The Shield

Season 5 Episode 10

Of Mice and Lem

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 14, 2006 on FX

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  • Best episode the Shield has ever produced by far

    Alright, this episode was brilliantly written. This episode has done a great job for us loving Lem and hating Kavanaugh even more. Had many great moments from Lem throwing up in the basket and telling Kavanaugh to get the hell out of his house from Claudette's lupus talk (Heh, Billings line 'Pretty loopy. Maybe that’s why they call it lupus.' was pretty funny) from Vic Mackey having sex with Kavanaugh's estranged wife! Another great scene consisted between the conversation of Antwon Mitchell (another great villain, only second to Kavanaugh!) and Vic Mackey. The lines "The heat is on. And soon, I won't be filling all the comforts of home.", You've done enough. The deal, and this conversation, are over.", "That buys you one more dead cop. I've got Niners in every pen in the state. So, wherever he touches down, it will happen, and you can set your watch to that inevitability.", and "It's okay. It's alright. That's just Detective Mackey's way of saying GOODBYE!" alone made Antwon Mitchell a true villain. It also showed that Lem was screwed either way no matter what prison he gets sent to. The only best solution was Vic Mackey sending Lem to Mexico. The ending of that episode was amazing and one of my all time favorites, playing 'Disarm' by Smashing Pumpkins. It basically made that song a theme for Lem. For now on, everytime I hear that song, I always think about Lem and what happened to him.
  • I almost jumped off the couch - Good for Claudette

    Claudette so deserved to get the Captain position. When they announced it, I actually found myself clapping and cheering for her! Having her step up when she is so ill though is a bit of a stretch. In one scene she was walking with a cane and the next, she was barely struggling to walk. It seems that she should have had to use that cane much longer than she did. The weasel before her was such a slime - finding out he owned the vending machines was a great, light twist. Having him be right when Dutch was wrong about the prositute was great writing too.
  • I've been up all night watching these last few episodes of Season 5. I can't believe how bummed I am that it's ending, and there is no S6 DVD out yet. Man, I thought I got hooked on 24 and The Sopranos- this is a whole new level of drama. Simply amazing.

    In that way that only The Shield can do, this episode takes an already pressure-filled situation and dials the tension up to 11. So much happens in this episode: Vic's "best-laid plan" goes awry, nullifying his protection deal with Antwon, and sending Lem on the run. Claudette is tapped as the new Captain, but her issues with Dutch continue. Julien gets some sorely missed screen time in a very well-written arc. And Kavanaugh continues to unravel, along with his case... but don't count this guy out yet.

    Vic's moral roller coaster ride continues. In his righteous quest to save Lem, he sells his soul again and again- his seduction of Sadie to get to Kavanaugh, (by the way, Gina Torres' a$$ should've been at least nominated for an Emmy- dayum, that girl is fine!) his participation in the PD warehouse robbery (and his cold-blooded abandonment of the dying Kern Little), his seduction of Becca, (at this point I don't think even he is aware of his true motivation- does he really care for her, or is this just his way of manipulating her?) and his decision to send Lem on the run, knowing that this screwed Lem's deal with the DA.

    I can't believe how good this show is- wow!
  • Tv at its very best.

    Words are hard to find to describe the awesomeness of this episode. Clearly one of the best episode of the shield. Vic "banging" Kavanaugh ex was hilarious. Having Vic getting under the skin really keeps building up the momentum between these two...a true fusion of hate and it clearly makes things personal. Kavanaugh face when owned is priceless...Forest Whitaker is amazing.
    There were major developments. Some are not really that interesting (well compared to the others at least). Claudette becomes the will certainly be interesting to see of she goes after Vic. The scene where she was pissed off about what was going on in famington was pretty good.
    There were other things (Danny`s pregnancy etc..) but I`ll pass.
    Main focus of the episode was Lem`s situation. Lem is a great character and the fact that he was willing to sacrifice his liberty for the team was not out of character. Acting was superbe to really give the emotional aspect the situation deserves.
    Great to see Anton too..even better when interacting with Vic.Well the deal went was difficult to predict were it was heading. Just like Aceveda, Anton`s actions are quite difficult to predict. They have no side.
    So Lem is as good as dead if he goes to prison, leaving him no other choice than to be on the run for now. There is a great sense of urgency, it was also very emotional. And the closing minutes, wow...bone chilling, perfectly executed along with a great Smashing pumpkins song.
    Fantastic episode.
  • Yet another fantastic thought provoking and emotional episode.

    Wow, The Shield never fails to blow me away and this episode really hit me.

    After falling a little behind (Season 6 is now playing on UKTV) and having to record episodes of Season 6 to watch later, I'm just catching up on Season 5. Having watched the majority of it over the last couple of days and seeing this episode tonight, yet again it's neatly coming towards a huge and emotional finale.

    The breakdown of Forrest Whittaker's character has been fantastically written, and at times I found myself laughing, thinking, sad and every possible emotion in this episode.

    What got me the most was the striking ending to the episode. Whoever picks out the music to use couldn't have possibly done any better. The music of The Smashing Pumpkins with the song Disarm, played while we see snapshots of Lem leaving to go on the run etc were absolutely perfect. I'm now totally desperate to watch the finale of the season, which I will later tonight, and am already very sad as unfortunately I know the outcome of a certain character (although not what or why it happens.)

    Yours truly, from the edge of my seat...a position I'm used to ever since I started watching the best cop show ever made.
  • One of the best episodes of the Shield so far.

