The Shield

Season 6 Episode 6

Chasing Ghosts

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 08, 2007 on FX

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  • Great episode, but it loses .5 points for Vic not killing Shane in this episode. Hypocrite huh? Being a hypocrite about Lem's murder would imply that Lem and Crowley have a lot in common. That couldn't be further from the truth.

    Lem and Crowley are very different people and have far more different relationships with Vic and Shane. They've known Lem a heck of a lot longer than they've known Crowley. Crowley was given the opportunity to give up Vic to benefit himself and took it right away, while Lem continually protected Vic and the team and even chose to hurt himself in order to protect them. Plus, Shane had a vendetta against Lem back in Season 3 and 4 and so he probably still secretly hated Lem.

    The point is that Shane should have trusted Lem and not used Vic's actions against Crowley as a tent pole because they're totally different situations with totally different people and possibly similar consequences. Shane is a piece of crap and he deserves to be in the grave instead of Lem. I might be able to settle for Vic pulling the trigger on Shane later in the season, but something tells me that won't happen even though Shane deserves it.

    Burn in hell with the likes of Guardo and Armadeo, Shane Vandrell.
  • Intense episode.

    Great episode. Season 6 is not as good as the S5 but it is still damn good. The episode was tension filled with some major developments....mainly Vic finding about Shane killing Lem. One thing for sure, Lem is still a very important part of the show..they sold Vic`s obsession to find the murderer well BUT it was somewhat dissapointing to see him let Shane go...well for now. He tortured Guardo to death...I was expecting some beating for Shane. However everything was well executed. It`s a good idea to have Shane reveal what happened to Lem right there in that crime scene...typical Shield intensity. Shane was always the a## of the team..he screwed things over several time and ended killing Lem. While everything was great in the Vic-Shane confrontation, I sure as hell hope Vic will beat the crap outa the guy.
    Other than that, the new guy is growing on me...he is no Lem but he`s cool. Vic`s career situation looks resolved a satisfying way because having Claudette save Vic`s career would have been weird.
    Overall, intense episode...the best of Season 6 so far. I still hope Vic won`t just let it slide with Shane...I doubt he will and it`s all good.
  • This episode could have been a 9.9 except for the truly horrid acting of Autumn Chiklis and the soap opera-ish triangle they are trying to set up between Tina, Dutch, Danny and Kevin- wait, that's four sides... what kinda triangle is that?

    Finally, Vic gets to the bottom of Lem's death. The climactic showdown between Mackey and Shane is worth the price of admission. I only wish that I didn't have to sit through the other pulpy scenes with everybody making goo-goo eyes at Tina, and Tina throwing herself at Kevin while Danny and dutch look on jealously. That is so beneath this show... I get it, already: Tina is cute. So, unless the writers are planning to go somewhere with this, can we move on? And someone please take away Autumn Chiklis' SAG card before the suckage gets any worse. Enough also with the failed plots to trap Mackey. Who didn't know that he was going to talk his way around Guardo's girlfriends' accusations? I want Vic to continue to elude trouble, but it cheapens as a plot device when it is so overused. Jeez, this turned out to be a gripy review- don't get the wrong idea; I still love this show. On to the next ep...
  • Shane finally comes clean to Vic about the murder of Lem. Shane is hoping that Vic will accept why he did what he did, but it seems right now he can't.

    This was one of the BEST episodes of the season. My favorite character has been Shane Vendrell since the start of season 1. It breaks my heart that Vic and Shane had to argue the way they did. I hope that some where down the line that Vic doesn't kill Shane, but will forgive him.
  • In this weeks review, you will see why I feel that "chasing Ghosts" is a fine example of the greatness of the Shield. From protecting the name of a daddy's girl gone bad, to confronting Lem's TRUE killer, this episode is packed with excitement.

    There is a strong theme that boils to a point beyond containment in this episode, andf that theme is hypocracy. The title chasing ghosts refers to the malestrom Vic and Ronnie have survived all to find Lem's true killer. However when Vic comes face to face with the truth, I can't help but agree with Shane Vendrell, despite his deadly sin.

    The plot of the episode is pure Strike Team. The boys are full force in solving a drug related homicide. The flip side: victim is the daddy's girl gone bad of a local political heavy weight. The team makes the case giving a win for both the Barn and the big wig father.

    Additionally, we see the return of Tina, another dysfunction between Dutch and Billings, as well as conflict between Cassady and her father. Vic is also pulled aside to answer for the "kidnapping" of Guardo's girlfriend. After having received answers from the devil himself, Antwon Mitchel, and hearing several confessions confirming Guardo's whereabouts the night of Lem's murder, Vic turns to Shane as prime suspect.

    After seeing Kavanaugh's final report, Vic finds that Shane never had a tail, and figures Shane must have pocketed a grenade before the count. When the two butt heads at the end, Shane comes clean, expressing his concern for the team and how it was best. Chiklis and Goggins do a phenominal performance in this scene.

    Shane stresse the hypocracy between Vic's opinion about murdering Lem, and his own actions to kill Terry. Vic holds that he would have spared Lem. But we'll never truly know. Vic wanted to look Lem in the eye, but we'll never know if Vic would have trusted him or not.

    It's going to get bloody.
  • One of the most intense episodes ever! On Aceveda's request, against Claudette's opinion, Vic manages to hide the reason why a high politian daughter got killed and has a great shot of remaining in the Barn. Vic finally faces off Shane for k

    One of the most intense episodes ever!

    Starts off with Vic coercing Antwon to reveal any association with Lem's death, Antwon gets his "final encore" because Vic thought he does everything, Vic made a fool of himself as he says later.

    Vic starts to notice Shane's behaviour getting stranger each second, he asks Ronnie to check all info about the grenades since Shane made that pick-up solo, the info came up clean and they get relieved...

    The Strike Team investigates a Politician's daughter's murder, here Vic makes one of his smartest moves EVER, he manipulates the murderer of the politician daughter into hiding the fact she was a junkie paying drugs for sex. Vic later meets with the politician that thanks him and he mentions his appeal to force him out in 2 weeks, very cunning.

    The karma between Dutch, Billings, Tina seems increasing, now with Wyatt in the middle.

    Cassidy gets angry at his father for not teliing her she had a brother, later Vic takes her to see Lee, Danny's child trying to make ammends with his family

    Dutch shows Vic Lem's final autopsy results, which contained Kavanaugh's notes also, saying on the night he died there were only two tails, Shane was never being tailed.

    Vic talks to Ronnie and immediately confronts Shane about it, also about letting him kill Guardo when in the whole time Shane knew the truth. Shane compares himself to Vic for killing Terry, Vic quickly answers, Terry was a snitch and Lemansky was family...Also Vic calls him a coward while calling Lem strong, Shane just tries to take blame off his back claming Lem was gonna betray the team when we all know Lem would have never done that, he took the dam heroin to help Shane!
    Vic tells him he already had a chance to kill Shane, and that he hopes he gets caught for killing poor Lem, Shane gets cocky and tries to blackmail Vic...Vic says if he sees him again he kills him, seriously!

    Shane will probably suffer much more for his terrible action, and I guess Vic found a way to save his career against Claudette's scheme with Wyatt and keeps moving on with his life.

    I can't wait for Season 7!