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After reflecting, you have to wonder, "How the hell could Corrine do this?&

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    [1]Nov 28, 2008
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    What I don't understand is how Corrine could be so selfish and more importantly, paranoid...

    Yes, she knows now that Vic has done some heinous s**t, but how could she ever, ever, EVER think that Vic would hurt her or the kids, in any way? No matter WHAT?

    Corrine (repeatedly): "What's gonna happen to me now, when Vic finds out I've been helping you???? YOU NEED TO ARREST HIIMMM!!"

    Jesus woman, shut up. I guess you really didn't know that man at all. He may have been a little angry and frustrated when he found out, maybe he would have yelled a little, but he would never, EVER hurt his family, including you. Vic loved his family more than himself. But yeah, I guess as long Vic was providing for the family, you had no problem with him being free, did you?

    Enjoy your bland suburban life of anonymity Corrine, you deserve it. I just hope someday your conscience gets to you and you let Vic talk to his kids, the one bright spot he had.

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    [2]Nov 28, 2008
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    Have you forgotten that all within a day (or maybe two) Corrine found out that Vic murdered another police officer, robbed the Armenian mob for millions of dollars, and attempted to kill his ex-partner and pregnant wife in front of their two-year-old son? How can she be sure he wouldn't have hurt her for ratting him out considering she JUST found out about the secret life of her husband for all these years? It would have been unfathomably irresponsible for her to not fear for her children and herself being around this man. Vic is an absolute monster. I don't see how it's even possible to make Corrine look bad in this situation.
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    [3]Nov 28, 2008
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    I would argue Corrine did not JUST find anything out; only confirmed what she always knew.

    Corrine suffers from a case of willful ignorance. she knew Vic would magically come up with money. Even if the she thought the money in the early years from doing overtime okay, but he handed her 65 thousand dollars in cash and told her not to deposite more than a thousand at a time so the Feds would not ask about it. She had to know this was dirty money.

    And even if she didn't know it then, Kav told her exactly what kind of man Vic was, maybe she didn't want to believe it, but it is not like these past few days was the first time she heard that Vic was a dirty cop.

    Also at the end of season 6 after Shane kidnaps Corrine and Cassidy, Corrine says to Vic (words to the effect) "what are you going to do about it" now this could mean anything but given the tone of her voice it did not come across like she was saying to Vic "I want you to act within the law to bring Shane to justice." While not exactly a sign she knew he would commit murder it was clear she knew Vic would commit acts of violance beyond what the law allows.

    I will admit that Corrine is not the bad guy in this story, but she isn't really a good guy either. I mean she did turn on Vic after he gave her 65k and she spent it. If she was really clean she would not have taken a dime from Vic if he could not account for it in his pay stub, but she took it, she always took it, she kept her head in the ground and didn't ask any questions because she knew she did not want to know the answers.

    But just like Kav told her, she does not get to cry unless it was total surprise and we all know that's b*llsh*t. She knew who she married and she knew no matter who Vic hurt he would never hurt her because he would never hurt the kids. In Vic's extremely twisted mind ALL the evil he has done has always be justifiable as "I had to do it to protect my kids."

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    [4]Nov 28, 2008
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    That's a good point and I don't necessarily disagree with you. My disagreement only comes from the comments of the thread starter, saying the Corrine was acting ridiculously. Corrine certainly had to be suspicious, I agree 100%, but the things she discovered about Vic this season were complete shocks. For example, the attempt on Shane and Mara's life in 'Moving Day', which even shocked me in its brutality (Mara's pregnant for god's sake). I also think back to an episode earlier in the season in which a frustrated Vic grabs the snotty Cassidy a little too hard, and it noticably rattles both her and Corrine. I know it's a small detail, but it showed the ever-widening gap between Vic and his family.
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    [5]Nov 28, 2008
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    When Vic got the armenien mob money and used i to pay for the children's autistic care, Corrinne HAD to know the money didn't come from a cops salary or any form of moonlighting.

    It really seems that Corrinne can handle the immorality of Vic if it benefits her. I do think however that she was clearly nudged into it by Dutch and Claudette, and just had to get him arrested to protect her own ass.

    We do see in the show...everyones got their own dark sides.
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    I'm re-watching from the beginning and I didn't remember how much she ovverated when she left Vic.
    Didn't even let him explain, she leaves with the kids, hires a PI, say Vic hurts the kids and asks for divorce.
    How bullshit is that woman.
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