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    [61]Nov 26, 2008
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    damn today is a sad day!probably the best ever TV show ended(died)all is left are the dvd's.I am going to miss The Shield people,it was 1 of the only 4 reasons i turn on the tv.Great finish do!I hated shane prety much but somehow the way he and his family died was wrong and sad.poor ronnie somehow I felt that he is goig to be left hung out to dry,he did not desurve wath he got(his sin's were redeemeable)Vic skates clean.yea he loses his family,friends,job(on the sreets)but thats not bad for someon who has don so many bad(he stil has Joe-Carl Weathers from Rocky does he?)anyway thaks for the ride im looking forward to watch The Shield again and again,and show my grandchildren the greatest TV show there was back in the day.

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    [62]Nov 26, 2008
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    I know I should probably stop thinking about the finale and just get on with my life, but I can't......I know that in the end it was just a TV show, but I just can't get over how BADLY it ended for The Strike Team, especially poor Ronnie, and the fact that we're never going to see any of them anymore.

    It's like I was personally invested in the fates of Vic, Shane, Ronnie, Dutch, Claudette, and several others. And now its over. For good.

    And I'm still depressed.

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    [63]Nov 26, 2008
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    hmnut7 wrote:

    It was also kind of funny that Vic took the deal to protect against Shane dirty bag of secrets and to protect Corrine, and in the end he never would have needed protection for either.

    "Well that's not really the case. Shane only killed himself because he realized he had no way out because Vic had gotten immunity. That was the same reason Shane wasn't able to get a deal to turn himself in and get Mara off the hook. He had nothing to offer them anymore. Had Vic not taken the deal, he would have been screwed. The protection he got from it is what destroyed Shane's only other option and led to the murder/suicide." (sorry not sure how to quote 2 posts in the same message)

    I agree with the second quote. If Vic hadn't gotten the immunity deal then Shane would have had enough info on Vic to leverage a deal to get Mara free of all charges. Then he would have given himself up and all the stuff that they had done. The only reason he kills them is that he realizes there is no way he can get them out of their current situation without going to jail. Ronnie says that they didn't need the deal after Shane killed himself because he didn't know that Vic had taken the deal.

    The ending seemed fitting to me. Sure justice as far as the law is concerned isn't served. And 3 years working a desk job writing reports is not a punishment at all, for a normal person. But this is Vic Mackey. In prison he would be able to gain power, make friends, manipulate and control his situation as much as he could. He could have used his Vic Mackey tricks to survive. This is even to assume that he would be convicted. Yeah there would be Shane's statements, and maybe they flip Ronnie. Maybe they find more evidence, maybe not. It would be pretty bad for Vic, but it's not 100% that he would be convicted. On the other hand Vic has no control over the situation he is in now. He has no power over anything. He has to sit at that desk day in and day out wearing a suit and tie. To Vic Mackey this is worse than prison. Sure he isn't in a cell behind bars but what does he have left? No family, no friends, just a little cubicle and a computer screen. For him this is worse.

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    [64]Nov 26, 2008
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    shane had to do what he did cause i don't think he could handle the stress

    how would you of ended the shield?

    i would've had vic and ronnie working with feds and slowly becoming acevades body guards..

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    [65]Nov 26, 2008
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    What an ending! Basically everyone died in the end. Vic - all he did in the last three years for whatever reason his twisted logic permitted was for nothing. His friends, family, job he loved... all gone. Why did he grab his gone and head out with such purpose? I say he's going to get in the mix on the street at the shooting everyone dashed off to, knowing it will get his deal cancelled and he's going to jail. Its like suicide. Shane/Mara/Jackson - self-explanatory. I didn't expect Shawn Ryan to serve us a Chris Benoit. That was so disturbing, yet brilliant story telling.

    Ronnie - looks like he's going away for the rest of his natural life. Dead. Claudette - she knows her days are numbered and she has found grace with it. (With her leaning on the railing, I was so sure she was gonna fall over onto Tina's cake!)

