaching in an attempt to inject a socially releveant message into the plot. Despite their efforts, the subplots about noble Muslims and inscrutable Koreans unintentionally perpetuate stereotypes.

    I'm not sure exactly why this episode didn't exactly thrill me. All of the usual elements were there: A bang-up opening-Rondell and Kern are shot at, and blame a group of Muslims. A threat to their continued operations arises that The Strike Team has to squash- Rondell is growing increasingly unstable, intentionally inciting the Muslims and mouthing off about his protection from Mackey. Vic is in full enforcer mode, but also showing his tender side, as he advocates in his own way for his son's admission to a top school for children with autism. Julien remains deeply conflicted about his sexuality, and his self-hate takes a frighteningly self-destructive turn. Claudette and Dutch work a case in which young Koreans are pulling off home-invasion burglaries against their own family members. Danny is still getting crap for being a woman on the force. She confronts Julien about his self-conflict, and reveals that she knows he is gay Probably the most intriguing development is that a skeleton from Aceveda's past threatens his political aspirations. It gives Benito Martinez the chance to portray something other than irritation with Vic Mackey for a change. Aceveda is still my least favorite character, but it's nice to see another dimension of his personality.

    My problem is that not much happens to further the plotlines that have been of the most interest to me this season. The Muslim characters were hackneyed sterotypes, and I was not the least bit interested in their story arc. Ditto with the Korean characters- the whole subplot just wasn't interesting, and what was up with making the Korean lady a racist who refused to cooperate with Wyms? It just seemed like a plot device to bring in some stock Asian characters. I guess my biggest objection is that, once again, the main characters took a back seat to these one-off storylines that added nothing to the overall series arc. I wish the writers would quit doing that.

    This is, nevertheless, a must-see episode because of the developments with Julien and Aceveda.
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    Its been a while now, but once again the writing fails to uphold the standards so many shows have come to have to have in order to survive. There are a lot of unresolved storylines that aren't being adressed again - like Dutchs relationship with the woman that was so strong a couple of episodes ago. I think that the drug storyline is a bit overused, we kind of get the idea that Vic uses the drug dealers to get around and capture some of the other ones that try to come in an invade them. The only thing this episode did was really shake some things up - Get rid of Rondell and bring in the new guy. It continued to show us the two sides of Vic...the man on the job and the man at home. The storyline about his kid getting into the school was pretty boring and I thinkt he episode would have been better with a little less of that. Overall, bottom of the barrell if Im ranking the seasons episodes I think.