The Shield

Season 7 Episode 9

Moving Day

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2008 on FX

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  • Shane,wife & kid are trying everything they can think of to hide from authorities, Dutch is still trying to dwell deeper into proving the kid is a serial killer, Claudette is trying as hard as she can to keep everything together as it slowly falls apart.

    I consider myself to be a huge Shield fan. The directing, writing, acting, just amazing. This episode was amazingly awful. The characters especially. They didn't even seem to be themselves. It almost seemed like there were standins for everybody.

    The show had more flaws in it than the whole entire season. The scenes were so far fetched and unbelievable, it was making me mad to think that the director expected us to believe this garbage.

    When Ronnie told Claudette that Shane killed Lem, She responded with "So, Vic was out for revenge", Ronnie replied "No, Vic and I want Shane to go to prison like the rest of the scum" (Not exactly what was said, but you know). She didn't even ask him why then didn't Vic tell the cops that were right there who Shane was and that's he's wanted? She wouldn't have missed a chance like that. She's too thorough.

    And the scene where Shane,wife and kid are coming out of the hospital....Try to imagine the setting. It's night, here's some guy (Vic) pointing a gun at someone (Shane, Wife) while hearing sirens in the background getting closer and closer. Vic STILL is pointing the gun even as the cops drive right up. Did Vic suddenly turn stupid? The normal Vic would have holstered that weapon and been outta there before the cops knew what hit them.

    And even a rookie wouldn't let Shane and his wife and kid get in his car and drive off...THEY were the ones the gun was being pointed at. They would have at least been detained and questioned.

    And why didn't anything happen to Vic? He didn't get arrested or at least put in a holding cell for carrying and pointing that weapon? Since Vic had to turn in his gun when he resigned, the gun he was pointing at Shane obviously must have been bought on the streets illegally. Vic's not stupid enough to use a gun registered in his name to shoot shane.

    And then to top it all off...The last scene where Shane and his wife are at that house. Of all the inconspicuous places that Shane could have broken a window to get into that house, he breaks the window in the front dead center where it's visible for anyone to see. I thought Shane was a professional. But like most of the character's in this episode....There were no professionals.....Just idiots.
  • Vic and Ronnie continue their search for Shane but Claudette throws a major obstacle in the way by disbanding the Strike Team. Shane and Marla try their best to stay ahead of Vic and his quest for vengeance.

    "The Shield" looks to be building to a very exciting conclusion. This episode, as well as the previous one, are two of the best of the series so far. Excellent scripts, along with terrific performances are making "The Shield" the best it has ever been. One of the great things about it is, you don't know who to route for! When you come right down to it, Shane, Ronnie and Vic have all done things they should go to prison for. Acevedo doesn't look too squeaky clean either. This looks to be a terrific ride. I sure hope it delevers.
  • No more resolutions