    Dutch - knows his actions got a woman killed, and his sense of idealism can do nothing about it. A part of his hero ethic died. Tina - Hoggins death showed her a valuable lesson that just because you are a cop, not everything is going to end with handcuffs and tough talk. A hard lesson for her, some of her innocence died as well.

    Julian - can't fight off the gayness with police work. But, he's made his prison and he's stuck in it. Forever. Like Ronnie, damn near death. Steve - was banking everything on his silly lawsuit, he only ended up with two days missed work's pay. Screwed. Dani - stuck with hellspawn. By seven, Lee will be pushing her against refrigerators and spouting tough stuff like his dad. Just kidding.
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    [66]Nov 26, 2008
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    Being a fan of the shield for years I can only say that it ended in an "open" way, but not without the right message.

    This show could not have ended in Vic's death... It would have broken everything.

    But I agree with some people in the forum, that, in a way, everybody had a part of themselves die in this last episode.

    Aceveda - did he have Robert Huggins killed, because he would pay any price to become mayor, even sell his soul ?

    Dutch - he once killed a cat to see what it felt like to kill someone... could he have done it again ? Or could he have found his hardest case yet in this young killer ?

    Wyms - she fought the fight too hard. Now she will pay with her life for it.

    Ronnie - the loyal friend, going down by the hand of his master in the end.

    Lam - I guess my favorite character, left the show too soon and sealed the deal on the demise of everybody... I remember my shock at the time.

    Shane - got what he deserved, even if in the end they tried to show his caring side... which in the end was the reason for all the trouble he got himself and his family in.

    Vic - Michael Chiklis played this man with convictions and without morals like noone I have ever seen before. With him lived and died the show. You couldn't hate him but you couldn't like him either. In the end, he will die on the streets, because he would rather do that, than live the rest of his life behind this desk, without his kids and without his fight against evil. He wouldn't off himself. He is too proud. A Devil in a world of Demons.

    Thank you Shawn Ryan for one the best TV-shows ever. And let the people argue about the crappy camera angles, while others talk about what the show was really about: People, man... People. (quote from "L.A. Crash")

    I am looking forward to watching the whole show again on DVD.

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    [67]Nov 26, 2008
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    Brilliant !! ty shawn ryan for the 3 last seasons, for the best show ever!!!!!!!!!
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    [68]Nov 26, 2008
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    It was so predictable that shane would kill himself, a lot of us saw it coming. I knew the moment he gave the young girl at the servo lots of money and all the things he bought. I think he did it cause he knew he wouldnt be able to handle being someones bit@h and gatting the crap beat out of him everyday in jail. But killing Mara and Jackson was so stupid. It would have been better if Jackson was put in foster care to go to a good home instead of ending up dead.

    The only positive things I saw in this was Tina getting her cake in the end and Corinne finally getting her happy place away from Vic.

    Too many things left untied for me. The Dutch case. Ronnie whats next. Would have been nice to see a little further on more. The Aservada stuff, he still has to win the election.

    I would have thought Claudette would have said now Im going to hang my coat, The Strike thing is at a end I can rest easier now.

    I noticed Julian looking at the gay couple, he longs to be himself.

    I wonder now that Ronnie is in jail if he would go after Vic through his few jail mates that he would make.

    I dont know why ICE didnt do some sort of background check on Vic and Ronnie before they offered jobs. They do it on all their suspects why not them.

    I would have like to see and ending like The Wire had given, little clips of each character,of their future. The Wire fans would know what Im on about.

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    [69]Nov 26, 2008
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    I thought it was great. At the end it seemed like Vic was ok with how things ended up for him, he had smirk on his face at the end. The only thing I didnt like was Ronnie taking the fall for everything and they didnt really say what happened to Lloyd (I think were supposed to assume he ended up confessing or being convicted). I know Ronnie was just as guilty as the rest of them but I hoped it would end better for him.
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    [70]Nov 26, 2008
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    First of all I must admit that I have not read everything that was said above, or kind of read it sideways.

    When the final credits came, at first I felt cheated, and thought that the ending was kind of crappy and that it left too many things unresolved.

