The Shield

Season 2 Episode 13

Dominoes Falling

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 01, 2003 on FX

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  • I have seen every episode up to Season 5 and this is the BEST EPISODE in the whole series!

    I own all the seasons on DVD and season 2 remains my favorite, this being in my opinion the best episode in the history of the Shield. The ending is just so moving with the musical montage of everybody and then all this money lying on a table with the whole strike team staring at it. I got chills, and was really excited for Vic and the boys.
    (Spoiler Alert)
    In the 3rd season Lem burns it all. That pissed me off.
  • Season Two Ends

    It was good, just not 9.62 average good. Finales are always put on a higher expectation then normal episodes and this one was very good, but just not for a finale I didn't think. David wins his primary, somehow. Not sure how he was able to make such a huge comeback in a couple of days but he was able to put it off and it looks like Claudette will take over as the boss of the barn. The money train was kind of dissapointing. I think the biggest thing was that after all of the planning Vic showed up late and no one was wearning gloves. I know it was a minor detial but I just found that very weird that they would not wear them. Julians storyline was actually very good in this episode. The harassment reaches a new level and the end of the episode was very powerful as he gets his very own "blanket party". Vic's personal life was small in this episode, which I liked. Seems like his ex-wife regrets the decision so I think we might see more of her in the future. Overall - good season but I think the finale could have been a lot better. I liked the finale of season one better.
  • The Shield really knows how to close out a season! Once again, they pull out all stops for a perfectly paced season finale that makes you wish Season 3 started tomorrow.

    Dominoes Falling indeed! The stakes are upped for every major character in this sizzler of a season finale: Aceveda's surprise win in the primary means he will be around for a while longer; Claudette deals with more family issues and rethinks her refusal of the chief's offer to promote her to Captain; Danny receives shattering job-related news; Julien tries to deal with renewed (and escalated) harassment on the job; Vic and the Team take down the money train, but at what price? And Dutch? Well, he's still Dutch.

    The Shield has perfected the formula it developed in Season 1. The writing, direction and ensemble action are perfectly in sync, creating a singular viewing experience that I haven't seen the likes of on television. Bring on Season 3!
  • WOW! hard to believe they could pull it off, but all the build up from two seasons just seemed to explode all over the T.V screen in just one hour of pure genius.

    The build up for this episode had been immense, with the continual story of 'the money train' and all the problems surrounding it, to the election and subsequent sackings. The arcs in this season have been very complex, but this episode seems to tie it up wonderfully with just enough hanging on the edge to keep people needing to see the next season. Brilliant finale.