The Shield

Season 5 Episode 10

Of Mice and Lem

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 14, 2006 on FX

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  • Best episode the Shield has ever produced by far

    Alright, this episode was brilliantly written. This episode has done a great job for us loving Lem and hating Kavanaugh even more. Had many great moments from Lem throwing up in the basket and telling Kavanaugh to get the hell out of his house from Claudette's lupus talk (Heh, Billings line 'Pretty loopy. Maybe that’s why they call it lupus.' was pretty funny) from Vic Mackey having sex with Kavanaugh's estranged wife! Another great scene consisted between the conversation of Antwon Mitchell (another great villain, only second to Kavanaugh!) and Vic Mackey. The lines "The heat is on. And soon, I won't be filling all the comforts of home.", You've done enough. The deal, and this conversation, are over.", "That buys you one more dead cop. I've got Niners in every pen in the state. So, wherever he touches down, it will happen, and you can set your watch to that inevitability.", and "It's okay. It's alright. That's just Detective Mackey's way of saying GOODBYE!" alone made Antwon Mitchell a true villain. It also showed that Lem was screwed either way no matter what prison he gets sent to. The only best solution was Vic Mackey sending Lem to Mexico. The ending of that episode was amazing and one of my all time favorites, playing 'Disarm' by Smashing Pumpkins. It basically made that song a theme for Lem. For now on, everytime I hear that song, I always think about Lem and what happened to him.