The Shield

Season 7 Episode 13

Family Meeting

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 25, 2008 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Vic meeting Ronnie and telling him that the Shane didn't show up to the drop off and that Corinne was arrested. He also tells him that Olivia agreed to clear himself, Ronnie and Corinne once they arrest Beltran. They meet with Beltran and he agrees to meet with the black board of directors at the exchange.

Meanwhile, Dutch tells Corinne about the deal Vic made for full immunity which causes her to panic. He assures her that they have an idea to keep her safe from Vic if he finds out what she did to him.

Shane takes Mara and their son back to their house and they plan to leave the next day when the police are busy guarding the president.

Back at the barn, Claudette convinces Olivia to put Vic's family in federal protection to keep him away from them.

Vic goes to his house to tell Corinne that she is safe.

Shane shows up to surprise Billings and asks him to deliver a message. The message is that Mara shot the woman in self defense. He also tells him that he is willing to turn himself in and testify against Vic and Ronnie if they can guarantee immunity for Mara. He gives him an attorney's card and tells him to contact him.

At the exchange, Beltran doesn't show up and sends his men instead. This angers the black board of directors. The deal is about to go sour, so ICE moves in and arrests everyone. Olivia tells Vic that he is no longer involved and should back off the Beltran case. He decides to go after him, nonetheless, to honor his deal and Ronnie backs him up.

Lloyd show's up at the barn to report his mother: Rita, missing and Dutch believes he killed her. Lloyd says the last time he saw her was the night before and that she was upset about a fight she had with Dutch. He claims she left at 3 a.m. to go see Dutch at his house. Dutch tells Claudette about the mysterious hang up calls he got from Rita that made him go to her house the morning before. They believe Lloyd killed his mother and made those calls to implicate Dutch.

Julien and Tina respond to a noise complaint which is a rally for Robert Huggins, a local man running for mayor who they end up arresting.

Shane calls the attorney and finds out that Claudette is only willing to offer reduced charges for Mara. He then calls Vic for help. Vic refuses and tells him about the deal he cut with ICE. Shane responds by telling him that Corinne was working with the police against him because she didn't want him near their children. Vic tells him that he'll check up on his children when he and Mara are in prison to tell them stories about what their parents did.

Olivia informs Vic that Corinne requested protection from him and that he would no longer be able to see his children.

Back at the barn, Claudette pulls Dutch off of the case after unis found burnt women's clothing in a trash container at his house.

Robert Huggins makes bail and requests police protection since threats were made against him, but the request is ignored.

Billing's attorney meets with Dutch and asks him to change his statement because it's not helpful to his case against the department.

Shane buys flowers and a toy for Mara and Jackson.

Vic and Ronnie get Santiago to give up the location of Beltran. Vic suspected he would know where it is since he probably delivered the drugs instead of Beltran. He then calls Olivia to tell her the location but she refuses to help him.

Huggins interrupts a rally for Aceveda and questions him as a mayoral candidate.

Back at the barn, Billings is unable to get Lloyd to say anything and all the evidence points to Dutch. Dutch feels guilty for what he believes happened to Rita and asks for another shot at Lloyd. Claudette refuses and decides to interrogate him herself. She tells him she's convinced that Dutch may have had something to do with his mother's disappearance.

Back at the rally, Huggins continues to insult Aceveda until he is escorted out of the building.

Billing's attorney convinces Dutch to change his statement to keep Billings safe from the department's counter suit.

Shane goes back home and runs into a neighbor. He gives the presents he bought to his family. The neighbor calls the police and they go to his house. As soon as they enter, Shane kills himself with a revolver. They also find Mara and Jackson dead lying on the bed. There is a note next to Shane's body.

Shane calls Aceveda and asks him for help in arresting Beltran. He agrees after realizing it would be a good PR move for him that could get him more voters.

Vic and Ronnie head to Beltran's hideout and wait for ICE thinking that Aceveda would convince them to show up. However, they feel that Beltran is about to leave so they have to move in alone. They secure Beltran and his men and the ICE agents arrive. The drugs are found and Beltran is arrested.

Back at the barn, Billings thanks Dutch for changing his statement and informs him that he got a good settlement. Dutch later learns from his attorney that all he got was back pay for 2 days of missed work. She also gives him her card and tells him to call her some time!

At the warehouse, Aceveda arrives to talk with the press about the drug bust. Olivia tells Ronnie to get back to the barn where Vic knows he will be arrested.

Claudette tells Lloyd that she knows he's a murderer and that he's now a suspect in his mother's disappearance. She also reveals to Dutch that she's dying.

Tina and Julien respond to a call and find that Huggins has been shot. He dies in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Vic shows up at the barn and gets dirty looks from everyone there. He finds Ronnie crying, who informs him about Shane killing himself and his family. Claudette asks to speak with Vic in the interrogation room and makes him sit on the suspect's side of the table. She tells Vic about the note Shane wrote and reads it to him: "I guess enough painkillers can make even the worst kind of hurt go away. The thing you need to know is that Mara was innocent and Jackson was innocent; they didn't know what they were drinking and their last moments together were happy ones. They left the way I first found them, perfect and innocent. They were innocent and they are in heaven now and we'll always be a family. The guilty ones are me and Vic. Vic lead but I kept following. I don't think one's worse than the other, but we made each other into something worse than our individual selves. I wish I'd never met him. I see it all now. There is no apologies I can make, no explanations I can give. I was who I was and I can't be that person any more. I can't let myself...". The note is incomplete because he shot himself before he could finish it. Claudette tells Vic that she hope's he's proud of himself and shows him pictures of Shane and his family. Vic's face twitches and there is a long silence. He realizes that Claudette is watching him from the monitoring room so he rips out the surveillance camera and tells her to bill him for it on his way out. Claudette signals to Dutch and he proceeds to arrest Ronnie. Ronnie flips out when he learns of Vic's betrayal.

The next morning, Vic goes to ICE to start his new job. He asks Olivia about where his family is but she refuses to tell him. She then breaks the news that he won't be working on the streets for ICE. His job is to give daily reports about gang related activity. Vic refuses this desk job, but Olivia tells him that if he doesn't take the job for the next 3 years he will be prosecuted for all his confessed crimes.

At the barn, Aceveda tells Claudette that there is no truth to rumors that he was involved with Huggins' death. He asks her how she's holding up and tells her that they both spent a lot of time trying to put Vic away. She congratulates him on becoming mayor.

Vic returns to ICE in a suit and tie and is given a tour of his new work environment. He is visibly angry and upset.

A federal agent shows Corinne and her children their new home and describes the neighborhood. He tells them that the home is pretty basic, but Corinne thinks it's fine.

Back at the barn, the Unis have a small celebration for Tina's one year anniversary, which is soon interrupted by a robbery call.

Back at ICE, Vic, still visibly angry, places pictures of his children on his desk and a picture of himself and Lem. He smiles when he looks at the picture of Lem. He hears sirens and looks outside the window and sees some patrol cars. He returns to his desk and sits quietly for a while looking more and more emotional. He seems to be about to cry upon seeing the pictures of his children and thinking about everything that has happened to him. Finally, the lights go out, he takes his gun out of a lock box, puts on his jacket and leaves.

The episode ends with a montage of all the characters and events in the show.