The Shield

Season 4 Episode 4


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 05, 2005 on FX

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  • Looks like the boys will be together again......sort of.

    Interesting episode. Aceveda returns to the show for the first time as a council man and still seems to struggle sexually but I guess that won`t last given the hot chick he`ll do now. The shield can be so surprisingly weird, Sara telling Aceveda to slap her or pull her hair or whatever, I love this show ;-)
    We had a rape case and I was pissed Dutch was not on it. I`m really tired of this Claudette stuff! At least we got Dutch giving a lead to Vic. Vic gets the confirmation that Shane and Antwon are indeed working together. Shane want to be in the team to cover his own mess and Vic, Ronny and Curtis want to kinda trap Shane leading to a sort of big reunion of the former strike team, I love this new dynamic.
    So things are starting to build up slowly but surely.
  • 7.0
    Doghouse is so titled as it's Dutch's desperate attempts to resucutate his career as the Claudette/D.A. stand off continues. Dutch is one of my favorite characters on the show, so any episode that centers around his highlights I like. This episode... not so much. He's tuned into the rapist, and he helps Vic in that sense, but going behind Claudette's back to run political errands for the DA? Not his brightest moment. In other Shield news, this episode marks the return of Shane to the strike team as a mole, and Aceveda's first contact with Sarah, the call girl who's going to "cure" him of his rape crisis. This episode is not the beginning of the season, but serves as the real beginning of story arcs that are going to have conseuqences all throughout season 4.
  • One thing I love about The Shield: just when you think you've figured a character out, they undergo a major change. Lots of that happening in this fine episode.

    No series writes characters as indelibly as The Shield, and no one develops their characters as lovingly, realistically(except maybe for Dutch's animal cruelty arc) and empathically. One grows to genuinely care for and identify with these fictional people- and that takes skill to elicit from an audience.

    The characters face down a lot of developments in this one. Aceveda and Monica's power struggles continue, with Aceveda's political clout giving him an advantage. Aceveda also continues to suffer the effects of the rape, causing him to seek some rather unconventional "therapy". Dutch's deal with the D.A.'s office seems to be panning out when he and Wyms are finally given a case, but the case turns out to be bogus- increasing the developing tension between them. Vic is his usual driven, single-minded self, pursuing a rapist. He is also dealing with a potential lawsuit Corinne wants to file on behalf of the kids against the manufacturers of a vaccine she believes led to their autism. And there's the matter of Shane, who Mackey has now confirmed as working for Antwon Mitchell- so Vic brings him back to The Barn to keep an eye on him. Things are heating up. I really like the way this season is developing.
  • This episode was good. It had a nice mix of dirty talk, police politics, backdoor deals, and dog testicle eating. Next week’s ep looks to be the best of the season.

    1. So Aceveda is going to start trolling for hookers now to get back his mojo?

    2. Shane is turning Army into “Mini-Shane”.

    3. Are Vic’s daughter and Driscoll’s (“24”) daughter separated at birth? Because they’re both pretty crazy.

    4. Quote of the day nominee #1: “I sucked his dick and then he did me from behind.”

    5. This storlyine sounds eerily like the Brian Nichols thing.

    6. Quote of the day nominee #2: “Antwon: We’ve got these cops coming after us like stormtroopers. Shane: Well I’m your Luke Skywalker.”

    7. Oooh Rawlings and Aceveda are going back and forth. She sees right through him.

    8. This rapist’s name is Ruiz. He’s Latino. And these people chase down an Asian delivery guy? LOL!

    9. Quote of the day nominee #3 “You can slap. But you can’t leave bruises.”

    10. Aceveda’s face lit up like a Christmas tree when she told him the rules. He’s happier than a dog in a fire hydrant factory.

    11. Shane’s back in the Barn. Now Vic can keep his eye on him.

    12. Grade: B+ This episode was good. It had a nice mix of dirty talk, police politics, backdoor deals, and dog testicle eating. Next week’s ep looks to be the best of the season.