    We begin the episode with Ronnie Ronnie G and Vic M searching Shane's apartment. With this Vic finds some of Jackson's medicine. Dutch is back onto Lyod's case and he gets closer to his mother to find more on him, we see the two trying to make out but Dutch stops it knowing what's best. The phone calls as mentioned in the previous episode are of course not forgotten, Vic Mackey being him or almost any man listened to the conversation which wasn't part of Mara's plan, Shane figures this out to quickly and easily and talks to Vic. Shane puts him down with his view of Vic's plan to kill him and how he had the strength to actually kill him rather than let others do it. They hang up and the episode continues after the commercial break. One of 4 highlights of this episode happens soon when Claudette announces to Ronnie and Julien that the strike team is gone and through with, we've already had the sense that it was just about finished with but now it's just about official and the reality of the final days of this show seep in again. The Pezuila storyline is hotter than ever as Acevada is growing tired with ICE. A new player in this situation also makes matters all the more larger when Cruz introduces the man meant to be David's financial secretary, a man quite well known. Acevada used to be as focused on as Vic was in the first 3 seasons and he continues to be, what will occur next with him? We see more of Billing's dirtiness when close ones of his are in potential danger of a sex offender, they arrive at his home and Billing gives him an expression before leaving about how serious he can be. Shane and Mara take cover in a motel and Jackson isn't so healthy, his fever and cries attract a man to their room, they explain and they drive one man away but if Shane doesn't get Jackson's medicine it will become worse. Vic runs by shops and people trying to get a step closer to Shane. He reaches their motel room and in the 2nd big highlight of the episode Vic draws his gun a d storms their room… he's just missed them. Great intensity for something you expected to happen. Dutch suffers when Lyod's mother comes to Dutch at the barn and is disgusted with him for what he did to her to get closer to Lyod, Billing also sees this happening in a pretty cool directed scene where he's in the same frame with the mother. He isn't doing that much better as his wife comes back to mention that sex offender was found looking at his daughter again. Night time comes, Shane, Mara and Jackson are at the hospital and Vic closes in. Billing's couldn't help but set up this criminal and him with Dutch arrive at the scene where another detective tells them they found porn in his home. Dutch catches on and easily finds out Billing and this detective worked out a plan to arrest this man. Mara leaves with Shane and the kid after she heard nurses talking about police arrival soon. They exit the hospital and comes the third highlight where Vic approaches them aiming his gun at them… only to have police arrive, Mara yells at them to catch Vic and in a terrible moment for Vic we see him get on his knees, hands on his head and watch his targets drive away. Dutch and Billing discuss what happened and Dutch is still sick with him, he replies that you Dutch need to step up your game with the Lyod case as he helped him on it. The two have their ways at breaking rules to get justice done and the intertwine of these two was interesting to watch even if it's not the first time we've seen it. Olivia bails Vic and talks with him about the progress of Cruz's investigation, now Vic may not be a part of it anymore as he's a man without a badge now. In the 4th and final great moment of the episode Claudette invites Ronnie to her office because she's caught on now why and how Vic was able to catch Shane at the hospital. She forces to make him tell and Ronnie lets a lot out. Shane killing Lem and why he did it, he had to decide between Vic and his Job and another blow against Vic is made as he's about on his own now. Loy'd mother comes to Dutch at his house to talk about what Loyd did tonight when he found out about the date. Dutch tries to help her, he needs her to bring him in but she breaks down and the case becomes more difficult for Dutch, this can only become Dutch's final case on the show and it isn't one big disappointing. Vic goes home to be with Corrine when she answers Mara's phone. An emotional moment comes when he arrives as he hugs and talks with Cassidy, it was clear from this that Vic may not have much time left with his daughter. She goes to sleep and the phone call comes. Mara tells Corrine Vic tried to kill them tonight, also that Corrine is a part of this, an accessory to murder. When the call ends Corrine lies to Vic saying Mara won't be calling again. Shane pleads to Mara to go away and have a good life before he destroys it but she refuses to see that and she swears to stick with him as a family. This family then moves into an empty home for sell, their moving day. The beginning of the end has been used before and last episode really had us really thinking just that and that isn't going anywhere. I was so relived to see Lyod back into Dutch's life and this is the case we should see him end with on the show. Vic worked his way to getting to Shane without a badge and it's great to see this side of him. Jackson's health problems brought on a new level of fear with their run from the law, Claudette knows more truth than ever on Shane as lem's death isn't secret anymore will this be announced in the next episode to everyone, I hope so, she's also aware about Vic getting to Shane, if Shane should die this season this will put Vic under investigation for sure. Corrine can't help Vic now not after this phone call and neither can Ronnie as he has his life to live, Vic I think will realize this knowing he brought this on everyone around him. My one problem was when those cops held Vic up and Shane drove away, their photos had been given out to the public so why didn't they realize who they were? The only explanation is that these cops didn't get the message. Pivotal choices were made this episode and if you look back at what occurred this episode is just about as great as last week's, in fact it's just about impossible to ruin the show this deep in, every episode will bring us so much closer to the gripping finale. The intensity on now has me believing anything can happen and it's control grows ever stronger.
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