The Shield

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2003 on FX

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  • The timing was off...

    The hooker's baby was the same age as when he was dropped off for Vic's wife to watch in season one and yet that would have been almost a year or so later. Julien was there and yet he receives his six month review in season 2. In the pilot Vic is in control of the barn, the captain is viewed as a patsy and yet he hadn't been there long enough to establish that amount of control based on this episode The pilot made it sound like the strike force had been in control for ages.
  • It is a "flashback" episode to show the first day of the barn, and how it was formed. We get brief introduction to the characters.

    This episode is badly placed. Why was it placed in the middle of Season 2? It would have been more appropriate to be the final episode of Season 1 or even the pilot. Despite the placement, the episode gives us a great introduction of all the characters and some history. We were told Detective Holland "Dutch" had an alocoholic wife... And we get that moment with Officer Julien when he was in the changing room when he had that "moment" which suggests he is attracted to men.
  • A Missed Opportunity

    A chance to highlight the origin of our characters instead becomes a repeat of the pilot, pretty much telling us things we already know. While the first day of the Barn isn't a bad focal point, it's one we've pretty much already covered. Sure, there are a few nice tidbits, like Aceveda and Vic's first meeting and how the Strike Team went dirty, but the best part of the episode is seeing Vic and Shane dressed up in suits and doing straight detective work. Rather than an origin story, Co-pilot seems like the pilot that got thrown out in favor of just dropping us into the action and letting us sink or swim. And yes, it breaks a few assumptions like how long Danny and Vic knew each other or how Claudette and Dutch first started working together, but I wanted to go further back and see these characters before they were thrown together. What was Aceveda doing? What was Dutch doing? Why would someone like Dutch throw himself into the dirtiest part of LA? Is it for fame? Career advancement? If anything, the episode feels more like a class reunion as Rondell, Connie, and Terry all rise from the grave to make another appearance. Hopefully, the writers will try this again and we'll get to see Lem one last time and get a better understanding of all our characters that this episode doesn't provide.
  • Review

    Flashback to the first day of the barn. Under pressure to get results, Vic and his new Strike Team make an impression on the streets. Dutch and Claudette realize they make a good team, and David discovers he doesn't have as much power as he thought he would. It was a random flashback thrown right into the middle of the second season, but I took it for what it was. I didn't think it fit well with the mojo that season two had going for it at the time - but like I said if you over anayze something you could miss seeing the episode for what it really was. We got to see the formation of the Strike Team and David's relationship with Vic form. The relationship has been full of ups and downs and its interesting to see where they were and how they got there.

    Interesting case as we get to see the Strike Team pull off it's very first "bad cop" job and we kind of see the roots of the team. Dutch and Claudette were actually good in this episode for a change, shame it had to be about 14 months earlier in the timeline for me to finally think that.

    I thought it was a good episode - though very oddly placed in the middle of a very hot second season of The Shield.
  • This ep aired at an unfortunate time, smack-dab in the middle of a momentum-building Season 2, so it's understandably low-rated by fans. But, if one can get past that, it's a fine episode in its own right.

    This episode, ostensibly a companion piece to the pilot, reveals the origin of the Barn and the Strike Team. In cleverly retrofitted scenes, we witness the formation of the Strike Team, Vic and Aceveda's first run-in, and the Team's first transgression. We also see the importance of Vic and Gilroy's friendship in helping Vic get the job running Strike Team. Connie does her first solid for Vic, and Rondell begins his C.I. relationship with the Team.

    We meet Danny and Julien, learning a little about each of them (including Julien's proclivities) and we see Dutch and Claudette discover that they make good partners.

    This was a very good episode. I only have two complaints: One, the timing- I really didn't want a flashback episode now, when the action is really cookin' in the main storylines. Two, the writers seemed to be so anxious to squeeze in all of the characters that some of the backstories felt rushed, facile or skimped on. And that's a shame, given the richness of these characters. I wish they had taken more time.

    Oh, well, back to the money train. And, how the hell is Ronnie doing, anyway?...
  • Well sort of a pilot. (some spoilers)

    you'll either like it or not enjoy it. It's hard to adjust to at first seeing how Armidilo was stabbed in his jail cell last episode and Danny's job is nearly impossible to hold onto now. After a few minutes though you might start to care. You see how everyoen was before the strike team was formed and everybody's first day on the job. We see the first meeting between Acevada and Vic, and some characters we haven't seen in a while, Gilroy, and Terry. We learn some more about Dutch that I forgot abou even after keeping with the show after season 6. It could explain some of his weird behavior. The rest of the episode is more amusing and informative rather than being fast paced and intense, which of course might throw some people off again.

    I don't think it could have replaced the pilot, because the pilot of course wouldn't be as great as the start of the show had been. Still though every episode of season 2 is great and that includes co-pilot because of the unexpected story it brings and the interesting ideas.

    The ending is both halarious and kind of sad.
  • Back in the days before Terry's murder. Aceveda's first day, Strike Team is created and Terry is assigned to the team by Aceveda to report on McKay.

    Not only is it misplaced right in the middle of nowhere in Season 2 but it is also not providing any valuable information. The episode is totally useless. I was expecting more to come in the next episode (continuation of the flashback) and seeing that the next one is back in the sequence reinforces my vision about this episode. To forget quickly!
  • A pretty good episode as most Shield episodes go. It's not that this episode is bad, it's just poorly placed within the season.

    Well I can say I did enjoy this episode a bit. We get the see the early days of Vic Mackey and Shane when they were still Detectives, which is entertaining enough. We also see that at one point, they played by the rules but it just wasn't enough to get them good promotions.

    We get to see the grand opening of the Barn, such as it is. I'm a bit uncomfortable when the guys are sitting around mocking Dutch, who is a likeable enough guy. He's just a bit neurotic and some of what happened to him wasn't his fault.

    I especially like the part where Mackey suggests to the team that they take a shortcut - "just this once". Interesting that this was the first step that would build the core of the whole series, as they clearly never stop taking shortcuts.

    If this had aired back to back with the original pilot, or perhaps at the beginning of this season I could have rated it higher, but as it is they're Breaking Up The Money TRAIN PLOT!! Which is a great plot that they shouldn't have broken up. But be sure to watch this episode and judge for yourself.