    But after a while I felt like it was a great ending, even if everything had not met an end. Does Dutch catch the kid and frame him for the murder of his mum? Knowing everything there is to know about Dutch we can certainly assume so, that he won't his jaw loose until the kid is in jail. If Dutch had closed the case (we would certainly have appreciated it) we would have been cheated of the fact that eventhough the show comes to an end, the Barn is still alive, and that it will outlive the strike team. Does Acaveda gets elected mayor? We can certainly assume so, after all he worked undercover to help one the biggest drug bust of all time that led to the arrest of a drug lord. Was the story of Robert Huggins necessary? It was, we don't know if Acaveda got him killed but we can certainly believe it (Acaveda after all, has used every rope he could find to gain power).

    And the last minute of the show? Vic getting his gun and leaving... somehow I wondered if by any chance he would try to go and make peace with himself and cut Ronnie loose since he had nothing to hope for, and nothing to lose anymore. But I guess that he's leaving to do the only thing he is good at and to the only thing that speaks to him : the streets -- and that those streets that brought him so much and took so much of him are going to be his final resting place.

    Anyway thanks and kudos to Shwan Ryan for those 7 seasons, you had me hooked ! I really like what you do and even if "The Unit" is not as great for me as "The Shield" was, I really like the way ou develops your characters and how much we get to know them, and make them bring so much to the storyline. You rule and if "Dexter" did not exist there would be no show that would even come close to your talent in developping characters and storyline at the same time.
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    [71]Nov 26, 2008
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    Great finale with the open ending very similar to The Sopranos but doubt it will cop as much flak as that did. Have no problem with the ambiguous ending wrt to Vic and certainly don't think he was going to top himself. Do think the Dutch story could have been concluded better but overall a near perfect ending. Leaves a large whole in quality drama viewing now.
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    [72]Nov 26, 2008
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    Just wanted to let you guys read this: LA Times interview with Chikliss about the ending. Read the last couple lines, Vic Mackey might be back somehow!!!,0,673963.story

    Edited on 11/26/2008 6:07pm
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    [73]Nov 26, 2008
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    Not to stir the conspiracy pot, but everyone keeps saying that the gun was in there and he was just taking it home "at the end of the day..." Why didn't he take it home at lunch when he went to change clothes? Obviously he had gone home to change.

    BTW I believe, like some above, the smile was indicating that he knew he'd get thru this.

    Sucks for Ronnie, hated to see that happen to him.

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    [74]Nov 26, 2008
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    Well, as a long time fan I thought the finale was sensational. So many poignant moments.

    We've known pretty much since Lem's death that there could be no happy endings for these guys.

    "They didn't know what they were drinking and there last moments together were happy."

    So powerful, I cried at that moment where Claudette was reading the letter...

    To the creator, the cast and crew and everyone responsible - thank you for making the best show on television EVER for the last 7 years. You guys will be missed. PS - in the lead up to the final episode I started watching it again from the beginning and it's interesting to note how much humour there was in the first couple of seasons. Seasons 6 and 7 have been so dark, it's really interesting to go back and rewatch.
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    [75]Nov 26, 2008
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    how do you know he didn't take it home at lunch? your point is meaningless.
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    [76]Nov 26, 2008
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    Forgot to mention:-

    The bit where Shane looks at the little police car he'd bought for Jackson. The innocence - you can almost see Shane as a cadet, all wide eyed to be joining the force.

