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Shane worse than Vic

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    [1]Nov 29, 2008
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    In my opinion, Shane was always worse than Vic... Both Shane and Vic were bad guys, no one can dispute that, but Shane was a bad and stupid guy with less standards who had no problem crossing back and forth over the line... Vic had standards which, up until he gave up Ronnie, were perfectly consistent: he gave loyalty to those who deserved it and put himself on the line for them no matter what, and when he did all his bad sh!t he still kept the greater good of fighting crime in mind... Shane lost sight of that idea many times throughout the series.

    every one of Vic's crimes fits into his paradigm of crime fighting, and loyalty protecting his family and his team. even giving up Ronnie, when it came down to it Vic's priorities were first to his family, then to his team and himself (though for the most part he put his team ahead of himself), then to getting bad guys put in jail. he would go to any length to accomplish these priorities... when it came to his family, if it became necessary he would sell out his own team to protect his family (and that's what he did, or thought he was doing)

    season after season we found Shane doing the same type of corrupt sh!t but without these priorities, IMO. I don't blame Vic for what happened to Shane, I blame Shane for what happened to the Strike team. killing Lem was far different than killing Terri, according to the value system of the Strike Team... the Strike Team's value system was messed up, yes, but when you understand it you can see why Terri could be killed but Lem couldn't... why even when Vic was about to avenge Lem by killing Shane he hesitated and tried to change his mind and save him ("I'm not Shane") thoughts?

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    [2]Nov 30, 2008
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    I think that Vic is worse than Shane myself. He used Shane and lead him down a dark path which Shane, blinded by his need to be friends with Vic, followed. Like he said in the letter, they made each other worse than their individual selves but still, Vic was worse. He had no qualms going after Mara and Jackson while Shane risked his life to protect Vic's family. For Shane, it's all about family, for Vic, it's all about Vic.
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    [3]Nov 30, 2008
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    I think both characters are too complex to to simply say one is worse than the other. They both have twisted ideas of morality and if you start to say "oh this one is better than that one because this only did his horrible crime for X reason" Then you have to admit the other one did his horrible crime for Y reason and to him it was just as justifiably.

    I would say it is clear they are both horrible horrible people and should both burn in hell. But if I had to choose I would say Shane might be worse based purely on his actions, and the one that takes him over the top is killing his son. Jackson wasn't just an innocent he was a child and he was Shane's own son.

    But I would agree the letter did spell out the relationship between the two characters, they are both evil, and they both made each other worse.

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    [4]Dec 9, 2008
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    I agree with hmnut. In Shane's mind he wasn't crossing a line at all. In his mind killing Lem was acceptable to maintain freedom. And if you want to say that Shane had no problem crossing the line, then you have to admit that Vic had no problem crossing the same line when he killed Terry. As much as Vic wanted to claim the two killings were different they weren't. Sure no one knows if Lem would have actually turned or not, and Terry was already an established informant, but they both committed the same crimes and crossed the same lines for the same reasons.

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    [5]Dec 22, 2008
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    Also it should be noted that Lem and Ronnie where very straight down the line cops when they first joined the strike team similar to Terry. If either of them had of been approached before they got to know Shane and Vic to do what Terry was doing they probably would have and been on the end of Vics wrath. In the same way if Terry had of been thrown in to the team and slowly indoctrinated into Vic and Shanes corruption he would have been as loyal as Ronnie or Lem. The big difference was circumstances not who was a snitch or not. Therefore killing Lem or Terry is not as different as people try to justify by saying he was a snitch.

    Vic himself said Shane wasn't always like that and he made him into what he was. Ultimately Vic is the worse person because of the amount of peoples lives he ruined. Shane, Lem and Ronnies for starters. Not to mention all the victims of the strike teams corruption which Mackey masterminded. If Vic never existed Lem and Ronnie would have probably been pretty decent cops earnestly trying their best in the face of endless crime while Shane would have been small time corrupt taking the odd kick back and BJ but not doing too much damage.

