The Shield

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2003 on FX



  • Trivia

    • In the scene where the Strike team first met in what will become the clubhouse, you can see a crewmember wearing glasses standing behind Vic. He quickly ducks out of the shot.

    • When the naked woman is running towards Danny and Julian, in some shots she is entirely naked whereas in others she is wearing panties.

    • In the "Pilot" all the doors in the Barn have brand new shiny letters printed on them. Here, nothing has been put up.

    • The editor had a woman point this out for him, because hey, who's going to notice this one. The baby that Connie is carrying is older then the one featured in Season 1.

    • The episode's ending was to look like what happened moments before Terry was introduced to the Strike Team in "Our Gang." Everything was finished out to make it look like a simple transition, but look again. Terry is wearing a different shirt in this episode than when he walks into the room in "Our Gang."

    • Julien appears in this episode when he shouldn't. It is a flashback 14 months earlier from current events while throughout season 2, Acevada is waiting on Danny's 6 month evaluation of Julien.

  • Quotes

    • (Hitting cross on celing)
      Lemonhead: Jesus Christ, (Looking at Jesus's face on cross) God damnit! I didn't mean that.

    • Aceveda: Wagenbach?
      Dutch: Yeah, hi, I'm Dutch...
      Aceveda: You're two hours late.
      Dutch: What? At Sunset detectives start at 9.
      Aceveda: You start here at 7.
      Dutch: Yes sir. I didn't realise...
      Aceveda: You're lucky there's a desk left.
      Dutch: That's by the kitchen and the women's restroom. Is there anything else?
      Aceveda: There was at 7.

  • Notes

    • This episode marks the final appearance of Jamie Brown in her recurring role of Connie.

    • While the show is considered one of the favorites for most of the cast, it has been dubbed "the worst episode" because it stopped the story mid-way in the season just to go back and cheat a pilot episode. Best way to judge. Watch episode #1 "Pilot." Then start to watch Season 2 from start to finish. You be the judge.

    • The crew members featured in the Barn putting it together are the actual setup crew members that put it together when they first filmed the pilot in the original church. It has since been revealed that they built their own set off the design of the church at Sony.

    • One of the few reasons this episode was created was not only to look back from where they came and how important Gilroy was to Vic, but to also allow makeup time to figure out what to do with Ronnie's face.

    • A scene was deleted featuring the man who painted the lion on the side of the building. However, he was wearing a Dodgers baseball hat, and the show didn;t have permission to show the logo. You can find it on the Season 2 DVD.

    • A scene was removed from this episode showing the relationship between Vic and Connie. The clip can be found on the Seaosn 2 DVD. (Side note: This relationship was later revealed in the Season 3 episode "Bottom Bitch")

    • The episode shows Vic & Shane in suits, getting rid of the long-time rumor that they both started as undercover cops, but that they were just regular detectives like Dutch and Claudette.

    • This episode marks the first time we see a series regular (Kenneth Johnson) nude on the show.

    • To give it the L.A. feel, they made it a point to show that everyone came from different districts in L.A. Shane & Vic came from Farmington, Danny came from Central, Dutch from Sunset, etc...

  • Allusions

    • While Tom, Claudette and Dutch are about to go into the interrogation room, Tom tells Dutch to "hang back" and calls him "Fletch."

      Fletch was the name of the title character in the films Fletch (1985) and Fletch Lives (1989), which starred Chevy Chase as a journalist who was also a master of disguise.