The Shield

Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 22, 2005 on FX

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  • Gotta love the support for the vaccine-autism hoax

    misleading, misunderstood and out context 'facts' FTW
  • Things moving slowly.

    Things are moving slowly in this transitional start of Season 4. So Vic will be given the leadership of the new anti-gang team, that`s the big plot advancer. Gilroy dies, I`m not sure what this adds to the story. It was great to see Vic, Curtis and Ronnie work together again. Shane is turning into the new a negative way. I`m not a fan of that new Shane. In fact, the character was becoming clearly unlikable since last season. I kinda hope Vic don`t bring him into the new team, but I hope Curtis and Ronnie joins in.
    So Aceveda is leaving as captain and like Rawling said by he end, the transition is things can get started with this 4th Season.
  • A worthy followup to the season opener, "Grave" crackles with intensity, energy and dramatic tension. The plot unspools at an exciting pace, and the character arcs have never been more sharply written.

    Another beautiful day in the neighborhood: Vic tries to help an old friend keep a kid out of trouble, only to find out that the kid may have been involved in a shooting- and that his friend is keeping a shocking secret. Gilroy pops up again- for the last time. Aceveda continues his campaign to discredit Vic, but runs into some unexpected opposition from Rawlins, who is bulling ahead with her own plans for The Barn. Claudette and Dutch are still on the outs with the D.A., and getting tired of it. And Vic continues to suspect that Shane is not being honest with him about his ties to Antwon Mitchell. This has the potential to be a very interesting season...
  • This one ties up Acevedas final day and sets up the next arc.

    Aceveda spent his last day flexing his sanctimony and burying Vic as best he could. It was fine for him to use Vic's less than by the book methods to his advantage but now that the new Captain wants to use him properly (and probably do it intelligently so that Vic won't feel he has to act like a cowboy) he wants to nobble him.

    Meanwhile Claudette (more sanctimonious than Acededa could ever be), and by association the narcissistic Dutch, are still pariahs with the heirarchy after taking the high road in "On Tilt".

    I was also really interested to see they tied up a loose end with the death of Gilroy. This is one of the things that makes this show so exceptional - it's attention to detail.

    And then there's Shane. Every season I hope they'll get rid of him, and then he stays around to do something even more dangerous and stupid than the previous one. Now the redneck drongo is trying to be Vic and strong arming the local drug lords. At what point I wonder, will he mature and grow a brain?! Mara is welcome to him - in fact, they deserve each other.
  • Classic Episode

    1. “This program is rated MA-LSV” I missed this at the beginning of last week’s episode. Why don’t they just say, “This isht ain’t for kids!”?

    2. All four members of the strike team in the barn at the same time. This is like the Beatles reuniting (despite the handicap of having two dead members) or at the very least…the Fugees.

    3. Boy, Gilroy fell hard didn’t he?

    4. “Money and pussy make men do evil isht.” Think about that Shane!

    5. Aceveda needs to stop bad mouthing Vic. He looked the other way when Vic was doing his dirt because Vic got results.

    6. “Hold that lie!”

    7. Oooh Vic ran that fool off the road.

    8. How many times is Vic gonna make somebody vomit?

    9. “Hey! Clean up in aisle 4”

    10. “I just need a pussy ain’t so stretched.”

    11. Dutch got Jungle Fever. He likes the “sisters”.

    12. Shane is straight corrupting Armando. I guess Army :: Shane as Shane :: Vic.

    13. Ahh…the Money Train plot just won’t die.

    14. Ooooookay. Aceveda got problems! You think Dutch killing a cat was bad? How bout getting off on watching a rape? And taking it home for his own personal porn collection?

    15. Wow. Shane is dirty and in cahoots with Antwoine Mitchell. Didn’t see that one coming.

    16. Grade: A-
  • Back to basic for Mac trying good again but will it work when shane making him look bad by doing his own thing?

    This was a better episode, i really enjoyed this episoide and Glen Close chacter is quite good, she fixed the men toliet, horray, Asvader told us the reason why he didn't do that was that it would of taken 35% of the budget that leaves 65% left which is still a lot. i think as she did that because she felt uncomfortable when Dutch enter the ladies toilets. it took a women to sort this thing out. Asvader didn't mind using ladies toilets.

    Bye,bye Asvader, i hope we never see him again but knowing this show we will, after what happend to him in the 3rd season, it's clear he is still affected by it but getting off to the women who got raped is wrong, i'm kinda of surprised no-body walk-in and if that wasn't bad enough he took the tape when he left . i know in last week episoide his wife told him to do whatever it took but that's still no-excuse.

    Mac, it's going to be very difficult for be a good cop and what worse he has lost control of Shane, that guy is now following Mac old rules and shaking down drug dealer, mind u his new partner seem to be a little wet around the ear, he can't believe what Shane is teaching him, who think he's an undercover cop?, it's a pure guess. What worse for Mac was when he decided to help a friend it really goes terriable wrong and a little more messed up when we found out that man was in love with the boy. That one thing i love about this series u just don't know what going to happend next

    Definatly looking forward into seeing what happends next week, it's going to get even more intresting for Mac & co.