The Shield

Season 7 Episode 13

Family Meeting

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 25, 2008 on FX

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  • Great finale. One of the greatest ever for a great show. CCH Pounder was right. Vic Mackey got exactly what he deserved.

    This was an absolute perfect way to end the series. At first I was disappointed with how it ended but after thinking about it, it couldn't be more fitting.

    Vic Mackey is not going to jail, going to die, going anywhere for that matter. That's right, he's ICE's slave doing a desk job that is worse than prison and death. It also shows what he has become. While he spent the entire series trying to protect his family, his team and his loved ones, he lost all of them in the process and now he's alone with nothing but a boring job at a department where he is viewed as a simple outcast.

    Shane oh Shane. I guess it had to end this way for you. Shocking ending for him but yet it was going to happen. Did you have to take Mara and Jackson with you?

    Ronnie should not have gotten his punnishment. He was the most loyal of the strike team and especially to Vic and this is how it ends for him. Brillant acting for David Rees Snell. When you saw the uni's drag him away from Vic, you could see the rage and anger and pain coming from him realizing that the person he would sell his soul for sold him out.

    Claudette and Vic's confrontation with Shane's aftermath was intense and without much conversation. Great acting for CCH Pounder and Michael Chiklis.

    Dutch, what becomes of him now? The whole Lloyd/Rita/Dutch triangle didn't seem like it got resolved but it did give an idea of where it's heading.

    This show has been one of the very few things I looked forward too since it came on. Now that it's over, TV will not be as exciting for a long time.

    Shawn Ryan, thank you for giving us the 7 best seasons of television that I could ask for. You and your team of writers and production members deserve praise and a ton of gold to take home.