The Shield

Season 4 Episode 8

Cut Throat

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 03, 2005 on FX



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    • Shane: Hey, thanks for coming. Look, ah...I'm in some serious shit. (Vic points his gun at him) Hey, hey, what the hell you doing? What the hell's the matter with you?!
      Vic: Bugged your car. It's you or me...right? I guess it's you.
      Shane: No, no, no no, I, I'm I'm explaining, Vic, pl-please, listen to me. Goddamnit, listen to me. Look, Antwon killed Angie right in front of me and Army. He did it with our guns's what I came to talk to you about.
      Vic: Thought you had nothing to do with Antwon.
      Shane: It's nothing that we haven't done before. Look, he's squeezing us. He says the body will turn up if, if, if I don't... But, I would never do that. Never! You know that! Look, I was just bluffing him to buy time. We took a run at Halpern, he showed us where Angie's body was, but we can't get to it just the two of us. Army's gun went off... Look, Halpern's still alive. But once Antwon finds out, I'm dead. I got Mara and Jackson out of town, but I'm....look I'm in trouble man. I don't know how it got this deep.
      Vic: (Vic puts down his gun) You got one shot. (Motions to Shane's gun) TAKE IT.
      Shane: No. No. I would never choose him over you. We let that Money train bullshit get in the way, but... come-on you're my friend. (Vic points the gun back at Shane) Look, I need you. Will you help me? (Vic slowly puts his gun down)

    • Shane: (to Halpern) You tell Antwon, I'm done with his shit! All of it! He tries to come after us, my family, or Vic...I'll walk up to him and I'll put a bullet in his head. You got that? YOU GOT THAT?!

    • (Vic breaks Antwon's door open with a crowbar)
      Vic: Police! Antwon, get your ass out here!
      Antwon: (walks out, and sees the damage) You better have a warrant.
      Vic: Warrant? I just saw your door busted wide open, wanted to make sure you're okay. (Sarcastically) You okay? The One-Niners started a campaign against police informants.
      Antwon: I'm done with this.
      Vic: You think you can just go after anyone. You think you're indestructible?
      Antwon: I don't know what you're spinning.
      Vic: (throws crowbar down) If you've given the word, that some informant or some citizen or some cop gets're gonna be spitting teeth!
      Antwon: I'm going back to bed.
      Vic: Make sure you get that door fixed. Anyone could just walk right in.

  • Notes

    • It's was rumored on the set that the "makeout scene" between Michael and Catherine was totally impromptu between the two of them.

    • While not directly said in the episode, the money in the backpack is all of Vic's share from the Money Train. Or at least all that's left of it.

    • Many people suspected Monica bought a home from a previous episode. The home looks almost identical to the first home of Armando "Armadillo" Quintero, where Vic burned off part of his face. Check again. The floor plan doesn't match.

    • The episode was originally known as "The Grind."

    • Music featured:

      Nutshell by Alice In Chains

  • Allusions

    • Dutch: We just caught the big, bad Coffee Bandit! We've been looking for you Starbuck!

      A quick reference to the coffee chain Starbucks.