The Shield

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 21, 2003 on FX

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  • The main story arc begun in the first two episodes gets a brief rest here, as Vic hooks up with an old partner, Dutch is on the trail of yet another sicko, and Claudette continues to try to connect Vic and Tio.

    This isn't exactly a filler episode, but few main plotlines get attention this time out. That doesn't make this one to miss though; there are a lot of reasons to watch.

    Dutch is on the trail of yet another clever pervert, and gets a sobering comeuppance. Vic, still at odds with the Team over their money dispute, hands them over to Aceveda for the day and hooks up with his old training partner, well played by Carl Weathers. And, wouldn't you know it- soon they are neck-deep in mayhem. There is fresh tension between Danny and Julien when she discovers that he didn't back her story on the shooting. The episode concludes with a frightening incident reconciling Vic with his family and Shane- for now...
  • Season Two Looking Good Through 3

    Still fuming from the death of Tio and his brawl with Armadillo, Vic takes a day off and leaves the Strike Team with Aceveda, only to end up helping an old partner bust the man who helped him lose his job. Meanwhile, Dutch and Claudette search to find the people behind the torture and mutilation of a woman who may still be alive, and Julien fails to back up Danny's side of the story from her shooting.

    If the rest of season two is just like the three episodes to start it - I will have no complaints. Vic and his old partner chase down the guy who forced Vic's partner to retire. I thought it was good for a standalone episode kind of thing. Armadillo's character was left out of this episode, which surprised me a little bit. I don't know if we are going to see his character pop up at a later date or if his story is done forever. I would like to think that we would see him again at some point.

    I like the friction in the Strike Team. I think this does have a lot to do with Vic taking away the keys from the guy near the end of the last episode. The Strike Team has always had that level of trust, which you could see in this episode as well. Loved it when the Strike Team came to back up Vic after he got shot. Shane went a little further then I thought he would ever go to get an answer, but he got it. Claudette continues to look into Vic, but is coming up dry. Vic is too smart to make deposits like that into his own personal little bank account. His family returns which I hope doesn't draw away from how good this season had been with the action coming out of the Barn. I liked the case in this one as well and I thought it ended in a satisfying way.