The Shield

Season 4 Episode 12

Judas Priest

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jun 07, 2005 on FX
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Vic and Monica discover a connection between Antwon Mitchell and the murders of the police officers. With his political career threatened by the man who assaulted him, Aceveda brokers a deal between Antwon and the DEA. Claudette and Dutch investigate a fake ID operation and its connection to the death of a recently released ex-con.moreless

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  • 3.2
    Judas Priest (still not sure why it's named that) is a bridge episode. After you watch the "Previously on.." part you see story lines from a bunch of different episodes all converging, but this isn't a season ender, it's the episode before the season ender, so all those loose ends that look like they're about to tie up aren't... you gotta stay tuned for the next episode. It's almost ridiculous the point that they made Aceveda inhuman in this season. In a lot of the other seasons he's a dick, but you can see his reasoning. This episode finally brings back that fleshing out of his character as he's desperate to supress any evidence of his forced fellatio on that scumbag guy. Rawling is also a rushed character now ... always the schemer, her unraveling over the seizure program is really forced.moreless
  • Aceveda back in the frint ground.

    The Aceveda character have taken different turns this season but this one was the classic Aceveda. He will screw anybody for his own benefit. Good to see Aceveda`s old "friend" back. Aceveda making a deal with Antwon Michael was a nice move as this completely ends any form of cooperation between Rawling and Aceveda.

    Meanwhile, Danny gets shot, it`s been a while that I don`t see the use of that character but she`s hot, that should be Ok. :D

    So finally some spotlight for her, curious to see how this develops.

    Dutch character had some nice turns in the episode. It`s always funny to see him as the teased guy but I really enjoy the scene where he got pissed and wanted to beat up his colleague, he even wanted to take it to Vic. LMAO. I`m against a Dutch-Corrine relationship but wouldn`t mind to see Dutch getting with that rapist`s wife.

    Cool episode.moreless
  • The action keeps coming as the Strike Team closes in on the cop killers and are about to tie Antwon to the crime, but they are blindsided by a last-second maneuver from an unexpected source- Aceveda.moreless

    A literally explosive beginning kicks this episode off, as Vic tracks down the russian behind the cop killings, but loses him in an accidental C4 explosion. Oh, well- on to the next lead: The Team finds out that Antwon has a half-brother who they sweat into revealing Antwon's connection to the murders. But Lozano, the man who orally raped Aceveda resurfaces, threatening to embarass him- so Aceveda brokers a deal with the DEA to spring Antwon in exchange for information on his Colombian connection... and all Aceveda wants out of the deal is the silencing of one Juan Lozano. Permanently. Danny gets shot in the shoulder in the line of duty, and Julien proves his loyalty to her by taking care of her. Dutch finally gets tired of all the grief that he's been getting at the Barn, so he goes all Olivia Newton-John and gets physical with Billings, which is surprising, and even gets in Vic's face (which is suicidal).

    Another great episode which perfectly sets up the season finale. I'm lovin' it....moreless
  • I liked this one a lot better than last week. It had a little bit of everything. A guy blowing up. Strike Team rolling together again. Aceveda being Aceveda. Typical episode.moreless

    1. Okay, they blew that guy up!!!

    2. "You on your knees. With my dick in yo moooowth!"

    3. Aceveda's "indiscretion" is coming back to hurt him. Took them long enough. I thought it was another one of those dropped storylines.

    4. I knew Aceveda went to Antwon for a little help. He is sneaky!

    5. "You would've been balls to face."

    6. He shot this dude in the nuts for a wheelchair ramp?

    7. "I've got 20 on the geek." "That's even money brother."

    8. "Two of our own are dead." That's it. Claudette should be the new captain next year. She's got presence. Plus, with Rawlings leaving, she's the logical choice. She just needs to get out of the DA's doghouse completely before she could get a gig like that.

    9. Aceveda just effed up everything. Just to hide his little BJ. That guy actually got him shook. He knows there's no picture because homegirl was trying to tape him. Y he actin' all scared helping Antwon get off?

    10. Grade: A- I liked this one a lot better than last week. It had a little bit of everything. A guy blowing up. Strike Team rolling together again. Aceveda being Aceveda. Typical episode.moreless
CCH Pounder

CCH Pounder

Detective Claudette Wyms

Michael Chiklis

Michael Chiklis

Detective Vic Mackey

Jay Karnes

Jay Karnes

Detective Holland "Dutch" Wagenbach

Glenn Close

Glenn Close

Captain Monica Rawling

Michael Jace

Michael Jace

Officer Julien Lowe

Walton Goggins

Walton Goggins

Detective Shane Vendrell

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