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    [6]Dec 23, 2008
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    Lem was already friends with Shane when he joined, makes him more loyal. Ronnie was picked by Vic (I think) too. Terry was put on with the whole point of his being there to take over the team from Vic (eventually it would be to expose them). He would have never had the loyalty that Lem and Ronnie displayed no matter what
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    [7]Dec 25, 2008
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    Is it just me who think vic is a good guy..
    He did what he had to do to survive..

    he never hurt an innocent person without purposed

    and the gangmebers who got hurt well cant say i feel sorry...

    and hes a effective cop gets things done..

    those other cops on the show couldnt have done the job he had...

    putting julian,dutch, danny and the mecican hottie on the strike team.
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    [8]Dec 28, 2008
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    Well, I just finished watching the finale, and man, it blew me away. If you think back to the very first episodes, how (relatively) innocent all of them, even Vic, were. Doing small time stuff...and ending in a complete breakdown of the entire striketeam's lives.

    Although I hated Shane a fair amount at the end, man, his ending really hit me :O

    Vic's too...I was still sat after the credits thinking, no way, he'll hand himself in somehow and save Ronnie..but he didn't..he turned out to be a **** I was rooting for Vic most of the way through, sure he was a bad guy and sure he coulda made some different decisions but in the end he was trying to get everyone clear, but when he gave up Ronnie, that was it, I was done on him. Ronnie was the only guy that was loyal to the end, and he got the shaft for it.

    That's why Ronnie was my fave char, no **** he was a loyal friend.

    As a side note, if anyone is seeking to fill the void left by the show (happens to me all the time, show ends or you watch a series of movies or you finish a video game you're really hooked on, its all the same, leaves this hole)then you might wanna check out Dexter. Really good show.

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    [9]Mar 18, 2009
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    I always liked Vic but what happen at the end with Ronnie was bad. I was really gutted for Ronnie i was hoping he would get away. I think the point alot of people have been missing here is who is really to blame.

    CORRINE!!!! lol, i hated her. If she never turned on Vic, Ronnie would not be in Jail just now and. Vic was offered the Deal with Ice he did not want to take it until Ronnie had one to but when Corrine helped the cops he had to help her.

    She has been a complete bytch the entire show, did she really think Vic was going to kill her os something, stupid bytch. All the times Vic helped her out with money for the kids and everyting, she took it with a smile and never wondered where it came from he asks her to help him out and she gets Ronnie life, and tried to get Vic the same. Even in the first season she told Claudette about the money Voc gave her, she told Kav everything as well, yet Vic still did everything for her, and she still things he will just kill her, hysterical bytch.

    Sorry but she really pisses me off.
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    [10]Mar 29, 2009
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    Up to the final 2 eps of the Shield, I thought Shane was far worse...specially for killing Lem. But Vic betrayed Ronnie....killing him in a way (he ain`t surviving prison). Bottom line, Shane and Vic were equally as bad.
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    [11]Sep 1, 2009
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    Yes Shane was a punk.. he ended up killing is whole family.. I mean damn.. if you really fear the world dont even have a family!

    Vic knew what was up and tried to make the world a tiny bit better at any cost.. GOD i wanted to shoot Shane and Kavanaugh!

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    [12]Sep 11, 2009
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    I feel Shane was worse as he always seemed to have underlying tones of being a racist where as with Vic most of the time the ends justified the means, he was bad but it was to get the bad guys rather then just to get something for himself, obviously the money train being a huge exception. I loved both characters, but was always on edge whenever Shane come into an argument with anyone ethnic. I'm going to miss this show, I've not been so annoyed about a show ending since the Sopranos.
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    [13]Oct 12, 2009
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    Just finished watching the finale and Shane is most definitely worse. As bad as Vic was I can't see him killing his own family.

    While I ultimately forgot how bad Vic was after the first episode and at times even rooted for him from time to time the Shield painfully reminded us just how much of a self righteous almost sociopathic twisted character Vic Mackey really is. While they tried to show Shane in a new light, the damage had already been done with his overall unlikeable personality,Mara Mara Mara and the fact he killed Lem and plotted his death before they were even given the false information by Aceveda. Killing his family put it over the top.
    Edited on 10/12/2009 6:54am
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    [14]Mar 30, 2010
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    i could have reached through the tv and strangled shane myself and the worst part was Lem ( the poor baby ) was still alive when Shane left and if it was right or if he thought he did the right thing to protect Vic ,him and Ronnie then why didn't he tell Vic .because he probalby knew Vic would him killed him . admit it walton goggins can't play in any show without playinan ace hole

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