The Shield

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2003 on FX

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  • 1.0
    Meh... just another day in Farmington in this episode. This episode is pretty much more of the same except for some interesting plot ripples. Julian\\\\\\\'s attempt to closet his homosexuality is making Danny upset. Dutch is starting to crack under the pressure of his job and has a really good speech (check the quotes section), and the Armadillo saga reaches a climax with Armadillo being callous enough to kill his own brother and put out a hit on Vic and team. I don\\\\\\\'t know, I guess the biggest dissapointment was the fact that you kinda saw this all coming. Armadillo is ruthless, I mean he\\\\\\\'ll rape a child to make a point... we do know he cares about his brother, but you also know that he\\\\\\\'s going to fight fire with fire and go toe to toe with the strike team... and he will.... the best is yet to come.
  • I thought the plot about a dealer handing out free heroin to schoolkids to get them hooked was ludicrous until I found out it was based on real events- unbelievable! By the way, this is a dynamite episode.

    Vic and Aceveda go ballistic on the above-mentioned slimeball dealer only to find out that Armadillo is behind the plan- and out for revenge on Vic. Danny and Julien's conflicts continue, as she reacts to the surprising news that he is about to marry a woman he has only known a couple of months- and hasn't told her about his gay "past". Danny has troubles of her own: she is being harrassed, and suspects the widow of the Arab she shot. Claudette and Dutch search for a missing woman with Alzheimers (why do they keep giving them these dumb subplots?).

    Vic and the Team start to plan the money train heist. Connie shows up. And the episode ends on a cliffhanger note, as Vic moves to take down Armadillo, and gets a shocking surprise.

    Ecxellent ep!
  • Back To Back "Average" Episodes From Season Two

    David works with Vic and the Strike Team to take down a dealer giving heroin to school kids, while Dutch and Claudette help a woman find her Alzheimer addled mother.

    The minor plots have hurt the last couple of episodes. In this episode it was Claudette and Dutch trying to find an old woman who was lost somewhere in the city. Danny and Julian have a disagreement that takes up too much of the episode. They were not even out in the field this episode doing it. I thought Julian getting married was a random twist, considering he met the woman only a couple of episodes ago (seven weeks). Vic and the Strike team once again have a powerful storyline, this time dealing with drugs that are being distributed throughout the school system. I thought it was cool that they used an undercover fifteen year old to try and get back to the drug lord that we met in the first episode.

    Overall - the first couple of episodes had a lot of good interactions with the minor characters, but now for back to back episodes they have not done anything of major importance. Hopefully season two will get back up on its feet in the next episode or so.