The Shield

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2003 on FX

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  • I can't believe I missed out on watching this show for so long- The Shield is one of the consistently best shows on TV (at least the first 2 seasons; that's all I've watched so far). This episode is one of the reasons why.

    The episode opens with Aceveda confronting Vic- he has found out about Armadillo greenlighting a hit on the Strike Team. Vic is understandably spooked, so he installs a security system and assigns a PI to watch his family. Danny and Julien arrive at a chilling scene of carnage at a women's shelter, and the rest of the ep swirls around that central event. This is one of the things The Shield does so well- involving the whole Department in one case, which they all work from their own unique perspectives: Dutch and Claudette try to get a handle on the killer's profile; Vic enlists Connie, who now wants to be a police informant to smoke out a prostitute who may know the location of the suspect. Danny continues to have problems with Yahssira, and Julien hits the street with Aceveda, who is on uniformed patrol for the day as part of a new program.

    The episode ends with a tragic reminder of the dangers these guys face every day.

    Another incredible hour of television.
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