    Brilliant scene. Man the cast were outstanding in these final few eps...
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    [77]Nov 26, 2008
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    I really was surprised when shane killed himself and especially his family,tragic to say the least. Also I felt for Ronnie because he was always loyal to Vic and the team,he was no saint but he deserved better. As for Vic the only part I didn't get was when Olivia told him to take his weapon out of the building or lock it up. Wasn't his deal with ICE to become a federal agent for them as well as the immunity agreement? If he were a civilian employee paper pusher I don't think he would be allowed to carry a gun into a federal building period. This lead me to believe from the series finale tonight that he is an ICE special agent,but one they don't trust to be on the streets therefor hes been assigned desk duty. You could see in his face it was killing Vic that he was stuck doing this job. Vic may have his "freedom" but at what cost? He must now live out an existence he despises,racked with guilt for the things hes done,his friends are either dead(or in Ronnie's case in prison)and his family is gone,maybe forever. So in the end Vic may have his freedom and an ICE badge but for all intents and purposes hes in a prison of his own making. All in all I feel this show ended well. But I'd have liked to have seen the dutch story line tied up. I feel depressed that one of my all time favorite shows is over. Any chance for a TV movie down the road?
    Edited on 11/26/2008 9:41pm
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    [78]Nov 26, 2008
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    I am one of the viewers who has been lucky enough to have been with this show since the very beginning, and I am in awe. This final season has been so tense it was almost unbearable, and now it has been brought to a conclusion that still continues to deepen the characters, the themes, everything. Vic Mackey is still an ambiguous character, but while he's revealed himself to be capable of a degree of brutality we've never seen before, he's also showed himself to be even weaker and more vulnerable than we could have ever imagined him being. He has finally ruined everyone who ever shared a bond with him... and none of it makes any sense, or is remotely satisfying to anyone. All that he's left with is a great sense of waste, and weakness, and cruelty... and at the same time, he can't even stop himself from trying to get back into the action that caused his own ruin. There were moments during this season that you got the impression he was harbouring doubts about his actions, and there was always a chance that he would turn back from vengeance and do something redeeming... but instead he followed his own brutality until it completely destroyed everything he ever had, and still he refuses to admit that he was wrong. Shane's final actions in particular are telling-- he murdered his own family in a cold and selfish way, but at the same time, even he is more sympathetic than Mackey. His suicide note makes one think of a confused child... he was bound to his own evil by stupidity and weakness, not by any sense of justice... but the difference between himself and Vic was that he had the sense to admit that he was lost. Ronnie's fate fit his misdeeds, but at the same time, the fact that he would be meeting it alone-- after seven years of having no real life but that of his role on the team--was somehow horrifying. He is going to prison without any support at all, and instead of confronting him or trying to help him in prison, Vic turns his back on him and tries not to think about it while he's being dragged into the cage. In the past, Vic might have promised him special treatment, or worked out a deal where he wouldn't have to face being a cop in prison without support... but now that Vic is completely powerless, there's nothing he can do. Throughout the episode, I kept hoping that Vic would do something selfless, show some trace of responsibility or try to protect his team... but he didn't. He was forced to admit that he had become a pathetic, powerless outcast with nothing left but a few pictures on his desk, a superior who will do everything in her power to demean and declaw him, and a soulless routine that will inevitably ruin his body and his mind-- not to mention all the guilt and shame of everything he has done. At least Ronnie can survive on the anger of having been betrayed, and having preserved his dedication to the team... Vic doesn't have that at all. Everything in his life fell apart for a perfectly logical reason, and he has no one to blame but himself. The worst of it is, you get the impression that he has no idea how to deal with it. It's not something he can beat up, or torture, or kill. He only has two options-- live with it, or kill himself. And after seeing Tina's first anniversary party, with everyone happy and making light of things, you realize that no one else cares.

    Over the past two seasons, while watching the descent into anger and vengeance, you really get the sense that this conclusion has been carefully thought out and planned, and now it's been executed brilliantly. Kudos to everyone involved with this show-- it's an incredible work of art.

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    [79]Nov 27, 2008
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    Going to miss this this great show. I think last show was very dark but hey there was no other way to do it.

    Tying up a few loose ends, Cluadette got the kid( forgot his name), she never mentioned that the clothes were burnt. He brought it up later and that was when her attitude changed.

    The writing of this show was outstanding,

    I am pretty sure that they managed to turn most of us from hating Shane, and for sure we all hated Mara into pitying them in the last episode (those scenes where especially dark).

    Then for the last 7 seasons no matter what Vic did we forgave him and hoped he got away. Then to the last episode a detestable figure who we hope gets his just punishment.


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    [80]Nov 27, 2008
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    btw... did anyone get this metaphor of the dinosaur skeleton in this museum near Vic's family's new "home" ?

    That can't be a coincidence !

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