The Shield

Season 2 Episode 10


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2003 on FX

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  • Makes "Co-Pilot" Make More Sense

    When Lanie's report on the Barn is leaked to the press, everyone suddenly fears for their jobs, including David who's mentioned as the reason for most of the problems. Gilroy skips bail and winds up on Vic's doorstep looking for help, so while Vic and Shane deal with him Lemonhead is forced to show the newest member of the Strike Team the ropes. Meanwhile Claudette faces some of her own demons as she and Dutch try to uncover the culprit behind a possible robbery/homicide and Danny comes to a startling realization. This episode makes the random throw in of "Co-Pilot" make some more sense. Season Two is going to limp into the finale it looks like. They killed off Armidillio and they really don't want to get any big multi-character storyarch going with the end of the season in sight. The Barn being investigated was what I thought was going to finish off the end of the season, but Lanie is called out by her boss when Vic gets the better of her and doesn't allow the tape to do anything that incriminates Vic and the Strike Team. I think the remaining episodes are going to go back to a more basic standalone episode format, maybe finishing with something big with Ronnie or the new guy to end the season. Vic's personal life has been a big part of the second season and it kind of stopped for this episode for him to deal with Gilroy being on the loose randomly. Emma is in the shower at the beginning of this episode, but that's the only mention of her. I really like her character and hope that she does stay on the show if not for another season or so. With seven seasons though it's hard to imagine she is going to be around for any length of time. Dutch and Claudette don't provide much to this episode. I think I will like Claudette a lot better if she is the one to take over David's job, which could happen in season three depending on how big the jump is from finale to the opener. Overall - decent episode. The Gilroy thing kind of came out of left field and I'm not so sure if I should be getting used to the new guy on the Strike Team just yet.
  • A deceptively paced episode. I thought it was going to be routine, almost filler, but the second half features some surprises and powerful acting by C.C.H. Pounder in a story arc that sheds light on Claudette, and John Diehl as Gilroy takes his final bow.

    After starting off at a routine pace- Danny and Julien pick up a perp; Dutch and Claudette work a homicide; Aceveda's political ambitions are jeopardized by the leak of Lanie's unfavorable report; the Strike Team takes on a new partner who immediately hits the street to worka a sting operation- the ep picks up steam with the reintroduction of Gilroy, who is as slimy, pitiful and unpredictable as ever. The Team narrowly averts exposure yet again, and the threat from Lanie seems neutralized for now. Aceveda and Mackie's shaky truce still holds, but Claudette's contempt for Vic grows. And now she has turned Danny against Mackey too.