    Perfect. Possibly the best episode of The Shield thus far... and we've only got one episode left.
    This final series of The Shield has gotten better with every episode and although I wish the day would never come, I can't wait to see the last episode... Kleenex at the ready because this, sadly, is the end of one of the finest shows on television.
  • Vic messed things up

    This episode was sooooo twisty turny that I really got upset with it. It was all taken care of -- I don't see anything that could hurt Lem - besides he is a cop - yes? Vic has screwed everything up in my opinion. It was all over they were seen in a good light -- man this episode takes the cake.

    And let me say that having sex with the each other's ex has me very upset -- how dare they! What kind of women are these that they married? What does that say about us ladies?

    I don't know what is going to happen -- but right now, I am thoroughly dismayed with Vic!

    The acting is excellent -- I love this show -- I dislike this episode -- cause Vic messed everything up!
  • It still amazes me.

    I'm continually astounded by how much I despise Kavanaugh and love Vic despite the fact that every single thing Kavanaugh said at the end was true. Vic did kill a cop; Vic does deal drugs; Vic did help with that hit on the warehouse; Vic did sleep with Kavanaugh's wife to make it personal. All of this was true and not a single person believed him or cared. It was like Cassandra screaming at the Trojan Army that the horse was a trap. I sat there watching the ironic display unfold and all I could think was "I hate Kavanaugh. Just shut up and stop bothering the Strike Team." I root for Vic despite his horrible deeds and I despise the personification of justice that is Kavanaugh. Are we all this morally reprehensible?
  • Always leaves 'em gasping.

    An excellent episode, with a terrific example of one of The Shield's signature moves, that above-the-opening-credits sucker punch. Vic and Kavanaugh's wife - a bold move, the sort of no-hold's barred scripting that sets The Shield so far ahead of every other drama on TV.
    However - while brashness leaves you gasping, it also exposes, by contrast, those areas where the writers have shown too much reticence and waffling; specifically, the issue of Julian's sexuality. Initially, the incorporation of sexual reorientation as a possible option was pretty radical IMHO - it is not popular with many gays because of the inference that orientation is a behavior that can be changed or reversed, which may be why I've never seen it dealt with on a TV drama. But The Shield has always taken its own road, so I don't understand this retreat - if you don't agree with sexual reorientation, bash it, satirize it, expose it as a fraud, but DEAL with it.
    I was also disappointed that this particular episode fell back on the stereotypical "Christian" who was the mousetrap assailant. From The Shield, I always expect something I haven't seen before, or a fresh viewpoint on something I have seen - there's always something a bit cowardly about retreating to stereotypes.
    Having said all that - this episode delivered such a powerful installment, great confrontations, first-rating directing and a finale that leaves you gasping for air, that I couldn't find it in my heart to shave off more than a few tenths of a point.
    (Did I mention that this is the best ensemble cast on TV in my previous reviews?)
  • Un-frickin'-believable.

    This episode, to me, epitomizes the entire feel of the season. Vic and Kavanaugh's battle is coming to a head, and the collateral damage will be massive. Whether or not the creators meant this to be the final season, they picked someone in Forest Whitaker who makes you believe that he may be Vic's match. Glenn Close was good last season, but Whitaker blows her off the screen; and has time and again met Chiklis half-way in the show, leading to some of this series' all-time great confrontations. The nature of each man, how they continually hammer away at each other in an ever-escalating cycle of one-upmanship, is simply amazing; as with each successive twist you realize how much alike they really are.
  • great episode

    this episode was great it had it all: great lines, sex, and people getting killed. i liked how they showed how the pressure was getting to lem. i loved the use of disarm at the end of the episode. i loved the speech kavanaugh gave about mackey and his team.
  • This episode was good enough to be the season finale. They, in my mind, tied up a lot of lose ends.

    If anything this episode sets the stage for a killer season finale. So much happened that its hard to comprehend. I am excited to see how Kavanguh exits, but I know that it'll be in a style befitting of the shield.
    Let's just hope they keep Lem out of the slammer, and that Kavanaugh doesn't get in Crrine's pants.
  • WOW ! Tonights episode was edge of your seat action!

    This episode was fast, and full of small details.
    Vic getting with Kavanaugh's ex-wife set the stage for an exciting season ending episode.
    I want to know what is going to happen with Kavanaugh in the end.....will he be around for a season 6? Will he be murdered by Vic or Antwon? Will there even be a season 6?
    Needless to say, I can't wait until the last episode.
  • The Shield never lets me down! A great episode with fantastic performances. (light spoilers inside)

    This was an absolutely brilliant episode. We're seeing the clash of the titans between Kavanaugh and Vic! It's great to see Claudette back in action again with her fiery attitude, and absolutely heartbreaking to see the Strike Team being utterly broken and defeated. This is one of the greatest stories since the breaking of the fellowship in Lord of the Rings.

    Vic's failed truce with Antwon leaves Lem completely vulnerable. It's terrible to watch Ronnie, Shane and Vic say goodbye to their friend, who has to leave the country or get killed in prison. That scene is so captivating and packed with emotion it's just amazing.

    And yet, in the final moments we also see Kavanaugh walk into Vic's house and setting the stage for the finale. Vic may have wounded Kavanaugh throughout the season, but maybe he shouldn't have wounded what he couldn't kill!
  • The Shield is the BEST SHOW

    Exciting and best show I\"VE vere seen I give it 10 STARS i dont watch nothing but sports on tv but seens THE SHIELD came on its been sports&THE SHIEL is the sHI* sorry for the language but its the truth and also Michael Chiklis and his crew in the show are the shi* very good actors all of them this show is of the rateing scale very good show!!!! two thums up i hope they bring a 2007 season and 2008 and 2009 and 2010 it will just continue everybody in the cast awsome actors ***THE SHIELD**** and the epose thats on right now is more exciting !!!